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All-Region 2022: New England (D-I Women’s)

Who are the best players in the New England region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Kennedy McCarthy. That’s all.


Allie Huresky has got to be in the conversation as well as lylah bannister. Clara Stewart is phenomenal as well


I’ve heard a rumor that actually no one else on Ruckus has ever touched the disc except for Kennedy McCarthy. Watch out for a 1 vs. 7 matchup, and for McCarthy to be wearing a smattering of disguises throughout the Regionals weekend.


People who should be in the discussion for all-region from Ruckus-
Sarah VonDoepp
Marina Godley-Fisher
Kennedy McCarthy
Maya Fein-Cole
Lylah Bannister

I am probably forgetting someone, and I am currently leaving Emily Pozzy out because she has only played one regular season and one post season tournament. It is also hard to believe she won’t be on this list by the end of the post season.


All Freshman- Sage Fuller (Boston University) She has been a steady part of our handler line placing distributing the disc consistently, breaking marks, and is good for a handful of D’s each game.
Lia Schwartz (Tufts) Literally on WJUC, one of the best handlers in region in her freshmen year. Could honestly be a nom for All Region

All Region-
Elizabeth Wu (Boston University)- Literally the heart of our huck game. Got three handblocks in our game vs NEU at sectionals, part of our give and go duo, keeps the team positive along the way
Duschia “Dbo” Bodet (Northeastern) Huge contributor for the Valks, part of the engine distributing the disc effortlessly around the field.

I wont nominate Caitlin Fitzgerald and Sam Farnsworth of BU because I am one of the two but someone should. Have helped take a team from “Barely at regionals” to “Contending for Nationals Bids” during the pandemic… Would be cool if someone nominated that

DANNY CLARK NORTHEASTERN! He is tall, he is handsome, he coaches Big Wrench during the summer, he has a beautiful dog… surely you understand?


To be honest I do not know any of the tufts players names but they seem really good from the game I saw them play. they have some really good throwers and were fun to watch. Leija I heard is really good so shoutout to her.

For Ruckus:
Maya fein-cole
Emily Pozzy
^for lots of fun goals
Sarah von doepp if you like players who have a million touches and play a lot of points
rachel oram-brown and sophie acker would beat anybody in a three-legged race
Lylah bannister also

All freshman:

Lucia mccallum

Ari felcan for tufts

Brown U lowkey underrated. Watch out they’re coming for the third seed…
Carolyn Lober for all region. Incredible hucks, is responsible for at lest 86.7% of Brown’s points (for real though). Chloe de-Campos and Amelia Chalefant also tear up in the handler space and deserve more recognition.
Eugene L’heureux and Elle insert last name here are the coaches responsible for getting us where we are today. Best coaches all region!

Rita Feder of Brown is incredible. Willing Shiver to the game to go, she’s the truth

Carolyn Lober is so fast and threw so many hucks for Brown

Ailita Eddy is Brown’s most important cutter

Suji Kim is absolutely destructive as a handler cutter hybrid

Maggie Rampichini is a player that people should be watching. Insane anywhere you put her on Browns D-line