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All-Region 2019: Ohio Valley (D-I Men's)

(Charlie Eisenhood) #1

Who are the best players in the Ohio Valley region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

(Discrafter101) #2

I’m gonna get us started off with a strong underdog contender from a lesser team. The University of Dayton aka FLUD has one of the most under the radar elite players in their ranks leading the team to a mid level regionals performance most likely. After coming off of a hot summer of club level competition missing the cut for some top level elite play with his squad on BABE Ultimate he took the knowledge and became a standout player this year. Travis Brosnan aka Air Trav is a 4th year D-line handler that can play with the best of them not because of his sheer athleticism but his wits. He’ll lock down the best handlers in the region from feeding the disc quite like they would like with his exceptional body positioning and instinct for the disc. I can honestly say no one plays the game quite like him and while you’ll never see him make a all region team you remember his face and hope that someone like that doesnt end up ruining your top level season.

(plum84dn) #3

Another BIG underdog here is Dennis Newton out of Slippery Rock. Probably one of the best underclassmen I’ve had the pleasure of watching with my own two eyes. He jumps high, runs fast, cuts hard, and throws like an ancient Greek olympic discus thrower. Truly out of this world.

(101Dove) #4

Peter Zaccardi from Carnegie Mellon (All-Freshman): One of the few amazing freshmen players that I have seen. He has no problem tackling other team’s (especially Pitt - since they play each other often) zones as a handler, giving his team an edge. Moreover, every decision he makes on the field is quick and wise, which enables him to adjust to every type of play that the opponent may force. His handler moves are versatile and unguardable. His throws are consistent and he knows how to control the disc. He plays every O point and often several D points as well. He has a very strong throwing ability and his backhand hucks are some of the best that I have ever seen. They are super accurate and timely. Not only is he a starting handler for the team, he is reliable as a cutter. He is aggressive and fast and smart (makes right cuts), making him a powerful cutter on the field. In terms of defense, again he is fast but he knows where to be and skies people numerous times.

(MiloKorman) #5

James Kennelly of Case Western Reserve University for First Team All Region and Freshman of the Year:

(TheDironChef) #6

Peter Zaccardo might be sexy, but that’s a topic for a different conversation.

Petey is a shrewd negotiator climbing the ranks of the big money Tepper School of Business. He is soon to be the CEO of CMU enterprises incorporated and he WILL talk you down from your counteroffer, straight into his financial bid-ask spread region. The IPO of his MVP was investigated by the FBI for being GUD, and more importantly he lives by his values. Pete went on undercover boss once and outsold all of his sales employees before buying them all new cars and firing them for telling him they didn’t need new cars, just dental coverage. Peter Zaccardi is the President Business of the Ohio Valley Region, and he will investment banking your accounts received straight to a bull market.

Pete Zaccardi is Wall Street Certified and will take your car dealership to the next level of enterprise management and entrepreneurship.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the bottom line.

(krockgreen) #7

Source: I am the coach of West Chester University Men’s team. We just played through East Penn conferences, and the quality of the teams at the tournament has never been higher. We took eventual winner Temple to DGP but ended up finishing sixth, demonstrating the depth and fierce competition up and down the tournament. Here are my notes on the teams as far as award considerations.

The class of the section right now, they’ve been ascendant for the past few years. Brandon Lamberty continues to be a strong two way handler, effectively distributing the disc and making few mistakes. Luke Greenley was their strongest cutter, getting the disc at will and punishing our defense with strong hucks after in cuts. They are well coached by regional coordinator Brett Wall ,who was able to make adjustments with the ebb and flow of the game. Temple made a run to semis last year and could do so again.

Drexel earned a big to regionals for the second straight year, and was able to punch their ticket this time behind a strong performance from #22 Dylan Smith. Smith was extremely patient in the red zone and able to move the disc laterally very well, getting the disc to his teammates no matter what marks were thrown at him. Credit coach Roger Chu for DU’s increased depth this year, which enabled them to play a strong tournament start to finish.

MU earned their first win at CC’s since 2014 thanks to captain Justin Creighton, who was the best player on the field almost every point he played. The program still has a long way to go to climb back to relevancy, but increased attendance and seriousness are a good sign. Go Moose.

Well coached by former COTY Dave Baer, UPenn finished third, their highest placement since 2016’s CC title. #81 Paul Owens dissected every defense thrown his way, including box-and-ones designed to slow him down. UPenn also has a lot of depth and strong fundamentals.

Villanova, Saint Joseph’s, Lehigh
We did not play these teams at CC’s, but from previous matchups with 'Nova I can say Jordan Ciccarone and Casey Vaughn are strong two way players worthy of consideration.

