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All-Region 2019: South Central (D-I Men's)

(Charlie Eisenhood) #1

Who are the best players in the South Central region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

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(Scotty08) #2

First Team:

  1. Matt Armour (POTY)
  2. Reese Bowman
  3. Carson Wilder
  4. #2 Colorado
  5. Quinn Finer
  6. Connor Ughetta
  7. Kyle Henke

2nd Team should have at least 2 Ozarks players IMO, Kansas, Oklahoma, and OSU all have top talent for the region, despite not being as deep as TUFF or Mama.
Oklahoma was the top team in the Ozarks, best season in a few years, someone should absolutely make at least 2nd Team.

  • Harper Stanfield - Great handler defense, cannon hucks
  • Grey Lloyd - Cutter Defender, layout D’s everywhere, etc
  • Logan Allen - Tall cutter with great speed. Injuries kept him out of non-impactful games, balled against quality opponents in Iowa State, Tech, Northwestern, etc
  • Dillon Bruer - Quarterbacks our D-line, break throws, tight defense, spirited play. Played some great players to a draw this year (Kyle Rutledge, Dial, etc)

Other 2nd Team Considerations:
Bergemier (spelling?) from Kansas
Reinhardt from TxState
Connor Olson from OSU
Miaw from UT-D
Miller from CSU
Scott from CSU
Robison from A&M
N. Chambers from Texas


Matt Chambers (TUFF)
Joey Wylie from TxState

See everyone at Regionals!

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(cwilder9) #3

All Region:

Connor Olson and Johnathan Costello (OSU)
Connor Ughetta (A&M) is one of the top throwers in the country.
Cameron (Scotty) Guidry (OU) may be the most underrated player in the region. Dude is a stud.
Wesley Miaw and David Hammer (UTD).
Matt Armour, Noah Chambers, Reese Bowman, Brian Street (TUFF).
Mason Weunsch (Baylor).
Kyle Henke, Ryan Stomp, Michael Wode (Texas Tech).
Whoever the center handler is for Kansas, that dude can play (help w the name).
I haven’t seen Arkansas, Colorado or Colorado State.

Mickey Welsh from Texas Tech is one of the best handler defenders I’ve played with or against. Many handblocks/forces throwaways when guarding the dump.

Matt Chambers has been really impressive in his first semester at Texas from what I have seen. The guy can ball and obviously play through adversity. Good throws, great frisbee IQ.

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(DIII fan) #4

Henke, for sure
Both Chamberses
I’m surprised no one has mentioned Keivaun Waugh from TUFF. Steady handler.

(Flygon Jinn) #5

My shout-outs go to:
-Ughetta (obvious)
-Henke (again, obvious)
-Connor Olson for OSU was an absolute beast
-Alex Tatum is the best defender in the region, and he’s not too shabby on O
-Noah Chambers (we didn’t play Texas but he’s dope)

We never played Texas, we played A&M at MLC didn’t after, we played OSU at Centex, and we’ve played Bird 3 times. Who does Henke play for again?

And for my teammates:
-Jake Marripode is highly underrated. Not many have his explosiveness and tool kit for throws
-David Miller is both insanely consistent, enormous, and embodies SOTG like few can
-Sam Goldstein is up-and-coming, but look the F out. Crazy impact on our season.

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(nick.banks13@gmail.com) #6

All Region Shout-Outs:
-Quinn Finer (CU)- Best player for CU, makes all his teammates better, and a spirited player who is fun to compete against.
-Alex Tatum (CU)- Strong physical defender, gave our O line fits each time we played CU.
-Noah Chambers and Matt Armour (Tuff)- Haven’t played Texas but both seem to always be around the disc making the plays that win games both on O and D.
-Connor Ughetta (A&M)- Still a beast for A&M, tough to keep him away from the disk.
-Kyle Henke (Texas Tech)- human highlight film, absolute monster
Connor Olson (OSU)- Great power cutter with big throws, played every point in our game against them and never seemed to break a sweat.

My teammates:
Jake Marrapode (CSU)- One of the best power cutter/thrower hybrids in the country. Pick your poison type of player.
David Miller (CSU)- Big man who makes big plays on both O and D, but is a player we turn to every time we need a double game point line because of his consistency and on-field calmness.
Mo Scott (CSU)- Potentially the craftiest thrower in the region, workhorse defender, and the emotional heart of our team.
Sam Goldstein- Only a sophomore but quickly becoming one of our most impactful players. Quiet and unassuming off the field, however his play on the field is anything but.

