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All-Region 2019: Southwest (D-III Women's)

(Charlie Eisenhood) #1

Who are the best players in the Southwest region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

(Skipper) #2


  • Nora Fujita-Yuhas, Oxy
  • Meike Buhaly, Oxy
  • Clarasophia Gust, Oxy
  • Catherine Lee, Oxy
  • Celeste Padula, Oxy
  • Magery Wilson, Oxy
  • Becca Wainess, Claremont

All- Freshman:

  • Sophie Havranek, Oxy
  • Lily Hue, Oxy
  • Rae Hirschfeld-Smith, Oxy

Coaching: As one of the coaching for Occidental College, I can’t help but be biased towards my co-coach, Enway Melo. It’s been a three year ride together and she is a pillar in the development of the team and where we are today

(Nix) #3

All-Region (Not sure if it has to be 7? It’s going to be more than 7):

  • Becca “Rocki” Wainess, Claremont – a dominant O-line handler who has the hucks, the fakes, the break throws, and overall great offensive positioning. Chilly and meticulous during zone O, and also is a lethal deep-deep in a zone D look with stellar communication and field awareness.
  • Nora Fujita-Yuhas, Oxy – a dominant handler with great leadership, communication, and decision-making
  • Daphne “Nix” Guo, Claremont – primarily a D-line handler who loves marking other handlers. Isn’t afraid to strike up-line when the disc turns, and has the around and IO throws to get the disc off the sideline and take advantage of the break side.
  • Emily “Buzz” Diamond, Claremont – a speedy, athletic cutter who gets open at will for huge yardage gains, going deep or coming under, open or break side. Comfortable with the disc, and has excellent decision-making with continuation throws.
  • Ella “Boots” Scudder-Davis – a smart, athletic, versatile player with shut-down person defense. Has beautiful continuation throws and deep looks as an initiating cutter, and more than capable of stepping into handler roles with break throws and decisive dump cuts as well.
  • Natalie “Pari” Lillie, Claremont – a dynamic player who is always open upfield for the continuation or coming back for the dump throw. Never hesitates to send it deep, throw the quick up-line assist, or chase the disc into the end-zone herself.
  • Dani “Linc” Tishkoff-Chidester, Claremont – a disciplined cutter who always puts in 100% and (even as one of the shortest players on the team) probably skies the most people per game every tournament. Is always open and looking for those break throws when her defender has stopped working, and fights for every 50-50 disc on her unders (and usually comes out on top)
  • Lizzie “Guinn” Willsmore-Finkle, Claremont – a focused and consistent cutter with the best layouts in the region (and I’m including DI in that statement). Always alert on O and D, completes the toughest of catches, reads floaty throws flawlessly, and never gives up on the disc if there is the slightest hope for maintaining possession.
  • Lydia “Tag” Sylla – the unsung heroine of every long point! Makes near-impossible grabs, tidies up after errant throws, and sneaks away from defenders for the score, or else a big yardage gain underneath. It is folly to underestimate her, but our opponents seem to do so often – to our advantage. No one in this region has a better high-release flick, or is more composed and confident during discussions about calls on the field.


  • Mei “Jedi” Ge, Claremont – an agile and athletic handler with excellent decision making skills, and can get open for a dump throw from any position at any time.
  • Anna “Crook” Krutsinger, Claremont – a powerful handler with both backhand and forehand hucks, and is always willing to hit the grass or turf to save possession.
  • Carly “Guse” Dennis – a speedy and tireless cutter with good positioning, and can usually shake her defender at any point on the field.