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All-Region 2022: Ohio Valley (D-III Men’s)

Who are the best players in the Ohio Valley region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Isaac Lambert (Messiah #9) should definitely be on the OV D3 all region team. Not only does he defend the other teams best oline player, but he also is the best player on the dline offense. Between his quickness and proficiency as a handler and his massive arm (full field backhand and flick), he is so difficult to defend.

JM Rallo (coach, Messiah) should be considered for coach of the year. In his first year as head coach, JM won back to back conference championships, developed a very young team, and made offensive and defensive adjustments to get the most out of the team each game.

Oberlin captain here.

First Team Nominations:
-Ben Fuguet on Oberlin (#90): Ben deserves All-Freshman and First team, he had an incredible season and was unstoppable in the handler space while also playing great defense and improving himself as a person and player. His play speaks for itself.
-Oliver Vickers-Batzdorf on Oberlin (#42) Oliver led our team to victory whenever he was asked to. He shouldered most of the offensive responsibilities, played person defense on the hardest matchups, and played the most points of any player on our team. Oliver’s track record as a player shows his elite level of play and his inclusion should be a no brainer.
-Mark S on Franciscan (#20): Mark was the reason Franciscan was able to hang with any team in the region. His throws are top of the region, he has incredible field knowledge and is a serious downfield threat as well. He led his team incredibly well and forced every team he played against to come up with a game plan to stop him. Easy inclusion.
-JP on Franciscan (#3?). JP is an absolute monster on defense and offense, an insane athlete with great body control and knowledge of the game. As a downfield threat he is unmatched in the region and should be an easy first team inclusion.
-Owen on Kenyon (#10). Owen is quickly becoming the best player on a stacked Kenyon squad that deserves more recognition in general. Owen is a dominant cutter with great disc skills, and in many points moved Kenyon’s offense downfield more or less by himself. A great player worthy of first team assignment.
-Kevin on Swarthmore (#?) Also known as Frog, Kevin is the reason Swarthmore was able to make the bracket run to make the game to go on Sunday. He is asked to do it all for Swarthmore and rises to the challenge. A great thrower, cutter and defender, Frog deserves a first team spot. Also a nice guy!
-Curtis on Wooster (#37) Curtis is the driving force behind Woosters rise as a program this season. Wooster had two universe point heartbreakers at Regionals that could have very well seen them in the game to go or at nationals. Curtis does it all on offense and defense, similar to Mark on Franciscan, and his spirit and on-field attitude are great as well. A well deserved first team level player.

Second Team Nominations:
-Braque on Oberlin (#10): Braque has been playing ultimate for only two years and is one of the premiere offensive threats in the region. Also capable of insane defense plays. Is on his way to absolutely dominate by his senior year. Deserves a nod.
-Griffin on Oberlin (#24): Griffin is a star in the making, an absolute rock on D line with the ability to get open at will in isolation, take anyone in the air and has some of the best disc skills in the region. Griffin is absolutely deserving of at least a second team nomination.
-Logan on Kenyon (#13): Logan is a great defender consistently tasked with locking down the other teams best player and then facilitating D-line offense on a turn. On a Kenyon team full of great players, Logan’s play this season stood out. Easy second team nomination.
-Matt on Scranton (#38): Matt was the center handler on an athletic Scranton team that cruised to the final due to his facilitating. His pinpoint hammers, blades, and hucks picked apart defenses and allowed Scranton’s athletes to dominate downfield. His efforts did not go unnoticed, particularly in the final against us, and he deserves a Second Team nod for his play.

Coach of the Year: Meghan Drews (Oberlin)
Drews stepped into our team and instantly made us better. She has spent countless hours pouring over film, speaking to our players individually, and tweaking lines and strategies. She understands how to manage our team’s emotions, our energy, and our momentum at such a deep level that we stayed balanced and focused in every single game we played this series. Her coaching led us to win our last three tournaments of the season, and go undefeated at Sectionals and Regionals. It cannot be put into words how much her coaching has done for the Horsecows, but our success this year is in a huge way due to her efforts on the sideline and behind the scenes. A coach of incredibly rare quality, Drews is absolutely deserving of Coach of the Year.