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(henkeman21) #7

My name is Kyle Henke, I play for Texas Tech Tumbleweed. Here are some of my notables for all-region:

Noah Chambers(Texas) - grinder on D, doesn’t have to play a super-star role because of how deep TUFF is but plays his role well.

Keiuvan Waugh(Texas) - Lefty handler, his breaks are unstoppable due to his quick release. His throwing motion is goofy, and he is also goofy(<3), but it doesn’t take away from the impact he makes on the field.

Connor Olsen(OSU) - Makes OSU relevant. Known more as a D player, but carries on O for his college team (classic).

Connor Ughetta(A&M) - What can’t he throw? He also carries a heavy load, great player and teammate.

Brett (?)(Kansas) - Sorry Brett I forgot your last name, we met at U24 tryouts. Freakin stud, he and his handler counterpart make it work the those Kansas boys. Super quick, grinds on O and again makes the SC so much deeper.

Wesley Miaw (UTD) - dude is so athletic, doesn’t have to do much since their team is very steadily deep with role players. Doesn’t lose a 50/50 ball.

Carson Wilder (Texas Tech) - he’s pretty good.

Other mentions:
Matt Armour(Texas)
Cameron Guidry(OU)
Ryan Stomp(Texas Tech)
Other handler from Kansas
Mason Wuensch(Baylor)
CSU/CU boys**

Matt Chambers(Texas) by far. Center handler, super comfortable with the disc, should be in the national convo for FOTY.

Short kid (#21?) from A&M - He has a tattoo band around his forearm, not sure of his name. Crazy fast, seems to have played previously or picked it up quickly.

Michael Welsh(Texas Tech) - Great handler defender, plays smart and is very coachable.

Joey Wylie(Texas State) - athlete that has greatly improved since playing YCC with him. Notable that he made the Austin Sol, and will only get better. Plays above his age.

**Didn’t see CSU or CU this year, but I watched Quinn Finer and Pode at U24 tryouts, they’re both pretty aright.

(TumbleweedSupremeOverlord) #8

All Region Mentions:

Connor Olson (OSU)

Connor Ughetta (A&M)

Wesley Miaw, David Hammer, Kiran “Q” Patel, and Viktor (Idk the last name)- All UTD, solid standout players on a very deep team.

#27, I think, on Kansas Main Handler, he does work.

Keivan Waugh (Solid Handler but he’s a lefty so he’s cheating right?), Brian Street, Noah Chambers- TUFF

(Texas Tech)
Kyle “Klye” Henke- what a dream boat
Carson Wilder- equally dreamy
Ryan Stomp- he’s pretty tall but I skied him once
Michael Wode- looks goofy until he bombs a perfect huck
Michael “WaterWater” Paniagua- solid all-around player, he lowkey memorized every single rule, has an observer jersey,
Thomas McPherson- Easily has the nicest calves in the world, an absolute workhorse on the O-line.

Mason Wuensch and Tyler Chiu (Baylor)
Brandon Dial and Eric Brodbeck (Texas State)

Matt Chamber (Texas): I mean, this kids crazzzy good.

Michael “Mickey” Welsh (Texas Tech)- A true rookie to the sport, has an endless passion to learn and improve at frisbee. Has great awareness on the field, one of the best handler defenders i’ve ever seen, period. An inspiration for veteran players on this team to continue working on themselves and improving in every way possible. He’s also got some pretty solid dance moves.

Joey Wylie (Texas State) - Made Austin Sol, dude is not afraid to toss his entire body at flying pieces of plastic. Notable for Best hair probably.

Other Mention:
Jace “Juce” Keesee (Texas Tech)- True rookie as well, great defensive player and has a lot of competitive spirit.

Haven’t seen Colorado teams yet but they no doubt belong in the mix of this discussion

(henkeman21) #9

After getting to see CU play at regionals, Quinn Finer certainly showed out, played a big role for them vs. Texas. Also, #24 for CU was a great defender and very spirited about the stall ten timeout call, that was impressive to watch.

(lunpunchman) #10

Putting names to numbers for my guys that were mentioned previously

#2 on Colorado is Alex Tatum. Our biggest playmaker. Players always come up to him after games to give him props, because he’s such a passionate competitor. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s a treat to watch him play.
#24 on Colorado is Mathieu Agee. He’s our best one on one defender.

