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All-Region 2019: Southwest (D-I Women's)

(Charlie Eisenhood) #1

Who are the best players in the Southwest region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

(cesspoolofsin) #2

One of UCSB’s coaches here… figured I’d start the conversation since this forum’s been inactive so far. I’ll try not to be too biased towards my own team, but obviously that’s who I know the most about. I also just don’t have as much information about the NorCal teams, so hopefully others can jump in to fill me and others in.


Julia Kwasnick, UCSB - big defensive playmaker and versatile offensive player. I assume most people know her, but she’s obviously worth a nod here.

Audrey Brown, UCSB - again, an incredible defender and versatile offensive player. Played all of regionals with an injured hamstring and was still almost unguardable.

Kaitlyn Weaver, UCSB - physical initiation cutter for UCSB, really an essential player for our offense and an excellent defender

Jasmine Childress, UCSB - third year player who missed 75% of her first two seasons with injury. Incredible how well-developed her game is considering the lack of experience relative to other top players. An elite athlete and defender who can cause problems for any of the offensive stars in the division. Also, most-hype celebrations in the division? I think so.

Dena Elimelech, UCSD - on par with Kwasnick as most impactful defenders in the region. Also has a versatile offensive skill set and presents a matchup nightmare for every team in the country.

Kelli Iwamoto, UCSD - the best pure handler in the region by a pretty wide margin. Incredibly important player for UCSD’s offense.

Avery Jones, UCSD - every time we play UCSD she makes a huge impact; seems like an unsung hero who does a little bit of everything for their team. Made at least 3 - 4 big plays each time we matched up with this team.

Diana Swanson, SLO - it’s pretty criminal that Diana never made it to nationals. She has been a top 10 player in the region for the past 2 season. She is an elite athlete with a versatile offensive skillset. SLO’s most well-rounded player and her throws and decision-making are much improved from previous seasons.

Thalia Ward, SLO - a top 3 handler in the region, and probably the best deep thrower. Thalia’s improvement in other areas of the game aside from her deep throws are what really make her stand out this year. Her defense is much improved from last year and she is capable of managing points for her team with smart, patient decision-making an excellent field vision.

Erin Doyle, UCLA - an excellent handler who really drives an efficient UCLA offense. She has great versatility as a thrower and is hard to stop in the backfield.

Malia Smith, UCLA - physical cutter who does a lot for them on both sides of the disc. She uses her size effectively and has a really well-rounded game.

Anna Wysen, Cal - excellent handler with versatile throws and elite size. She is a hard player to game plan for. Always impressed with Cal’s team culture and it seems like she is at the center of that positivity and energy.

Hallie Dunham, Stanford - another excellent handler. Has pretty much every throw you could imagine. Did not get to see her play much this season as she was injured the only time we played them.

Allyson Tsuji, UC Davis - extremely fast and explosive cutter, possibly the fastest in the region.

Skyler Rubey, Chico State - we only saw Chico at regionals, but I was very impressed with this player’s performance in our game. She is an explosive cutter that initiates their offense on every point. Given the lack of depth around her, it seems like they ask her to carry a really heavy load offensively and she delivers.

POTY? In my mind this is a two person race. Kwasnick and Elimelech are the two most impactful and versatile players for the two best teams. UCSD is the better team by a significant margin (3-0 against UCSB), but also have a much deeper roster. In terms of value to their team, Kwasnick might eke out Elimelech. It’s a crap shoot…

All-Region Fresh-People

Elsa Winslow, UCSB - a true freshwoman in the sense that she never played ultimate before this college season. Has the raw physical tools to be the best player in the region one day. Her top end speed may already be the best in the region. Plays a crucial role for UCSB’s offense and scores deep at will despite being sub-5’5.

Ava Hanna & Lauren Hanna, UCSD - I watched these two players play YCC for Powerline and it was really clear that they both had a good feel for the game and solid fundamentals coming into college. That certainly proved true, but what stood out to me about their performances was their speed and athleticism. Huge layouts and huge skies from both of them.

Vanessa Beeler, SLO - a great deep receiver who has the potential to be a very dynamic cutter in the future. In our game to go against SLO, she was probably their most composed and consistent player. She made a ton of momentum changing players for her team to keep the game tight. Very impressive from a first year college player, despite her previous experience.

Help me out, because I know I’m missing a ton of great players (especially freshpeople).

(joshuayuan) #3

I’m on Cal’s men’s team, and have watched the Queens play many times.

Anna Wysen (#1, California) is a phenomenal thrower. Her team expects great things from her, and she is completely capable of answering. Her hucks and break throws continue to drop my jaw with their shape, speed, and precision. I played at a beach tournament with her and she would continually throw dimes flawlessly through the wind.
Claire Toth (#20, California) is the cutter and defender I wish I could be. She runs so fast and has an endless motor. She’s always open on O and always getting blocks on D. In addition to her athleticism she has great field awareness and positioning. Great spirit on and off the field.
Zoe Luke (#97, California) should be on the All-Region Freshman team. She is an amazing thrower and has been extremely effective on the Queen’s O-line as a great cutter. On and off the field, she gives off a glow of positivity. One time I played boot (a variation of ultimate) with her and that was my favorite game of boot! #yuhyuhyuuhhhh

(alishastoun@gmail.com) #4

Agree with all names here. Also biased, as UCSD coach.
Adding UCSD Leanne Go for All Region. Mind-bogglingly underrated, moves the disc quickly and shreds zones. Finds poaching opportunities on cutters, and completely shuts down handler resets.
Nobody notices because she gets lost in the greatness, Marissa Hing is the best true rookie I have ever coached (no highschool experience). Most or second most blocks on our team for the last 3 tournaments. Nobody is faster. Layout blocks, skies, and goes head to head with the best players with excellent body awareness.