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All-Region 2022: North Central (D-I Women’s)

Who are the best players in the North Central region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Grace Zucchero is the best player in the region. Emily Zalinski is a speedy, and smart cutter downfield as well as a great defender. Megan Peters is great in the air and a tough person to guard whether she is cutting or handling. Moxie has overtaken Bella as the best team in Wisconsin

All three deserve all region honors!

Tess Berry is easily the best player in Wisconsin right now. They are the most reliable player on any field they step foot on. You can guarantee that each play they make will be calm, collected, and perfectly timed. They are the handler you always want on the field with you, no matter the conditions. Perfectly paced throws, right to your hands, right when you need it. The drive and vision to catch any and all discs, whether it requires skying someone or laying out. Additionally, they are the kindest and most positive teammate anyone could ever ask for. Bella Donna is so lucky to have them.

Megan Timm and Gabby Stark-Torrentera deserve so much recognition. Both are Freshman from the Madison area that came to Bella Donna this year from YCC. You are gonna want to keep an eye on both of them for sure. They work on and off the field to build up their skills, strength, and stamina.

Megan Timm broke her foot in late October of 2021. During the time she couldn’t play, she threw every single day. By the end of it, she had become one of the best throwers and pullers on our team. Megan can throw DIMES, anywhere on the field. She is one of the most resilient players, fighting for every single disc and damn she is FAST.

Gabby S-T immediately became a leader on our team, even as a freshman. She absolutely dominates the handler space with wisdom beyond her years. She has the speed, vision, and throws that can make Bella absolutely lethal and tiring to play.

Mia Wieben has been a game changer for Bella Donna this season. Not only does Mia lead the team off the field as a captain through motivating the team and providing support to the program, but she is also a stellar leader on the field. Mia’s development while playing ultimate can be seen with her becoming a flex player this season, taking positions in both the up and down field space and challenging her opponents on both offense and defense. Mia’s pulls and deep shots are incredible, they are always perfectly placed to run onto as her teammate and extremely difficult to defend. Mia has great care for ultimate and her commitment and skill demonstrate her passion for this sport.

Claire Meyer and Erin McFadden from Iowa Saucy Nancy deserve a nod after leading Iowa to a 2nd place finish.

Lisa Hansen and Jill Olson from Woman Scorned deserve consideration. Both are lightning fast and are the smartest players on the field. They get open at will and are a core piece of our offense. Lisa is a hybrid player who can do it all. She can shoot it deep or play small ball or be the initiating cutter. Jill is a cutter who consistantly dominates her match ups on o and d and plays with unmatched intensity.

A worthy rival is Erin McFadden from Saucy. She is a threat that we have to plan matchups and strategy for every time we meet. She’s a huge target for their team and can dominate in the air. For sure a key piece of their regionals run.