+1 for Drews (Oberlin) as COTY.

Oliver VB is an elite two-way player, great engine, and can call a travel or in/out from a mile away.


I agree with Meghan Drew’s for COTY. Drew’s coached the Horsecows to a win at the final three tournaments of the season and a convincing win at regionals. The difference between Oberlin in the fall season and the spring season is not talent. We have all the same players it is our coach.


Langston on Wooster has the best hammer I have ever seen in my life. POTY for sure. They would have made nationals if they ran airstrike every play.

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Drews COTY x1000! in addition to being a great strategist and a steady emotional and psychological leader, she’s kind and patient and laughs at our jokes. Her direction enabled the horsecows to stay locked in when adversity struck and to keep our foot on the gas when things were going well. Her personal approach and respect for our minds and abilities allowed her to get the most out of every player on the roster, not just the top few players. And she uses timeouts like Gregg Popovich.


Oberlin Alumni here

Want to echo points about Oliver VBatz, and Ben Fuguet. Oliver will take any moment to stay engaged as an active threat both offensively and defensively, pushing the boundaries of what is a poach, and what just being in space is.

Ben Fuguet not only had an outstanding spring, but also started the Summer of 2021 raring to go, and sat comfortably in the pocket of an offense system made of Oberlin greats.

Other players I want to highlight for All-Region are Henry Sieber, and Batian Pienaar. Both defensive players on Oberlin’s system work wonders as both deep threats, handlers, and players to take the 1v1 deep matchup on zone.

2nd team nominations for Granite Lesko from Cedarville, as his role on the Cedarville offense can be tough, but he gets it done.


Wanted to throw in a few Scranton names as I feel they have been overlooked:

Matt Pindilli (#38)- In my opinion, Matt is a clear choice for all-region first team. Matt led the team with 32 assists at regionals, and carried his weight on defense as well with impressive, and game changing D’s. Matt’s knowledge of the game and visualization of the field is unmatched, and this helped lead this team to victory this weekend. With 106 assists this semester and 196 assists this year, Matt is clearly one of the strongest handlers in the region. Not to mention, Scranton’s team does not have a coach, so they have relied on Matt’s knowledge and sportsmanship to lead them through the season. This, in my opinion, should earn him a spot on all-region first team with no questions asked.

Michael Kane (#14)- Michael Kane led the team in goals with 14 goals this weekend and his athletic ability cannot be overstated. Kane will do whatever it takes to catch the disc, and always makes it look impressive. No stranger to laying out, he played through multiple injuries during the weekend and helped the team on both offense and defense. He is someone who has earned his spot in the discussion of all-regionals, and the connection between Matt Pindilli and Mike Kane helps complete Scranton’s offense.

Matt Comiciotto (#51)- After only playing 2 semesters of ultimate, Matt led the team with 13 D’s and had the second most goals on Scranton with 11. His speed, vertical, and pure athleticism have helped him become an incredible threat on the field, but his knowledge of the game is what has secured him his spot as the newest captain of ECSU. As only a sophomore, Matt clearly stands out in the game and should be strongly considered for all-regions.

Scranton truly would not be the team it is without all of their players, but these three players deserve recognition as leaders on their team, both in stats and morale. They are encouraging to their teammates and care about the game. Considering Scranton has had minimal previous experience in USAU tournaments, I think we would be remiss if we did not discuss their players and their accomplishments, especially considering the nature of a student-led team.

Additionally, I wanted to nominate Gabriel Hackman (#29) for all-freshman. With 12 assists, 6 goals, and 4 D’s, Gabe dominates on the field and has quickly become an integral part of Scranton’s team. His pure athleticism combined with his frisbee knowledge make him a skilled handler as well as an impressive cutter. He is an incredible asset to Scranton’s team and we are fortunate to have him around for a few more years.


Scranton Captain here. A couple of nominations to throw out there.

