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All-Region 2019: Southeast (D-III Men's)

(Charlie Eisenhood) #1

Who are the best players in the Southeast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

(Jchambliss) #2

I’d like to nominate our coach, Carter Rae, for coaching awards. As a formal player for Samford, Carter stepped in as our head coach after our former stepped away to start his family. Carter has brought with him high levels of commitment & prestige from his experience at every level of ultimate, including AUDL for Atlanta’s Hustle.
Carter has brought a different culture stepping in & with sights on our first bid to nationals in Samford’s history, he has elevated our team’s abilities in only a year of coaching.

After Regional weekend I wanted to add two names that stood out.

First being: Freshmen Caleb Enright from Berry college. A guy who played phenomenal defense and effective offensive cutting. Caleb was one of the nicest guys to play against all weekend and fought hard constantly throughout the game. Caleb was the best defender I played against and a real bright spot for Berry for years to come.

I also wanted to give credit to Miles Lally, A great leader and competitor for Berry this year. Leading his team to a SOLID weekend at regionals and being another bright spot for Berry this year. Deserves a ton of credit for all they have accomplished.

(andyjohn14) #3

Kyle Johnson for UNG Summit is one of the most athletic players you will see in the nation

(robhunt25) #4

Fernando Rivas, Alex Edinger, Kyle Johnson from UNG are all more than deserving. Great combination of skill and athleticism.

Jacques Perivier from Georgia College is one of the most talented players in Division 3 Ultimate across the country. HE is more than deserving.

For Freshman of the year take your pick between two standout Rookies From UNG, Mark Jeremiah and Luke Anderson. Both newer players but have incredible Field awareness considering their level of experience. UNG has a very small roster and both of these guys play almost every point. Considering UNG won Eastern Sectionals with two rookies making major contributions, Be on the watch for these guys to make some noise in the years to come.

(Aedinger) #5

Joey Griffing, sophomore from UNG. Joey stepped into a bigger role for UNG this year as our center handler and he has not disappointed. He has GREAT deep throws, excellent decision making, and he does a great job getting open at the reset. His ability to anchor our O line as a distributor has been crucial to our success this season. In addition to his offensive capabilities, his defense has taken a step up this year.

Austin Poole, Sophomore from UNG. Austin is a consistent O line cutter and has generated a number of game changing blocks for us. He has sure hands, he’s athletic, he’s hard to guard in small spaces, he can toe the line better than anyone I’ve ever seen, and he will layout for just about anything.

(kylejohnsonw) #6

The best players, always a tough question. There are so many great things that each individual offers. This is a team sport, I could never say one individual is the best. For the team UNG summit everyone on that team deserves that title.
Fernando Rivas - overall one of the best handlers around. His leadership has contributed to the success tremendously.
Alex Edinger- one of the hardest working players I’ve known in the sport. His willingness to go above and beyond to get better is an inspiration to all.
Andrew Redman- you never want this guy to guard you. He never lets up on defense!
Austin Poole- one of the quickest guys on the field and great awareness of the field.
Chris Warren- you will never meet someone that is more consistent with there throws.
Charlie Huff- this guy is one of the most determined players out there, he puts his all into every point.
Johnny Griffing- one of the most deadly players in the sky, you never want to meet this one in the air.
Joey Griffing- the lethal combination of Joey and his brother is not one to be messed with. Joey has an incredible ability with handling the disc.
Luke Anderson- this dude is an overall sound player, no matter what role he plays, he will excel in it.
Mark Jeremiah- this mans determination isn’t one to be questioned, he will lay out for any disc and almost always come down with it.
Nicholas Rhoades- this guy will run circles around you and has come down with many D’s right after the pull because of his hustle.
Robert Hunt- his determination to make UNG into the program it is now, should not go unnoticed. Without him we wouldn’t be anywhere close to where we are. He is an inspiration to the team.
The best player, not something that should ever be answered in a team sport. Without each individual UNG would not be what it is today.


Alex Edinger: North Georgia (Summit) for All-Region.
Alex is one of the hardest working players you’ll meet. He goes above and beyond to push himself and make himself a better player. He has incredible throws and stellar defense. It is next to impossible to throw anything on the break side when Alex is guarding you. He is very dependable and will layout (successfully) for anything (catch or D)! He never stops! He also does a great job at working with individuals to make them better players. He has been one of the captains/coach for the team this year and has done a great job supporting, teaching, and leading Summit.

Fernando Ortiz: North Georgia (Summit) for All-Region.
Fern is a threat in every aspect of this sport. Just when you think you’ve made a successful throw/might make a successful catch, Fern just appears and gets the D. He’s so quick on his feet and is always ready for anything. Trying to guard him is next to impossible. He also has those deep hucks that just go for miles. Fern has successfully helped lead and coach the team this year and has been a dedicated player and leader every year he’s been on the team.

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(SuperUltimate) #8

Jacques Perivier Georgia College- Jack is an amazing handler. Probably the best in division 3.

Rylan Gordon Georgia College- Rylan is an all around amazing player. Most likely the biggest asset to his team. He is extremely fast and deadly in the air.

Alex Edinger North Georgia- Alex is one of North Georgia Summit’s captains and handlers. He is one of the best throwers in the Southeast. Reminiscent of Jon Nethercut. He also is very quick and will cut down field in an instant. Another top quality of his is his hammer which constantly shreds zones even in heavy winds. Alex has also shown amazing growth in his leadership skills this season.