FOTY shout out:
#44 Cole Besser plays both ways for Colorado and starts on offense. He’s definitely one of our biggest playmakers. Layout catch blocks. 80 yard forehands. Breaks the mark. After Dallas made a big comeback and tied it at 8s we needed a momentum changer. Cole skied a group of 4 guys for a goal. Without that play, there’s a good chance Dallas keeps their momentum rolling against us.

From the teams we played at Regionals:
Connor Ughetta
The main thrower on Dallas
The big guy on Dallas
#20 on Texas… we had a lot of heated moments against him, but he made some big plays.
#17 on Texas

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(keivaunwaugh@gmail.com) #11

My name is Keivaun Waugh, and I play for Texas.

Matthew Chambers should win FOTY (both at the regional and national level). Matt hasn’t even played a full semester of college ultimate yet since he graduated high school a semester early, and he’s already one of the top contributors on the team. High school ultimate has a pretty different play style from college ultimate, and many players have to go through a transition period. Not Matt Chambers. Within a week he was playing like a vet on the team. I know that plus/minus often doesn’t mean a lot because different play styles lead to different stat distributions, but Matt significantly lead the team in plus/minus at Florida Warm Up.

Matt is also well-rounded. He has great throws, high frisbee IQ, he’s good in the air, and he FLIES on all his bids. On top of all that, he played at Stanford with his hand wrapped up because of a broken finger and he still dunked on people. I’m really excited to see his play get even better over the next few years.

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(Scotty08) #12

Post Regionals adjustments:

I would move David Miller from CSU up to first team. Nightmare matchup, several times he caught a misthrown under pass ~10 feet in the air. The bump down for me is unfortunately Henke, tough end of season finish for Tech leaves him odd man out.

#2 Alex Tatum for Colorado was unconscious in the final, great cuts, huge layouts, and game changing throws, POTY race is between him and Armour from Texas.

Second Team votes would be condensed down to Guidry (OU), Olson (OSU), Scott (CSU), Ahmad (Texas), Mao (UT-D), and Henke (Tech).

Incredible depth in the region, no one school should dominate the All-Region teams with so many quality players spread out.

Freshman of note:
Can’t believe I forgot Ben Rogers at Arkansas. Gonna be a terror by the end of his career.

So impressed with how Colorado looked. Incredibly disciplined and smart up and down the roster. Consistent disc skills and athleticism, and lighter reliance on their stars than most teams. Whoever is leading that team should win COTY.

(mahmad14) #13

My name is Mutahir Ahmad or Square and I play for Texas TUFF. I wanted to highlight a few of our key players that have played a huge role in our season.

Vinay Valsaraj – arguably the team’s best two-way player, Vinay is a mainstay on both of our O-line and D-line. He’s always open under or deep and has great throws to continue moving the disc down the field. Led the team in +/- for most tournaments and balled out on the biggest stages.

Reese Bowman – captain for the team, brings the heart and soul. He makes the big plays when the team needs them and is one of the best handlers and defenders on the team. Reese has also taken a larger role of cutting downfield because the dude can run forever.

Keivaun Waugh – a fifth year player for TUFF, Keivaun has been breaking marks and hearts all year. Basically unstoppable in the handle set and shuts down the other team’s main handler, Keivaun brings the consistency that we rely on down the stretch

Matthew Armour – Easily one of the best players at each tournament we have been at, Matt has dominated matchups on both sides of the disc. More than once Matt has smothered the other teams best player and also taken them for a ride downfield. Matt is known for his smart D and always being open

Noah Chambers – one of emotional leaders of the team, Noah consistently makes momentum changing plays. Noah was having an amazing year before his unfortunate injury, but Noah is the kind of player that makes his teammates better. Even while not able to play, Noah continued to play a large role from the sidelines during Regionals.

Matthew Chambers – I think Matty is a no-brainer for FOTY, but I think he also has a great case for All-Region. After joining TUFF a semester late, Matty showed he had a high enough frisbee IQ and skill to be an instant plug into the O-line. And there is no bigger testament to his drive than playing with two tournaments with a broken hand wrapped up like a club.

Other teams players:

Alex Tatum (CU) - An awesome competitor and fun to play against. Dude has great throws and sees space on the field really well. In the regional finals he went down with an injury but still came back to finish off the game.

Connor Ughetta (A&M) - Great handler and a real-workhorse. Also a great guy on and off the field, it was really cool seeing him lead their team on a great Regionals run.

Kyle Henke - we didn’t get to play Tech this year, but Kyle has been absolutely dominant the past couple years. Whatever field he is on, you will see him make some crazy plays. He definitely deserves an All-Region nod.