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All-Region 2022: New England (D-III Men’s)

Who are the best players in the New England region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Hello, Brandeis TRON player here with a few opinions.

Bates: “Clay Hundertmark (27) on Bates almost ended our season by himself.” -Our Coach. He is one of the people I personally went up to after our DGP win in the game to go in order to give him some love. He is a legit threat in the air.
Ben Fasciano (22) brings impressive firepower to their offense, and requires defenses to all but give up unders when he has the disc. He has great chemistry with…
Daniel Snider (19), who ran the show alongside Ben this past weekend. He has an incredible amount of poise and polished disc skills for a freshman. He should without a doubt be all Freshman.

Bowdoin: (8), I don’t know his name but he earned so many layout D’s on unders that I lost track.

Bryant: Clark (6) was doing a lot for Bryant both on offense and defense. I personally didn’t have any interactions with him, but my teammates who played with him during the Glory showcase game said he was a chill and funny guy.
(36) similarly did a lot for Bryant, being able to help maintain the integrity of his team’s defense as well as move the disc with quick movement and deep throws on offense.
(27) played a big role in Bryant’s infamous zone defense. He does a good job baiting throws with his athleticism and making throwers think twice about attacking over the wall.
I also just wanted to shoutout the Bryant team in general. As someone who has played against a number of iterations of their program, it seems like they’re making steps towards a better culture. Most discussions over calls were civil and respectful, and there weren’t any malicious calls or plays. There were some moments where more friction was present between the teams, but I think overall they are making improvements to overcome their reputation. Even if this wasn’t a conscious choice, I still think it’s worth acknowledging and appreciating.


Williams player-

Bates’ handler trio of Clay Hundertmark, Ben Fasciano, and Daniel Snider were some of the most fun players to watch, and certainly when they all played together. They had one of the most unstoppable offenses we’ve played against all season, and some of the nicest guys. They are all impossible to stay in front of while trying to defend and are tenacious competitors and defenders. Hundertmark made play after play in the deep space and all three controlled the pace of every game they played.

Also I want to shout out some players whose names I don’t know, but Brandeis’ #7 (they call him Torch), Bentley’s #2, and Middlebury’s #22 were some of my favorite individual matchups at regionals.

As a Williams player, our very own #8 Charlie Tantum should absolutely be all-region, let alone all-freshman. In addition to being one of the best handlers on the fields, he was unstoppable in the air and controlled the deep space on both sides. #33 Harry Wilcox played some of the best handler defense I’ve seen and dominated offensively after the turn and #0 Reed Kendall made layout after layout to save possession time and time again. While he was injured for the series tournaments, Freshman handler Kjellen MacBain #24 was dominant throughout pre-series play, and deserves a spot on All-Freshman alongside Charlie.


Bates Player -

Brandeis: Cam Park (25) is one of the best throwers I have ever had the pleasure of being on the same field with. He consistently was in control of their offense this weekend, ending points on impressive deep shots most of the time he had the disc.
Matt Seghal (44) was another key handler for Tron, working together with Cam the two of them were basically impossible to stop on the offensive side of the disc. Another really good thrower that forced us to adapt our defense both times we played them.
Matt Kolk (13) was the driver of their downfield offense, I had the unfortunate pleasure of having to guard him many times and that guy could get an under any time he wanted to. Similarly, on defense he made it incredibly difficult for us to get simple resets off.

Williams -
Danny Klein (41) basically was their entire offense, dude consistently ripped apart our zone in one throw. One of the only players I’ve ever seen be able to throw cone to cone accurately.
Harry Wilcox (33) was a really good lockdown handler defender, he made it really difficult for us to get things moving in the handler space.
Reed Kendall (0) is a super athletic cutter that was doing a ton of work on both sides of the disc against us.
Charlie Tantum (8) a key handler beside Danny, and I believe he is a freshman so he should definitely be considered for all Freshman.

Bowdoin - #7 his first name is Evan, I don’t know his last name but he was the driver of their offense every time we played against them this season.