West Chester
All Region
#3 Austin Lillis
Austin earned a roster spot on the Philadelphia Phoenix this year through four years of hard work and discipline. He plays hard, fundamental defense but still makes layout D’s when needed. He handles a lot of offensive duties as the primary hucker, able to put it full field with seemingly no effort. I believe he is a top player from the section and worthy of a first team spot should WCU finish modestly well.
#24 Dustin Henken
Dustin has refined and redefined his game countless times over the past few years. Originally a defensive cutter, he became on of the best small-space players I’ve ever seen when asked to shoulder more handling duties. He is the primary reset for the team but also breaks out downfield to make huge plays when needed. Smart player with a lot of heart, should merit first team consideration if WCU can score an upset or two.
#41 Charles Villano
While only a sophmore, Chuck has taken on a massive role with the team, handling when necessary and pushing deep as well. He’s a strong defender with great spirit and cut timing. Dark horse candidate for a second team spot if WCU can make a deep run in the tourney.
#5 Eddie Eckert and #29 Calvin Green
Eddie and Calvin are X-factors on WCU; two hard working seniors whose passion and drive defines the team. They might not get the votes needed for all-region spots, but they’ll make a few plays against some who do, and I’m excited to see what they can accomplish in their last regional championship.
Josh Diaz
Transplanted cornerback who has picked up the game fast and plays even faster. He leads a strong group of freshmen this year eager to pick up a few W’s at higher seed’s expense.
Nick DiGiorgio
After a breakout season with Philadelphia Patrol last year, Nick tragically tore his ACL at club regionals, precluding him from playing this year. As elected captain, however, Nick still came to every practice and tournament (literally 100%), providing valuable insight to players and the rest of the coaching staff. He maintained positive energy and was crucial in the development of new players.

(Fred Wolf) #8

I’ll have more after regionals but I think Foster Boales from CMU deserves to be in a conversation somewhere. Been a solid guy for years and has really stepped up into the number 2 role behind Jasper this year. Respect

(HAM) #9

Hafeez Shams is a brick house in every way.

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(willig) #10

I’ll just leave this here:

(1800thekid) #11

First Team
Michael Ing - Pitt
Leo Warren - Pitt
Noah Robinson - Pitt
Sion Agami - Ohio State
Andrew Lehmberg - Pitt
Jasper Tom - CMU
Michael Kromer - Ohio

Second Team
Andrew Kramer - Ohio State
Axel Agami - Ohio State
Michael Longo - CWRU
Elliot Skindzier - Cincinatti
Connor Newell - Dayton
Tal Cohen - PSU
Kyle Romard - Cincinnati

Honorable Mentions
Hafeez Shams - Pitt
Zach Braun - Ohio State
Chase Gregory - Ohio State
Will Hoffenkamp - Pitt
Kyle Brun - Dayton
James Kennelly - CWRU
Super tall Cutter on Ohio (Someone fill in his name if they know)

I don’t know too much about the teams that aren’t represented here so I’ll leave it at this.

(laurenkitten) #12

I’d like to nominate Kyle Brun from Dayton for All-Freshman. He is a handler that has an excellent knowledge of the game, solid throws, and good decision-making. He is definitely a stand out player worth considering.

(Jmat21) #13

My name is Jack Matonis. I’m the super tall cutter for Ohio Ultimate. Thanks for the recognition.


Hi there, one of the captains on Temple. I’ll talk about guys and teams we played against, and then some of my own guys.

West Chester
No matter their seed or any other expectations, they are always able to put up a good game when it counts. Austin Lillis is able to use both his size and skill to move around the field, make throws in the handler space, move downfield and catch goals, and guard the tough matchups. Dustin Henken is tougher than anyone I’ve played against, and will fight through anyone to see West Chester succeed. Great guy, and has the game to back it up.

Dylan Smith has put a lot of time and energy into this team to get them back to Regionals and do well. He doesn’t care that he is smaller than most players and will use his quickness and brains to outplay you on offense, make smart throws, and then will make the handler space living hell when he guards you. Andrew Seibert is a young kid who uses his size and athleticism to make big plays in the deep space, but will also make dirty cuts and win big unders.

Tim “Cobra” Predmore is a great player who can play both ways in almost any space on the field. He could easily take over the game, but Lehigh played well as a team and Cobra fit in where he was needed to help them succeed.

We have played Nova in the Conference championship 3 years in a row, so these are the guys who I know best and respect a lot. Casey Vaughn is in his last season and has moved from a really good deep defender to an O-line presence, facilitating the disc, making the initiating cuts, and guiding the team through rough spots. He played Patrol last year, and his depth of the game shows in clutch scenarios. Jordan Ciccarone has made himself the rock of that team after Fortin graduated, and his physicality and disc skills make him a really great two way player who is hard to guard, and will make everything difficult when you are on offense.

After the weirdest ending to a game I’ve ever been involved with, I gained a lot of respect for the Ohio guys. Michael Kromer was as impressive as I had heard, making the big throws calmer than almost anyone in the region. He moves the disc with ease, meaning all you can do is try and contain. Jason Wherry was injured in the morning at Regionals, but suited up when he could tell our game was close. He is a shifty player who can go every other on offense, or make the initiating cut and then send the disc deep. Defensively, he can get out in the lane and make smart poaches at a very high level, making life that much more difficult.

Jake Butrica Our callahan nominee and defensive rock. Super quick and will layout for anything that he can get close to. He never backs down from a matchup, and almost never gets tired. Off a turn, he goes every other and will send hucks deep to get us breaks.
Luke Greenley He is our O-line initiator and makes deadly cuts to get the disc under and hit continuations. Also a deep threat, he can find a disc in the air and track it down anywhere on the field. He broke his wrist right before regionals, and that didn’t slow him down at all.
Brandon Lamberty That’s me, if you’ve seen us play, I’m the lefty that is huck happy.
Wilson Dodds This kid deserves to be on the All-Freshman team. I’ve never seen a young kid assimilate into an O line so well and never miss a beat. He cuts more effectively than most veteran players, and you’re never worried that he is going to mess it up. A Haverford product, he will be a terror for the region for years.