Fernando Rivas Ortiz North Georgia- Fern is a natural born leader and one of North Georgia’s co-captains. He is an amazing handler and phenomenal cutter. His defense is also not to be trifled with. He is very passionate about the sport and expresses it on and off the field. Probably the most knowledgeable and aware player in the Southeast!

(mlally5) #9

First Team:
Jacques Pervier - Georgia College
Fernando Ortiz - North Georgia
Kyle Johnson - North Georgia
Miles Lally - Berry College
Alex Killingsworth - Berry College
Gavan Rice - Embry-Riddle
Robert Barrett - Florida Tech

Second Team -
Joseph Martell - Berry College
Alex Edinger - North Georgia
Reed Antonich - Florida Tech
Jordan Chambliss - Samford
Caleb Enright - Berry College
Daniel Yurov - Union Tennessee
Ryan Shaw - Berry College


Luke Anderson: North Georgia (Summit) for All-Freshman
Luke may be a freshman school wise, but skill wise he is not. He definitely showed up and showed out this season. He is a very hard working player. His throws are far beyond rookie level. He is quick on his feet and makes great cuts and catches. Very dependable player who is always ready to run deep.

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(Jchambliss) #11

i will start with some names I’ve witnessed do great things.
My take is unbiased, & I have no intention of naming as many samford players as I can if they aren’t deserving.
As far as the spring season, I think Alex Lowry from Samford is an undisputed veteran genius on the field. Is in his final (5th year) & has been a crucial leader at samford for years… a multiple time all region player through the years & is obviously deserving of first team.
I think Jacques from GCSU is another favorite of mine. The guy is all around one of the best players in the region & he would be my first or second pick in any first team all region discussion. (Lowry from above would be the other pick that would be interchangeable for me). Jacques has been a great competitor the last two years as I’ve gotten to know him in college, club, & through AUDL & Hustle experience. The guy cares about the game, but cares about people too. By far, my favorite competitor.

Unfortunately, & honestly, I haven’t seen insane outstanding players outside of those two. As much as I’d Like to name guys from our own Samford team, or other names already written on lists above, I just haven’t witnessed domination from the rest of the pack that are worthy of an all region nomination from me… & maybe that changes at sectionals this weekend, & regionals the next, I dont know. But as of now, those 2 are my votes outside of myself.

To which i go back to what i would have said prior. I don’t love the idea of talking for myself, as I believe others should do it for me, but i know others have voiced opinions of everyone else.

So i will at least day this: i was appreciative to be voted for first team all region last year as a freshmen & I’d venture to say I have expanded my role much more this year…
I have to think I am more than deserving of an all region first team spot again this year, but I think it’s best if others speak for me, either from my teammates and coaches, or competitors that spot a difference at sectionals & regionals.

Until then, I can only give the opinion I know.

(akillingsworth) #12

Robert is seriously deserving of a coaching award. Robert and his wife, Cori both are very integrated into the Berry community, and Berry ultimate actually wouldn’t exist without them. Like basically all coaches, Bradham gets little to nothing for coaching, but with Berry being such a young program, he’s had to go above and beyond to even make sure it exists. Berry’s team captain, Miles Lally, is also very deserving. He came to Berry after playing for UNC Darkside, and started the program, almost just the two of them. Miles is extremely talented, and is a top player in DIII ultimate, come out and watch if you don’t believe, he’s playing pretty much every point. Caleb Enright is probably the top freshmen in the Southeast. He a freak athlete and immediately came onto our starting lineup (and check out how upperclassmen heavy Berry is). If Caleb were a currently existing brand, it would be Big Baller Brand.

(akillingsworth) #13

Outside of Berry ( I’m biased, who knew), Fernando on UNC is probably one of the kindest and most talented players I’ve played against, he pushes me to be a better player, both skill-wise and character-wise. He truly embodies spirit of the game.

(akillingsworth) #14

Nando on UNG, not UNC, sorry nando❤️

(Jnewmss) #15

Forgot my dude’s name, but #8 on Samford is a baller and deserves some credit. Real solid athlete and defender.

Edit: his name is Jordan. S/o to Jordan!

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(frismate) #16

Alex Edinger: North Georgia (Summit) Ultimate.
Alex is an exceptional person and player. His heart for the game is second only to his heart for his team. He leads very well and knows how to articulate advice that is individual and effective. Alex is not only an incredible leader, but he plays on a level not many can reach. His throws truly amaze me and his ability to read the disc can put anyone to shame. He knows the game well and is ways stepping up to improve his team. Alex has been a crucial part of UNG’s team for the past few years and has made a lasting imapct on this sport.

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(frismate) #18

Fernando Rivas Ortiz: North Geoegia (Summit) Ultimate

Fernando is definitely an elite player. He is someone the team can count on to compete with accuracy, motivation, skill, speed, and agility. Fernando is an experienced and highly developed player who has committed countless hours to this team. He is consistently bettering himself and his teammates. Fernando is a player you don’t want to be matched up against! Not only is he quick on the downfield and upline cuts, but he will throw around you like you’re not even there. His skill set is rich and his motivation on the field is inspirational. You can count on him to keep his team focused and pushing towards their best on every point. With many years and much experience in the Ultimate world, his knowledge of the game is extensive and has been crucial in helping UNG’s team continue to improve.