As a Bates player, Clay Hundertmark should absolutely be all-region. He is the best player I have ever played with - I can’t even count how many times we threw up 50/50 shots to him in the end zone and he came down with them, even though he is mainly a handler. Also just a phenomenal leader and teammate, he is hands down deserving of a spot (also worth mentioning that he was playing super injured at regionals and still was far and away our best player).
Also, on the all-freshman side - Daniel Snider, in his first year playing college ultimate, was one of 3 players to play every point in our game to go against Brandeis, and was top 2 in assists on our team at regionals as a freshman. Probably the best pure thrower in the region in my humble opinion.


Middlebury’s #53 Jorre Dahl and #22 Max Rogers are the two best freshman in the region and will be all Americans in the next three years guaranteed.

WPI Player here with some shoutouts.

Idk who they are, but these Bates guys are pretty sick at frisbee. Saw them at NE Open, and I couldn’t name many better players at that tourney if any at all. They seemed to be able to play within their role really well.

Williams: Shoutout Danny Klein, this guy is an absolute beast (Sophomore??) and is the nicest guy on the field. Throws absolute dimes, would love to be on the receiving end of them.

Bryant: Also Ryan Donovan on Bryant is really good and a pretty cool dude. IMO everything ran through him on their team, and he kept their offense (and d-line offense) very consistent against us which was a silent killer. Someone mentioned Bryant’s good spirit above, and I think it’s definitely pushed in the right direction by their captains who are really friendly and respect the game.

WPI: Gonna shout out my own guys :stuck_out_tongue:
Matt Pacenka - Came onto our team as a grad student,and played at Clark for 4 years before that. He’s probably one of tthe most well-rounded players I’ve seen in d3, and has so much versatility on offense because as a result. Also having seen him in summer league for 2 years before playing with him, I can speak on his ability to make 50/50 balls more liike 90/10.
John Hall (all freshman) - He’s from Minnesota which is a con, but he stepped into our team as one of the main handlers as a freshman. He’s also an incredible handler defender and a great centerpiece of a zone defense.
Joe Molder (all freshman) - Super fast guy with red hair (the short one). Had huge value as a freshman because of his stamina and speed, allowing him to run super hard on D and book it deep as soon as there is a turn.

Middlebury: Goes without saying, these guys are super solid. Saw some dude who is probably one of the better handlers I’ve seen in New England (D1 and D3), so shoutout him. Also gatorade die at frisbee tournaments is FAF, plz keep doing that.


Out of all the teams in the region Bates was the only one I played this year, so I can’t speak for how they stack up against others. That being said, Ben fasciano was the best around break thrower I played all year. Could hit a receiver anywhere on the field. Combine that with the fact that he can go every other and you get a guy who could be a legit offensive engine on any team in the country. Also want to shout out clay Hundertmark. Walking mismatch. We had our best handler defender on him and clay took him deep a bunch of times. Put a big man on him and he was killing us in the backfield. Man has a rare skill set and is an absolute weapon

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WPI player here

Shoutout to Williams for being a bunch of great guys to play against. Especially #26 (I want to say Jonah) was super friendly and supportive of everyone. Even for a short king, he was a big deep threat and made some amazing bids.

On Bentley, #5 (went by V) was the center of the teams offense and culture. He was throwing dimes over our zone and being very respectful and positive through calls.

People already mentioned this, but Ryan Donovan on Bryant is a great guy and amazing ultimate player. His fakes and movement were some of the best of any handler. Also shoutout #6 for being really respectful on calls and being an all around great guy and being good on O.

Matt Pacenka, we are going to miss you next year. Being the team dad and such a dependable teammate is no easy task. We could always count on him to hit any throw and bring our team up during a tough game. Yes I’m biased, but he is still my top nominee for all-region. We are going to have some really big shoes to fill next year without you.

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Williams Player

Bates: This handler set is ridiculous. Probably the most fun I’ve had defending a group of players and also the most irritated. Their freshman, Daniel has some of the best throws in the region and a beautiful head of hair. Their best player 27 is deceptively as lethal a reset cutter as he is in the deep space (and he is a nightmare in the deep space). The up-lines and dominator scores that these three guys generate are crazy. Our team learned a lot from them and really enjoyed playing them this year.

