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All-Region 2019: Southeast (D-I Men's)

(Charlie Eisenhood) #1

Who are the best players in the Southeast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

(hegmoney) #2

I’m gonna try to neglect all the people that feel like shoe-ins for the two all region teams like your Eric Sjostrom’s and Anders Olsen’s of the world and try to make cases for some of the other ballers I’ve played against (or watched) this year that definitely deserve everybody’s consideration.

Charles Loudermilk (Kennesaw State) - dude has been the backbone of Kennesaw Ultimate pretty much since I started my college career. Rock solid handler, speedy as hell, crafty throws, and super high game IQ. There aren’t too many teams that I think will suffer more from losing a player than Kennesaw will from losing this dude.

Will Lindquist (Kennesaw State) - Definitely one of the scariest cutters in the region. Tall, fast, and makes everything he does look so smooth and easy. Wish I had a chance to guard him myself.

Jon Fey (Georgia State) - (slightly biased but not really) Probably the fastest player in the SAPP conference. Dude is completely absurd on D. Only player I’ve ever seen at any level get 6 D’s in a point. If you’ve guarded him/had him play against your team this year chances are you’ve seen him do something absolutely ridiculous.

Jeremiah Branson (UTC) - Excellent center handler who makes all the right choices for UTC. Came up with one of the most clutch layout D’s I can remember seeing (at the expense of my team’s season) to keep their season alive. He’s the heart and soul of that program right now and deserves all the praise in the world for helping to lead and rally UTC back to regionals after the nightmarish season they’ve had.

James Russnogle (UTC) - another UTC baller. One of my toughest (and most fun) matchups of the whole season. Dude can jump out of the gym. When he’s not doing that he’s finding ways to get open on everyone. Great cutter defender as well.

James Poe (Alabama) - Dude’s like a Swiss Army knife. Need good throws? He’s got you. Need some one to run you into a coma? He’s got you. Need someone to cover the other team’s best player regardless of position? He’s got you on that as well. You could assign him any role and he would find a way to produce for you.

Johnny Sims (LSU) - I’ve been playing with and against Johnny Frisbee since high school and his development as a player has been amazing. He’s come from an offensive gunslinger to a super steady D line handler who rarely turns the disc over and consistently takes the other team’s toughest matchup. LSU is lucky to have him.

Milton Mebius (Georgia Southern) - Milton doesn’t play club and Georgia Southern has sort of faded from regional relevance over the last couple years but dude is an amazing player. A super athletic cutter who can give nearly anybody fits and (I’m assuming) was a gigantic reason (along with James Rink) that Southern was able to score an upset on Georgia Tech.

Sorry, that was a lot (and I certainly have more) but those are some guys that I definitely believe deserve everybody’s attention because they all go nuts on the field.

(floridbulti) #3

Kyle ‘Cyle’ Fray. ‘Nuff Said.

But I’ll continue for the uneducated among us. The man led Floridb to a Southeast Developmental Regional Championship with dominant wins over Georgia Tech (10-6) and Georgia (honestly I don’t know the final because I stopped paying attention to this one when it was 8-2 at half). I really don’t have the capability to put this man’s abilities into words. His mistakes are other’s highlights. Bobby Ley once said of him: “Wow.” Neglect voting for him at your own risk.

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(DimeLORD69) #4

I’d like to shoutout Stephen Mock, (SORRY IF MY POST IS BIAS)

On the field he is a complete liability, turning the disc on basically every under and the occasional deep look. In the air, he is like a fish out of water. He gets no air. He throws about as well as my dad on the beach, and my DAD STINKS! I played against him at North Beach Coastal and his pull literally went back into his end zone. He tried to call foul off sides to repull.

In terms of defense, he has the stamina of a cheetah, but the speed of a snail. When he lays out (VERY RARE) it looks like a car crash in slow motion.

His peptalks summarize as the following: “We NEED to start scoring more points than the other team” or “We wouldn’t be losing RIGHT NOW if you guys were better”

Honestly, I think he should have stuck to playing basketball in high school.
His team is fittingly a Tribe Called Quest, if the quest for him is to keep turning it over.


