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All-Region 2022: New England (D-I Men's)

Who are the best players in the New England region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Jake Saunders UVM Coach of the Year
Explanation: Led an unranked Vermont team to #8 in the power rankings with wins over UMass, NC State, Cut, Ohio state and others.

Declan Kervick UVM All Freshman team
Explanation: one of the most influential additions to Vermonts team. Absolutely crucial to the D-Line Success.


All-Region: Jaques Nissen (Brown): duh. Gus Norrbom (Northeastern): center piece of the Northeastern offense. Constantly crosses over to provide crucial breaks for the team. Can break any mark. Incredibly shifty in the reset space. Johnny Sickles (UVM): wins every upline battle. Can drop a blade into any corner of the field. Maybe the most explosive athlete Chill has to offer. Can get up and catch any hanging throw. John Randolph (Brown): duh. Orion Cable (UMass): “he’s a physically superior player to just about anyone going up against him” is now a statement that can apply to two UMass bigs. Besides the obvious physical advantages, he’s also Zoo Disc’s best thrower and most explosive athlete. Just push him under and pray to God. Eli Standard (UVM): besides Randolph, Standard may be the best isolation cutter not only the region, but the country has to offer. Fast feet and a motor that won’t stop, plus a desire like no other to succeed separate him from just about any matchup teams have to offer. No player has ever hung with him for an entire point. Dylan Villeneuve (Brown): Only primarily defensive player on this list, and for good reason. The engine of the D-Line. His length and speed make him a formidable matchup for any player to have. Game IQ of a billion.

All-Freshman: Zach Watson-Stevens (UVM): one of the few O-Line players in the country who seems happy when his team turns it over because it gives him a chance to make a layout block to get the ball back. He has never missed an around backhand in his life. Parker Lin-Butler (UVM): has faster feet than some people have hands. Does that statement make sense? No. But it’s hard to describe just how quick he is in the small spaces. Dynamite handler defender. Ryan Bliss (UVM): lockdown handler defender and UVM’s primary handler off a turn. He will break your mark. Just warning you. Declan Kervick (UVM): he made the U-20 world’s team so he has to make this list. Luca Stuccio (UVM): UVM’s best cutter defender. He gives the man he’s guarding the ‘spits’! Ramsey Elder (Northeastern): one of Northeastern’s best features this year has been their zone defense, which flummoxed the likes of Minnesota, UVM, and Michigan alike, and the lanky Elder’s role in the cup has been a huge part of it’s success. Look to see him make bigger strides than anyone else on this list next season. Orion Cable (UMass): duh.

COY: Jake Saunders (UVM): UVM Team Chill has not been a part of the national conversation for quite some time. Despite featuring players that went on to play high level club ultimate with the likes of Seattle Sockeye, Boston Ironside, and Boston DiG, they have never been able to perform at a level worthy enough to compete with the best of them. That has changed this year, and despite the talent that has been displayed on this list, a large part of the credit should go to Jake Saunders. UVM’s victories over NC State, Ohio State, Carleton, Minnesota, Penn State, and UMass show the huge strides the team has taken in not only recent years, but since the fall, where the team failed miserably in the series. Above all else, Saunders is the reason for Chill’s legitimacy this year, and no coach has been more responsible for their team’s success besides him.

And as far as NE regionals are concerned, my prediction is that a giant rock from outer space collides with Amherst Massachusetts around 9am on Sunday the 8th, dooming not only all of Western Mass, but the entire planet as we know it.

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There are a few players who obviously will make all region, Jaques, Randolph, and Orion Cable. I’d say that Gus Norbom def deserves a spot as well, and outside of that there’s a lot of deserving players. Johnny Sickles, Eli Standard, and Turner Allen are all very important to UVM’s o-line, and I would say Cal Nightingale has been an underrated piece for Brown. with how good Tufts has been I’d say they definitely deserve at least one player on the list, but I couldn’t really tell you who deserves it. And Reed Browning has been an arguably dpoty for a UVM team that has really relied on his leadership and play making.

For all rookie Orion Cable and Declan Kervick should both be considered locks.

for the best coaching job it’s either Smart or Saunders imo. it’s just a matter of whether it’s more impressive to be able to maintain the level of success that Brown has had or to help bring a team to national relevance for the first time in years like Saunders has done with UVM

There are some difference makers on chill. Too many to name honestly. But you guys are gonna know the name Carl Crawford very soon. I hear he’s the only person who has ever skied Orion cable?


BU captain here! A couple names to shout out:

Zach Hahn-Du Pont (BC) for literally putting the team on his back, playing every point the Saturday of sectionals and pulling BC over the line to regionals with a ton of incredible throws and defensive plays.

Zach Burpee (Tufts) has become a real dual threat on Tufts’ O Line, dangerous in the deep space and as a thrower. Very handsome. very.

Jerry Wang (Tufts) as an O-line cutter his freshman year turned D-line handler his senior year who has made half of the BU program scared of his very existence by how quick he is on O and D and how hard to mark he can be with the disc in his hands.

Zach Singer (Tufts) why are so many good people named zach it doesn’t make sense anyways this zach is the O line center handler for Tufts who has been rock solid with the disc all season and absolutely commands the offensive flow of this team. Great thrower, very hard to guard in the reset space as well.

