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All-Region 2019: Southeast (D-I Men's)

(Kbreezy17) #22

I agree with many of the names on this list, I just want to mention two guys that I think are deserving from LSU:

Nick “Squatch” Harper #29 - Essentially unguardable and has gotten better every year since I’ve been at LSU. Nick was maybe our most important offensive player because he would find ways to get open and also would help space the field for others.

Tyler Rogers #6 (FOTY) - one of our freshman O-Line players, but also played some critical D points down the stretch. It’s tough being put right in the fire of an O-Line as a freshman, but Tyler was really successful.

(bli88) #23

A little biased but

First Team All region:
Hunter Cutts - UGA
Jason Jones -UGA
Hayden Austin-Knab -UGA (FOTY)
Drew DiFrancesco- UGA
Coleman Tappero -UGA
John Ingly -UGA
David Petmecky -UGA

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