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All-Region 2019: Southeast (D-III Women's)

(Charlie Eisenhood) #1

Who are the best players in the Southeast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.


Brooke Hartman: North Georgia (Aurea) for All-Region. Brooke is by far the best player I’ve ever seen. She gives more than 100% every point, and pushes herself to the max. Her field awareness and speed is unmatched in this region. Her defense is at professional level. and she controls the field as one of Aurea’s Most Valuable Players.


Emily Salter: North Georgia (Aurea) for All-Freshman.
First year playing frisbee and already a step above the rest. Great throws, amazing catches, and always determined to be better. Really pushed herself this season and improved tremendously. Is not only a presence on the field with her great cuts and perfect backhands, but is a huge presence off the field with her constant support and encouragement.

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Cameron Nicholes: Coach for North Georgia (Aurea).
Has been a huge part of this teams success this season. Came out to basically every practice, despite working full-time. Gives constructive individual feedback and is always encouraging the players to do their best. Is a positive presence and the best hype man. Has played frisbee his entire college career and uses his own knowledge and experience to better the team. Is always going a step further to learn more about the sport, different ways the team can improve, and new strategies to implement.

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Gabrielle Hartman: North Georgia (Aurea) for All-Region
Gabrielle is an all around absolute beast. There’s not a single part of this sport that she doesn’t dominate. She has killer throws and insane D’s. She gives it 110% every time she is on the field. She has been with the team from the beginning and has been a big part in getting the team to where it is. She is not only one of Aurea’s top players, but she is a leader for the team. She’s constantly working to help others improve and leads by improving herself as well. She strives to be the best, and it shows because she is.

(SuperUltimate) #6

Summer Sanders Aurea Ultimate- Summer is Aurea’s fastest and most physical cutter. She also has great skills with the disc.

Kay Mallet Aurea Ultimate- Kay is one of the best players in D3 ultimate. She makes very quick cuts and is impressive in the handling position. She also serves as one of Aurea’s team captains.

Vivian Goddard Aurea Ultimate- Vivian is one of the best handlers in the Southeast region. She serves as Aurea’s other captain. She has also played the entire season with a shoulder injury which prevents her from throwing amazing hammers. Talk about dedication!

(CreekCrossin) #7

All-Region nominations:
Morgan DeMell, Georgia College: A dominate player and huge leader for Lynx Rufus. She has great field awareness, speed, handling. Hands down one of the best player in all of D-III.

Kay Mallett, North Georgia: Kay has improved tremendously since last season. After playing club over the summer she returned for the 2018-2019 season with the determination to push Aurea to the next level. Her ability to take control and keep everyone unified is a huge part of why the team has made it to Nationals.

Brooke Hartman, North Georgia: Brooke has been a driving force of their team since joining in 2016. She demonstrates what it takes, on and off the field, to be a dominant player at any level. She has a huge down field presence on both offense and defense, and is quickly transitioning into a hybrid player. She is someone to keep na eye on at Nationals.

All- Freshmen nomination:
Emily Salter, North Georgia
I have never seen as much improvement and dedication to the sport of ultimate from a first year player. She goes into every practice and tournament focused and determined to improve. Her hard work has paid off, she stepped up at Regionals throwing 4 assists and scored 7 points.

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(ATL_Womens_Ultimate) #8

All Region:

Morgan DeMell, Georgia College: Morgan is a phenomenal player. She’s quick and has beautiful deep throws. She is lethal on offense, especially if there is an open deep look. Morgan is one of the main reasons Lynx Rufus is such a powerhouse. Her pulls are absolutely beautiful. I have not seen many college players in the southeast whose pulls have that long of air time as her’s does. Definitely top 3 for sure.

Kay Mallett, North Georgia: Kay has taken North Georgia to the next level since returning from the summer on one of Atlanta’s club teams. She knows the game and how to beat any defender. Not many people have the field vision or the throws like she does. When she lays out, there is no need to worry about her not coming down with that disk. She’s a firecracker on crack! Can’t wait to see the stats she brings in at Nationals!


Kaley Maier, Georgia College: As her first year on Lynx Rufus, kaley has shown she’s got what it takes to be a driving force on the field. She’s continuing to be a playmaker and I cannot wait to see her improve in the next few years.

Tara Harpar, North Georgia: also her first year in competitive ultimate. Tara is a consistent cutter. She might not be the main scorer, but she’s there for every other cut. North Georgia has a good group of freshman this year and Tara is going to be a vital part of that class.

(frismate) #9

Brooke Hartman: North Georgia (Aurea) Ultimate, All-Region.
Brooke is truly an irreplaceable and valuable part of UNG’s team. She is a well-rounded, competitive, and motivated player. On and off the field, Brooke pushes her teammates to better themselves (as she personally pushes herself more than anyone). Brooke came in guns-blazing. Since day 1, Brooke quickly picked up on the game and has been improving her skills ever since. Cutting is her main position, but she is so versatile that she has begun handling as well. Her speed is unmatched on the team and her ability to lay it all on the field EVERY game speaks to her heart and her love for this sport. The team would not be at the level they are without this player.

Summer Sanders: North Georgia (Aurea) Ultimate.
Summer is a star player. She is constantly working towards improving herself. She gives all she has on the field and is always there with an incredible cut. Summer has amazing field vision and knows when there needs to be something happening—then she makes it happen. Aurea has been very lucky to have her and she has grown immensely this year. Her cuts, snags, throws, and communication have all contributed to the strengthening of UNG’S team. She recognizes where she can improve and is motivated on and off the field.