Brandeis: 25 their center handler has pinpoint deep throws and pretty much did everything else right offensively. All the pull plays they ran basically had him at the center of it throwing dots. Number 44 was also a really tough solid handler who basically ran their dominator set when 25 wasn’t on the field. I think he had like 4 or 5 completed bids against us in our game to go as well. Dudes a beast and really tough to guard.

Bryant: number 27 was a pain to play against. He’s the back bone of Bryant’s zone, even without wind it’s really tough to get throws completed over the top with him in the deep space. Handlers 36 and 6 were the cores of their offense and really nice guys as well.

WPI: Shoutout to number 10. He was my matchup for sectionals and regionals. Super nice guy and such a versatile player. I think I guarded him in the stack just as much as I did in the handler set and he presented a lot of problems for our defense in both roles.

Williams: Danny Klein (41) has been an absolute problem for every defense we’ve faced this year. I’m biased but I’m pretty sure he has the best throws in the region. Deep looks from every angle, upside downs, high releases through zone, breaks, and all just as effective in the wind. He manages to have a scouting report for every team that we play and is always one of the nicest people on the field. A great defender on handlers and cutters on a turn as well. All of that and he’s just a sophomore. Cannot say enough nice things about Danny. Reed Kendall (0) is our primary cutter on offense and one of the best athletes in the region. He consistently catches chest high bids every game and torches defenders in the cutting space (also only a sophomore). Charlie Tantum (8) has immediately excelled as a starting d-line handler and kill line player as a freshman. He is a great defender, great thrower, and one of the best athletes on our team. Charlie can throw full field with accuracy and will consistently put people in a body bag in the deep space. Jonah Tobin (26) is one of our best defenders. He can guard any position and is damn near always the fastest player on the field. Also one of our best cutter options off of a turn. He catches deeps, unders, and bids with consistency and basically always torches his matchup.


Bryant player-
To start I’m dogshit with names and I have the memory of a goldfish, so nothing personal if I can’t pin them down. Also, being from a team that exclusively played zone, it’s tough to speak for other teams’ downfield players offensively, so I’m definitely going to miss some people.

Williams: Number 41: At least in the games against us, he was definitely the biggest standout. Definitely the best pure thrower on their team but also has great decision making. One of the nicest opponents I’ve gotten to talk to in ultimate. Probably the best player we personally got to play against this season; should be a shoe-in for all-region.
Number 33 (i think? no number at regionals): He was definitely the other main standout on williams against us. Moves the disc really well in general and has all the throws you want. Phenomenal mark when they run zone, and played great handler d in man as well. Very spooky all-around player and chill guy as well.
Also Jonah: Great all around player who is literally impossible to hate.
They had some other guys who deserve recognition, but I don’t really remember names or numbers. My b

Brandeis: Number 25 (i think?): one of the biggest problems for us defensively. Crazy bladey flicks that make you want to force backhand against them but then he also has a very consistent scoober that makes you regret that decision. One of the scarier handlers for a zone defense in particular to face.
Number 18: Probably the biggest standout on brandeis against us. Has all the throws and directs their offense really well. Everything I said about number 25 applies here as well.
Torch (number 7?): Amazing athlete all around and played phenomenal defense at every level. Also, while not necessarily about his ability directly, I want to shout out his mentality. Every time he couldn’t make a play, even if it wasn’t because of a “mistake,” I always saw him turn to the sideline and ask if there was anything he could have done better. Was pretty cool to see and I can tell he’s gonna be an even bigger force moving forward.

Bowdoin: It’s honestly tough to single out any one player. A great team filled with complete ultimate players who give their all on defense. I would definitely like to shoutout their coach in particular though. The consistent depth and physicality of bowdoin over the years speak to his ability a lot imo and he’s always a chill guy.

