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All-Region 2019: South Central (D-I Women's)

(Charlie Eisenhood) #1

Who are the best players in the South Central region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

(jingendorf) #2

Jamie Eriksson Captain of UTD Monstars deserves some recognition
U-24 Invitee
Public Enemy 2018
Dallas All Stars 2018
Texas Showdown 2017
Great deep threat and has worked tirelessly to improve her game over the past two years.
Phenomenal player and proud to have played with her in her early years

(hypheltower) #3

Caroling Bantug (4) is an essential member of OU’s Never Mrs. With club experience with Maeve from DFW and even spending a year playing with the OU men’s team, she excels at ultimate. She’s a force to be reckoned with and a serious play maker. High stalls don’t bother her, flying through the air, and doing anything for the disc that she can. She’s kind and always a wonderful influence on rookies. She’s the humblest player one could ever play with. She knows she’s good, but she will never flaunt it. It’s always been an honor to play with her, but I’ve never seen her get the recognition she truly deserves.

(Noodle) #4

One of the coaches of Wash U here. I’m going to point out the players we faced at Regionals that stood out as well as some of my team’s central players.

Wash U (I am holding back from listing our entire roster here):
#35 Marissa Lerner - she has the greatest arsenal of throws on our team making her a lethal offensive threat against any mark or zone. Defensively she is a center piece in our zone systems, reading and anticipating the offensive movement to force turns and fluster any opponents rhythm.
#6 Rachel Dreher - she had a season ending injury at Centex so may not be fresh on the radar, but her consistency and vision is like that of a 20 year vet. She is a confident handle that can open up spaces anywhere on the field with her throws. Defensively she is incredibly smart and able to read the offense allowing her to make great plays and bids to force turns.
#17 Sylvia Snyderman - she is essential to our defensive line and is an absolute force as an initiating cutter. A monster in the deep space and in the air, she consistently shut down big match ups with her gritty defense.
All Freshman: #77 Meg Eisfelder - she is incredibly committed to learning this sport. After just one season of play she has consistent and advanced throws, great recognition of spacing, and shut down defense. Her skill on the field is matched by selfless off the field commitment to her team.

Colorado: #11 Megan Henderson - made some really nice big plays on both sides of the disc.
They also had several incredibly good defenders - excellent footwork, body positioning, and really flustered our offensive movement. Unfortunately, I do not remember specific numbers. They also had some really great throwers, including cutters downfield that were able to hit those more difficult big continue looks which really set their offense apart.

UTD: #18 Jamie Eriksson - her throws are outrageously good. We adjusted our entire defensive set up to combat them. She is also versatile on offense, flowing between positions.
I didn’t notice specific numbers, but in general there were a lot of scrappy players on this team. They absolutely never gave up on a disc. There was one moment where I think 3 of their cutters were attacking and bidding for a throw. Very impressed by their grit.

CSU: #9 Kiera Lindgren - another player we had to adjust our entire defensive set up to combat. She led quick offensive movement and has an great arsenal of throws which are both matched by smart D and excellent footwork.

Texas: #6? Ivy Harrison and #3 Domenica Sutherland were both stand out players as pace setters on both sides of the disc.

(mcivorharrison@gmail.com) #5

OU: #4 Caroline Last name?. Quick handler with some great deep looks. I don’t know much about her but thought she was awesome!

UTD: Jamie Eriksson. Super tall, great player and great person.

Colorado College: Frances Gellert: quick handler.

Texas State: Mindy Radike. Captain of Trainwreck and one of a few main handlers. Former Heist and Showdown player. Has incredible throws.

From Melee:

  • #8 Sierra Jensen. A grad student from Utah and U24 tryout invitee. She has been a great pickup this year for Melee. Reliable in the handle space, crazy speed downfield, and lethal defender.
  • #7 Madi Hiu. Madi has become a staple on the D line. She takes some of the toughest match ups on every team we play and has proven to be extremely effective. Very speedy and athletic.
  • #22 Amber Malone. Amber is one of O line’s most reliable cutters and is especially good in zone O.

FOTY: #33 Sanja Stojcic. A Freshman at UT, Sanja has become a big contributor on Melee’s starting D line. Plays key roles in zones, is a reliable deep threat and under cutter on O, and is very eager to keep learning the game.

I really have to plug the Melee coaches, Kayla Ramirez and Shereen Rabie. They have done an incredible job coaching Melee these past two years. We have become a much deeper, more skilled, and smarter team because of their decisions and all the time and energy they put into Melee.

(Sierra Jensen) #6

From Colorado College: Marley. I don’t know her last name. She was very speedy and had great handler movement. Nice break throws. Tough player to shut down.

From Wash U: #35 Marissa ^^ Mentioned above. I was very impressed with her throws and movement on the field. Never failing to get open and continuing the offensive flow.

From Texas Melee:
#6 Ivy Harrison - I have loved having Ivy as my captain this season. She brings out the fire in every player and makes them want to reach their potential. She is also very considerate and will always check in with players. On the field, she never fails to shut down her match-up, get open downfield, and overall be a threat.
#7 Domenica Sutherland - Dom has one of the best pulls I have seen in DI College Women’s this season. In addition she makes crucial defensive plays and has incredible distance on her deep throws.

All-Freshman: #14 Lauren Gregorczyk (UT Melee), Freshman. She has been a great pic up for Melee this year. She makes big plays in the deep space, makes impressive bids on offense, and has been so receptive to understanding the game. Always impresses me as she incorporates into the handler space or runs a new position in a zone.

I also want to plug our coaches: Kayla Ramirez and Shereen Rabie. I have loved the confidence and positive energy they bring out of our team. They do a really great job with player development and it has made Melee a much deeper team. It has been a pleasure to have them as my coaches for my last college season.

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(marissa.lerner) #7

I would like to shout out Anat “Noodle” Gross, Wash U coach for a coach award. Working with her for 2 full seasons, she has absolutely blown me away. Note only did she begin law school this year and continue coaching, but she somehow managed to put in more thought, time, and attention to detail than last year’s season. Anat is incredibly intelligent about the game, about the lines she calls, and about how to motivate a team. With her instruction, we have seamlessly introduced mutliple new defenses and offenses since she’s joined the coaching staff. She is committed to growing every single player as both a player on the field and strong woman off of it. She plans nuanced, intentional practices, highlights film footage for specific players to watch of themselves or others, and sets everyone on the team up for success with her leadership and confident presence. Even more so than the Wash U team, she has started a local St. Louis women’s team and somehow organizes countless fundraising and educational events for women’s ultimate in the local community. She is hands down one of the best coaches I have ever played for, and this team would not be the way it is without her.

Wash U:
All Freshman: #77 Meg Eisfelder. She has an incredible work ethic, ability to grasp complex concepts in a matter of minutes and implement them in the next point she’s on the field. Already has developed hucks and IO/OI breaks within her first year. Monster on defense with already advanced footwork. She has been elected as an underclassmen captain for next season and I have no doubt she’ll continue to grow while she leads the team.

CSU: #9 Kiera Lindgren. Nearly impossible to guard, some of the best poach defense I’ve seen, incredible spirit both on and off the field.

#4 Cameron Wood - incredible around breaks and lethal strike movement as a handler.
#11 Emma Berrigan - smart cuts, consistent threat on O.

Colorado Kali
#24 - not sure of her name, but she had amazing around breaks and really solid handler defense. Great spirit and grit.