Ben Fields (NEU) damn how has no one mentioned Ben yet he’s a defensive MONSTER and is very much a key part of how their team punches in breaks, working as a disc distributor, shooter and downfield option all at once.

Oscar Graff (Tufts) for all rookie he layout D’d me at sectionals and i’m not even mad about it because 1) it was clean as hell and 2) he is genuinely scary on the field and an absolute workhorse who has produced big-time results in both the game to go last fall, and the sectionals final this year.

also have to shout out our very own Victor Jiang (BU) for all rookie as he’s an absolute stud of a handler who has incredible hands and even better looking throws and will be a centerpiece of the BU program going forwards.

There are probably more I’m forgetting, but wanted to give a few names that hadn’t been mentioned yet!

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Tufts players here so our biases will show.

All Region

Zach Singer (Tufts)
As Nilos said he is our center O-Line handler and is crucial to our entire offense. Incredible throws, fast enough to beat anyone (no one could guard him all season), and most importantly can be fully trusted to hit the right throw. Also a captain and brings fire and composure to our team.

Caleb Seamon (Tufts)
One of the best two-way players in the region. Singlehandedly destroys every zone we have faced. Amazing throws, perfect cuts, lockdown defense, and gets open at the right moment every time. Also the only name on Tufts that Ultiworld knows.

Oscar Graff (Tufts)
Legitimately came into college and immediately became a centerpiece of our offense. Has had an absolutely crucial role in all of our big wins. Put up 7 goals and 3Ds in our sectional final win over Northeastern. Had a similar performance in our loss in the game to go against Northeastern. Just ask anyone on Northeastern how good he is. Beats everyone deep, never drops the disc, and straps every handler reset.

John Randolph (Brown)
This ones obvious.

Jacques Nissen (Brown)
Best thrower in the college game do we need to say more.

Orion Cable (UMass)
Absolutely dominant force in all aspects of the game.

Gus Norrbom (Northeastern)
Centerpiece of their offense. Impeccable timing and positioning. So fast. Controls their offensive system with great composure.

Obviously there are some good players that will have to be left out but we wanted to shoutout some of the players that have helped us achieve a great season.

I would like to Nominate Nilos Makino under this.

He wont say it himself, but he has been a huge driving force in bringing Boston Universty’s Men’s program back from being kind of a shit show. He is dedicated all season, works to improve his team, is passionate about both programs at the university finding time to throw with players outside of practice.

He also has a mean inside break which I have watched be thrown in hilariously windy conditions as though the wind does not exist. He deserves love for the amount of time and talent he has given New England Ultimate.


Caelan Mcsweeney is a phenomenal thrower and all around amazing player. He is a u20 worlds player and is an extremely consistent player. All Freshman for sure


I hope Leo Gordan is reading this! Anyway, for all region I think players from Tufts, Brown, Umass, Northeastern, and UVM probably all should be represented due to the success of all those teams.

For Tufts I’d say Caleb Seamon or Zach Burpee. Zach is the best deep threat who doesn’t jump in the region. Allegedly has mean trumpet lips as well. Caleb Seamon is really really good and instantly raises the floor of any team he’d play for.
From Umass I wish I could put Wyatt but he cant play so I guess id put Luca who has the going record for most confusing hucks and longest MTA caught in a game. He also plays really good defense. With wyatt out Orion is their best o line piece. He prolly is the best piece with wyatt in as well but he still is without.

From UVM idrk those guys seem kinda weird especielly that Ryan Bliss guy. They were only listening to Irish drinking music before playing and did a lot of praying in their cheers. Some names that stand out for them on the field are Kuochuan Ponzio, when hes not putting up property in his opponents heads hes throwing backhand hucks and turfing flicks but like in a cool way. Big Wrench put out huge talent for UVM though with Walden, Eli, Barrel and gab doing big things for them.
John Randolph was good for brown, so was Jacques. For Northeastern, Gus is obviously imperative to their success, but when he is present and the offense is flowing, Peter Boerth is probably the most important piece. He puts up a ton of goals and is also sexually attractive.

All Freshman team:
Caelen from Umass: probably a top 3 player on the team with wyatt gone and kind of runs the offense. u20 guy and does not turn it over.

Oscar from tufts: really good and athletic and allegedly from utah so could be like 25 but still good. Catches like all of their goals.

Ryan from UVM: Doesnt do anything wrong (on the field) really good mark and is burdened to forever be open but never thrown to. At Uvm as a labor of love to save these godless fools from the bottomless pit of vermont frisbee.

Zack from UVM: another really good freshman o-line handler. Has the same kind of role as caelen, differences being more arounds, less shots, and more defense on a turn (best defender consistently for uvm on a turn)

Not putting orion cause its dumb cause even though hes a freshman, eligibility wise he is like a junior or something. He’s like decent though.

Cole from Champlain: Really good at goalty, underrated piece for a scrappy and up and coming champlain team.

COY: Jake smart makes players who would be solid role players on other teams into star players for brown and their spacing on offense allows for the smoothest frisbee you’ll see in college frisbee. Their d-line was also really well organized and everyone seems to understand their role really well.