Since there has been a lack of discussion I might as well go ahead rattle off the big names that I know from the region. So many great players and I haven’t seen them all.
1st Team All-region
Eric Sjostrom, Auburn- Dude is a beast and U-24 selection. He is an elite thrower and playmaker and means so much to the Auburn team. Idk if there is a throw that he can’t make and time after time he comes up clutch in big moments. I honestly don’t know anyone else on this team. Should we crown him POTR now?

Ryan Hiser, Florida- After O’bryan left this guy has filled his shoes and has been a dominate thrower. I have not seen a lefty this good in a while. Has massive backhand hucks and his hammers are nasty. He is also an all-around guy that can get go deep and get D’s. Almost upset UCF (14-15) in the finals of Florida CC with a phenomenal game. In a down year for Florida he has been fun to watch.

Adam Vinson, UCF- The best player on the team with the best regular season in the region. This guy is impossible to guard downfield or in the backfield. He can do it all. He can take over big games and lead his team to win. Can’t wait to see him more at regionals. Did I mention that he is extremely fast?

Anders Olsen, Emory- Dude is flat out baller. He has so much great experience on his resume and another player from the AUDL. He is nightmare matchup and a big name. Nice dude too

Hunter Cutts, Georgia- The tall athletic dude that is impossible to guard for Jojah, right? He has so much skill and it was a shame to see him get injured last year. I would say he is the best downfield cutter in the region this year.

Daniel Sperling, Emory- Another stud that does it all. I haven’t seen him play much but have heard that he a ton of skill. Also plays on the Hustle so you know he is good.

Austin Gaines, UCF- All-round talent that has been a strong contributor to his team this year.

2ndTeam All-region

Josh Layton- Florida
Adam Lapikas, UCF
Stephen Muir- FSU
Jack Kern- FSU
Charles Loudermilk- KSU
Johnny Sims- LSU
James Poe- Alabama

FOTY- Michael Arbuutine, Florida- Big target with insane athleticism, He has made many highlight real plays in the air and laying out. If you throw it near him he will catch it.

(floridbulti) #6

Yo I don’t know what UCF team you’re watching but Adam Vinson SUCKS

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Do you agree with everything else though?

(floridbulti) #8

Yeah everything else is spot on, but that’s a major error

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(paulgsunkengasong) #9

Going to stay away from the usual suspects here and just point out some less recognized talent this year

James Russnogle (UTC)- the quick, athletic flair cutter-handler hybrid every team needs. A huge threat for UTC whether striking down field or with the disc in the handler set. Patient and mechanical in the red zone as well, with an array of clever fakes and feints that could shake even the most diligent man defenders in the region

Hunter Cutts (UGA)- Jojah’s current captain and principal “big man”, he’s one of the most dangerous deep threats in the region with a combination of size, speed and agility that make him an absolute nightmare of a match up. A nearly indomitable aerial presence, he’s proven capable of being a one man playmaking machine, his performance against Harvard at Easterns exemplifies this

Jon Fey (Georgia State)- Perhaps a little bias here but with no exaggeration he’s likely one of the fastest if not the fastest player in the region.Molded by his AUDL background, Fey brings to the D-line raw, unchecked, blistering speed and clinical field awareness which he uses to come up with incredible layout D’s and catches. Capable of deciding games using his quickness alone, he’s an instant problem for any offense

Charles Loudermilk (Kennesaw State)- An all around skilled player, his versatility has made him an indispensable asset to KSU. Capable of dictating the flow of an offense with smooth, calculated throws or coming up with a clutch layout D, he brings a huge skillset that few players can match

Austin Hegmon (Georgia State)- Again a little bias perhaps but this has to be consistently one of the best players I’ve played with or against. Largely responsible for state’s upset against LSU at Mardi Gras, he’s a tenacious deep threat with frightening athleticism, his speed and vertical leaps alone are enough to win most of the big match ups he draws, pair that with a newly refined deep throws and you have a player that could walk into any starting O or D line in the region

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(andrerbordelon@gmail.com) #10

I’m willing to argue with the two FSU guys being on the 2nd Team. Probably 2 of the better players in the Southeast, Definitely should be above a few of the 1st teamers your have there

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(Yup) #12

Andre Bordelom (UCF) - The longest handler in the world. If your mark isn’t 6’7 he is going to break it.

