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All-Region 2022: Developmental (Men's)

Who are the best players across the country coming up in the Developmental programs? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

South Carolina’s B team cruised to a first place finish in Atlantic Coast Developmental Conferences, including a strong 15-9 over UNC’s Batch. This strong performance was led by several talented players, including the following first year players:

Jonathan Brennen: sophomore handler, facilitated the offense and has racked up assists all season

Alex Euston: junior cutter, matchup issue for anyone in the developmental division

Ethan Johnson (all-freshman nomination): freshman hybrid, do-it-all player who has a promising future on South Carolina’s A team

Alex Su (all-freshman nomination): freshman cutter, dominate deep threat, goal scorer, and lockdown defender

Along with several key veterans, including:

Chris Chen: senior and 4 year veteran of South Carolina B, who leads the offense for a talented yet young and inexperienced team. With Chen’s leadership, this team has blown through the competition and many young players have flourished and will be a big problem for other developmental teams in the region for years to come.


Convinced the Michigan B-Team is the best dev team in the country.
Cumulative score at Sectionals = 87 - 25
Cumulative score at Midwest Invite = 87 - 35
Shoutout seniors Isaac Katongole, Eric Stillman, Andy Dazzo, Brian Shields
Shoutout coach Alexander Barber

Dirty Birds 100% deserve some recognition!!


Of everyone in the Developmental division, open shot, fate of the universe on the line or the Martians pointing the death beam at earth, you better hit it, I want DEVON UMEOZOR (#10) BIng

Shouting out UConn’s B-team player/coach Tony Li for leading the developmental side of our program for the last 4 years and creating a winning culture and positive environment that attracts new players to the sport. He led them to the Metro East Dev title in 2019 and again in 2022 with great handler play. As a coach his individual player development skills are off the charts incredible, and he knows more about throwing mechanics than any other coach I’ve ever met.

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Echoing jamdav13, South Carolina’s B team is 100% the best in the nation. A cumulative 230 points for and 90 against on the season, with a majority of those points coming on open lines after the game was over, beating UNC-CH 15-9 and the Maryland 11-7 to cap off an 18-0 season, the numbers speak for themselves.

All of the above mentioned players are perfect candidates for awards, but to add to that:

Adam Chase: Head coach, took a group of mostly lower classman (only one or two seniors this year) and turned them into a well oiled machine. Preaching fundamentals rather than the standard huck and play D you see in a lot of B teams, this team was a menace.

Thomas Davis: (All-freshman nomination) crazy consistent handler and mid-mid as a freshman. Very few mistakes made while on the field. Shows a patience in the game that is far beyond his years of playing

Daniel McGoldrick probably the best wing on the field when running zones. Has a great eye for the field and nose for the disc. Offensively he is constantly open and has become a monster in the deep space.

I have been around B team ultimate for about 8 years now, this is by far the best team I’ve seen hit the field. On an individual skill level and as a unit, these guys are the real deal.

I am one of the captains on the UMass Amherst Developmental Team and I’d like to give a quick shoutout to a few of my guys who I feel are deserving.

Sumner Gubisch aka Sam: He is what helped make our team go, whether it was making crazy bids on defense or always being in the right spot on offense. He defines consistency and is one of the nastiest players I have ever gotten to play with. If there was a player of the year for Developmental he would be my write in because he is more than qualified. On top of his high level play he was also a coach for us so he took on that responsibility on top of being a captain. So our resident player-coach made a huge impact and his beautiful british self will be missed thoroughly

Matthew Ayers aka Frat Ayers : Extremely talented player on both ends of the field, and in my eyes the phrase you can’t stop him just only slow him down is very applicable to Matt as a player. Coming from someone who has had to match him in practice is doesn’t end well. With his long frame paired with his speed you get one of the best players in New England and someone who is a matchup nightmare. Another leader both on and off the field and always gave 100% for us and did more for this team than most people know.

(All freshman nominations)

Charlie Leightheiser aka Chuck : He came onto our team during the start of our spring semester and immediately made an impact and became a starter within his first practice. Chuck has this calm demeanor to him where he will never get flustered and he always just makes the right decision on offense. He also is a lockdown defender and had insane handler defense.

Also Brown PFunk has some really great players and they’re all really good dudes and in my eyes they are one of if not the best Developmental team in the country.

Roll Zoo!!

Seconding Matt Ayers. Congrats on a great season Zoo