Bates: The one handler that should be in a shampoo commercial has one of the filthiest low-release backhands I’ve ever seen. They have some other guys that deserve recognition but if I’m being 100% honest I don’t remember names or numbers. Good handler work all around though.

WPI: Number 10: definitely the biggest problem on their team. Great thrower who makes great decisions and finds open space well. He does a great job at facilitating their offense and is also a really chill guy off the field. Probably going to end up being criminally underrated when voting is done.

Also to shoutout a couple of my teammates on bryant:
Ben Dodge (number 27) is the anchor of our defense and has done an amazing job at filling a huge hole left by our graduates. He’s one of the main reasons we can afford to do what we do on defense. Sneaky athletic until you realize he’s not actually that sneaky about it and then you just feel like an idiot for throwing that cross field hammer. Also an amazing deep threat on offense and great cutter overall.
Jackson Burns aka Madonna (number 73) also deserves a huge shoutout for all-freshman. He joined our team in the fall as one of the best throwers off the bat and has grown in every facet of the game. He sees open space and moves the disc as well as anybody, has taken many an ankle with his handler cuts this spring, and he’s also one of the standouts in our cup defensively. A lot of what he does for our team is probably tough to see from an opponent’s perspective, but he’s already an amazing all-around player who’s only going to get better.
Our coach Jim Bishop is also criminally underrated every year. There is a reason why we have been able to find consistent success running almost exclusively zone defense. We would all go to war for him and there is no other coach that could do what he does for our team.

Lastly, while I can pretty safely bet that I’ve lost my cool against your team at least once (apologies), playing against all of you the past 5 years has been a blast and even if it might not always seem like it on the field, I have nothing but respect and appreciation for you guys. Best of luck to those of you who made it through to nationals.


Brandeis player here-

Williams: Danny you’re super sick, going to keep my commentary to the guys I matched up with most this weekend but what everyone’s said about you is 100% correct. Charlie Tantum (8) is a phenomenal player, great field sense and timing in all roles. He has exceptional athleticism, noteworthy speed and quickness as well as being a very sharp defender, plus the dude can get up. Truly having a hard time believing he’s a freshman, he plays with the IQ and confidence of a well seasoned veteran- easy choice for All-Freshman. Also I believe it was Charlie (apologies if I’m wrong about this) who took a moment to say some very kind things to me in the high-five line after the game, he’s an outstanding guy all around. Harry Wilcox (33) is a good handler defender, he’s very smart about his space and timing and makes great individual strategic adjustments as the game progresses. Jonah Tobin (26) is by far one of the nicest guys I’ve gone up against, consistently during the flow of play and pauses he would pull out a compliment or fun comment. He played some great D and really made me dig into my bag of tricks to try and get past him, great athlete and total workhorse cutter on O.

Bates: Clay Hundertmark (27) should be a lock for All-Region, he is a great handler with exceptional field sense and throwing prowess. If that weren’t enough he is one of, if not the, biggest deep threat we’ve seen this season. After a certain point I just resigned myself to the fact that any 50/50 ball he was near was going to end up in Bates’ possession, courtesy of Future Roofing Company. Ben Fasciano (22) is an incredible offensive force, his throws at any range were perfect and the timing and chemistry with the rest of Bates’ handler core is a huge problem for every team they play. Daniel Snider (19) should be a lock for All-Freshman, he ran Bate’s offense with incredible speed, throwing and athletic ability, and poise well beyond his years. He already looks like a polished club player, great game IQ and quick decision making. Very excited (and scared) to see where he’ll go from here.

Bryant: Clark (6) is an engine, I don’t know how he had the legs he did so late in the tournament but his speed and agility are next level.