Jack Kern (FSU) - Has 1 ACL and is still faster than most people and can layout D almost anyone.

Stephen Muir (FSU) - The dude sleeps like 2 hours a night and can still run for a whole tournament.

Austin Koffarnus (UCF) - Defensive player of the year. The only person he can’t guard is on his team.

(grant.odenwald@gmail.com) #13

Jacque Gaspard from LSU should be a lock for FOTY. High school nationals winner and got a u20 tryout invite while in his Junior year of highschool. He’s the primary cutter with a great ultimate IQ, has flashy insides, and is an absolute unit in the air. He anchors the dline, draws the toughest matchups, and is the heart of the team.

(verhaydenj) #14

Sean Williamson from UAB is the most underrated player that we played this year. Since transferring from Ole Miss, Sean has been a key part of UAB’s success and one of the main reasons they are going to regionals this year. As coach of Mississippi State I had the pleasure of coaching against him and UAB twice this year and both times he was a handful. He not only played every single point of our game at sectionals, he played at an extremely high level and continuously gave us problems on both sides of the disc. I can confirm that speed kills because he consistently murdered my defensive schemes and turned dime hucks into simple chase down blocks. Not only does he deserve to be on the second-team for his effort, talent and tenacity but also for his attitude and mentality. No matter the weight of the situation or the intensity of the game, Sean maintains a positive attitude and is highly respectful of his opponents. He is the first one to congratulate you when you make a good play and the first to help you up after a bid. Classy player with a ton of talent.

(johnnys821@gmail.com) #15

A Coaching award should go to coach Kyle Breen from LSU. What he has done for the program to change the culture has been phenomenal. If anyone has known LSU in the past 3 years they know if there were down a could breaks late in the game LSU would not come back. Very toxic team. This year trust was developed and it Started at the Top. In one year brought LSU back to the highest it has finished at regionals in the past 8 years with a team that is made up of 60% rookies. Thats something insane in of itself.

(Ericreviere@gmail.com) #16

Just want to point out that LSU was a semifinals team playing upwards of 5 rookies on a line in critical points all season all the way through elimination games in Foley. If you see any of these players on the nomination list, I think it’s oretty self explanatory on why they should be voted.

(hcutts16@gmail.com) #17

LSU is a good team and they were a ton of fun to play with this season. Them being so young is exciting for the region. Congrats on the season you Jorty-Boys!

Jason Jones (UGA) is a beast. He has a cannon backhand Huck and throws it around marks using his size. He also caught the pull while elevating with one hand on the last point of the Final.

Hayden Austin-Knab (UGA) FOTY for sure and All-Region guy. Had the highest +/- on Jojah at regionals and zero turnover weekend. His biggest games have come against the best teams all year. Expect to hear his name at Nationals.

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(sebastiandifrancesco@gmail.com) #18

Hayden Austin Knab - FOTY

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(sebastiandifrancesco@gmail.com) #19

no comment needed. watch film and get educated if you disagree nerd

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(sebastiandifrancesco@gmail.com) #20

John Ingly. He’s pretty good

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(All Region Official) #21

From who I’ve Seen/Heard Of

All Region

Daniel Sperling
Michael Bartel
Anders Olsen

#6 Zach Karpen
#25 Max Lang

#47 Austin Koffarrnus
#13 Adam Vinson
#15 Alexander Mejido
#1 Austin Gaines
#16 Andre

#17 Ben Gladstone
#16 Hunter Cutts
#2 Drew DiFrancesco
#27 Hayden Austin-Knabb FOTY
#28 Mack Hodges
#42 Jason Jones
#88 Brandon Li

#23 Dylan Reviere
#1 Johnny Sims

#6 Sjostrom
#22 Rocco

Florida State

James Poe
Nathan Lyle

Andrew Geisel

Kennesaw State
Charles Loudermilk
Will Lindquist

Josh Layton
Ryan Hiser

#6 Brett Hulsmeyer
#11 Elijah Jaimie