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All-Region 2022: Atlantic Coast (D-I Women's)

Who are the best players in the Atlantic Coast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

South Carolina’s Deanna Deluca is a 5th year handler and has undoubtedly shown that her throwing skills are up there with the best. It’ll be exciting to see what she can do at Regionals this weekend and in the club scene over the next few years.

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For All-Region:

Virginia Hydra’s Kira Flores deserves some All-Region HYPE. She can play on offense, defense, in the handler space, as a cutter and is a huge presence on the field. Kira kept grinding, sometimes playing 4 or 5 points in a row and she played more than 70% of Hydra’s points at regionals. Her deep looks were on fire this weekend and she helped Hydra make their second nationals this season. She is a player to watch for sure and will only be more dominant next year!

Abby Herrod is an unsung hero of Virginia Hydra who deserves to be included in the All-Region discussion. She is one of the most consistent and crafty cutters out there who can always get open despite how good her defender is. She will catch anything thrown her way and she never hesitates to layout on offense or defense. She is the primary highlight maker on the team, and she also has the stats to back her play, as she scored 19 out of Hydra’s 50 goals this weekend, and assisted in many more. Abby is one of the key components of Hydra’s offense and defense and is poised to have an incredible showing in Milwaukee.

For Breakout Player of the Year:

Virginia’s Aviva Kosto had never touched a frisbee until last spring, but you would never know from watching her. Aviva’s dominance in the deep space, ability to catch anything that is thrown at her and shifty cutting allowed her to be an unguardable force this weekend for Hydra. I cannot wait to see how Aviva can improve with more reps under her belt because she is already a dominant cutter with big time minutes for a nationals level team.