As a Brandeis player there’s a few guys I think deserve some recognition-
Cam Park (25) is the most surgical and talented thrower I’ve ever known, what everyone has said is beyond true. His ability to command our offense and get us back to flow whenever things get shaky has been a godsend for us this season. He has every throw (with both hands) and an incredible first step that lets him get open on command. Cam is incredibly deserving of recognition this season, and has been since covid ended his breakout year in 2020. Jake Smith (20) is one of the most impressive cutters I’ve seen in the division, he is always open in both directions and an absolute goal machine. He is one of the most intelligent players I’ve seen in college so far, his ability to read his matchup and the field has led to him being a leader in touches and goals. His unbelievable speed and willingness to layout for everything has saved us from so many poor throws and earned him more run through D’s (and callahans) than most people get in their career. Matt Kolk (13) is one of the most stifling handler defenders I’ve seen in the region, he consistently takes the toughest matchups and makes them work for every inch. Matt is Jake’s D-line counterpart in being a phenomenal cutter, I’ve never had to look him off because of his next level speed and on-a-dime change of direction. He is the every other in our D-line offense and carries us to breaks with his fantastic throwing ability and next level game IQ. Griffin “Torch” Stotland (7) is the best athlete in D3 men’s ultimate. Period. Vertical, speed, reaction time, agility, body control, you name it and I guarantee you he is the best. Torch is one of the most smothering defenders in the region and probably the division, he is always given the toughest matchup and forces errors out of them in nearly every game. Aside from his defense and the insane catches/blocks you all have experienced at some point by now, Torch has great game sense and becomes our workhorse cutter churning out unders in tough games, but he has an even greater sense for the front cone(s)- becoming our top goal scorer as a D-line mainstay.

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Gonna hype up one of my club teammates - Ben Zeng (#88 on WPI) is a reliable player - great at decision-making and a consistent player even if this was only his first season with the team.

On the second day of regionals, he forgot his cleats and immediately drove back from Rhode Island to Worcester to pick them up (80mins round trip :rocket:). By the time he got back to the game his team was 0-8 down from the first half and about to enter the second half against Bryant. The score during the second half was 8-7. Although they lost in the end - we all knew how important he (and also his other teammate who also forgot his cleats) was to the team and the outcome of the game could have been completely different if they remembered their cleats… But I guess great players make mistakes too :man_facepalming:

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After getting a chance to review our film against Williams in the g2g I wanted to give another shoutout to Reed Kendall (0), he’s a very athletic and tenacious defender who never stopped hunting blocks and made some great bids. He’s incredibly valuable to Williams on a turn, I can imagine he’s been the one to get the disc back and prevent a break many times for them.

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Middlebury has some players that would succeed at any level. Walker is good and pushes Middlebury to finals like Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the hill. Max (one with the pink dress) doesnt seem that fast but is always open so I am probably wrong. Troy or the space samurai guy/luigi hat is also a really solid player and does a lil bit of everything.

Bates Player
Sorry I don’t know anyone’s name, however, Number 7 you were a beast. Incredible sprint speed and acceleration that is top notch. Defo worth a shout in something important!
Once again sorry for not knowing the name, but Gator has got to be a lock for all freshman team. This dude was a monster in the air and all around a massive physical presence on the pitch. I can’t lie the potential this guy has is astronomical, worried to play him down the line.
Middlebury- Great group of lads overall. Walker and Grandma were both incredible, both defo deserving spots on highlight teams. It’s always a pleasure playing u guys <3.
Bentley- once again sorry about the name but the handler with a big beard that likes to wear a trucker hat, you’re a beast. Super friendly guy and a great sportsman on the field. I have the utmost respect for his honesty on calls and his happy spirit while playing.

My Bates dudes.

(22) Ben Fasciano. I haven’t met someone who can read the game as well as he can. He won’t be phased by pressures of intense defense nor the game on the line. Cool as a cucumber. His specialty deep huck to Clay Huntdermark is practically impossible to defend . Leading the next beast, clay Hundermark(27). An animal in the air. Every 50/50 that flies up into the air becomes a 100/0 when clay is sprinting down the field. Incredible captain and great player. He is a MUST lock for all region team. Finally, Daniel Snider (19). Insane freshman that plays with the composure of a 5th year senior. His acceleration is tough to match with his strike cuts. The low release backhand catches everyone off guard. His hypnotic mesmerizing style of play surely earns him All-Freshman team