Michael Kane (14) Scranton. A monster athlete on the field and a complete cutter. There is not a flaw in his game upfield. If he goes up for the disc he comes down with it almost every time. On the defensive end, he is also unstoppable. He uses his frame and athleticism to rack up Ds. His speed and timing are unmatched. Despite being plagued by injuries Kane shows resilience and plays as hard as he can every second he is on the field. Additionally, he exemplifies the spirit of ultimate. A nice honest player who respects the game and players. Kane should at least earn a shoutout If not a spot on the all-region 1st or 2nd team.

Gabe Hackman (29) Scranton. A clear choice for the all-freshman team. Hackman is the ideal ultimate player. His game has no weak points and is a phenomenal freshman. A player who can run deep, jump, take and in cut, and then throw deep. Hackman is a defensive stopper too and can guard anyone on the field. Hackman should make an all-freshman team. His love for the game is unmatched and he wants the disc more than anyone.

Riley (99) Grove City. Always the nicest player on the field with a great attitude and throws. The leader of the Grove City offense Riley is a great handler. Along with amazing throws, the facet of Riley that puts him in a league of his own is his kindness. It is clear he is the heart of the Grove City team and loved by all. Even if Riley doesn’t make the all-region team he deserves a shout-out.


I’d like to give two all-freshman nominations. I will disclose that I am a player on Kenyon so I’ve seen these guys close up and there are likely other very deserving nominees:

Adam Blum (Kenyon): Blum stepped onto the team as one of our best throwers right away but through the season he did tremendous work to improve his speed, strength, and fitness and that work has really payed off. He was one of Kenyon’s most reliable offensive players all year, hardly ever turning the disc over and wowing with his incredible ability to break the mark.

Liam Savona (Kenyon): Liam came to Kenyon this year as one of SERF’s better players and only continued to improve. As one of our d-line handlers, Liam became a key cog in our offensive sets after the turn and played with a combination of swagger and confidence rarely seen in first year players. He also is an excellent defender, often taking challenging defensive assignments and excelling at them.

Matt Pindilli (#38). Came through time and time again for Scranton with not only his incredible throws but his leadership on and off the field. He has been a student of the game for years and in that time he has worked on his throws and he is currently at a point in his game where he make any throw no matter the difficulty look absolutely effortless and that was shown in every game that Scranton played this weekend. His knowledge of the game, field awareness, athletic ability, and absolute dimes on the field set him apart. He absolutely deserves a spot on 1st or 2nd team all-regionals, he is an incredible player and the definition of a winner.

Michael Radzwilka (#16 (but wore #47 this weekend)) played outstanding defense made everyone from Scranton proud. Helped Lead Scranton’s defense to get some key breaks. Played extremely well and every time he was called on he answered big time. Deserves at least a shoutout for his outstanding hustle and hard work to help get Scranton so far.


A couple other guys on Messiah for consideration:

Nick Hamann (#3) was one of the best playmakers in the region this year. Nick never hesitates to layout for the disc, sky anyone on the opposing team, and unleash his flick hucks to other cutters.

Sam Goertzen (#42) and Matt Simmons (#16) were two of the most consistent players on the team. Both of them were incredibly reliable with the disc in their hands, proficient as handlers, and great defenders.

I’d also like to mention Matt Siegrist (#35) and Zac Mcintire (#37) as two freshmen who made tremendous progress and were huge pieces on the team by Spring Regionals. Both of these guys started playing in August and have already racked up plenty of blocks, goals, and assists.

Matthew Pindilli(#38)- A clear and obvious choice for first-team. The center of the Scranton offense. Matt is capable of tearing defenses apart with whatever throw he wants. Not only does Matt lead his team on the field, but he is the mastermind behind everything they do. He is a teacher, a leader, and a role model for his team. Matt is an incredible offensive player, but makes all the right and crucial D’s that the team needs to keep moving forward. Having on of the most reliable throwing arms in the region, and the immense knowledge of the sport, Matt is clear choice for First-team all region.

Riley(#99)- Riley is the definition of an Ultimate player. Not only does he have all of the skills and knowledge necessary to dominate a game, but his spirit is unmatched. A leader of what is arguably the nicest ultimate team I have ever played against. Riley is able to tear apart and offense and helps lead his team to the necessary breaks they need. A clear nomination for first or second team.

Kevin(Frog)(#?)- Kevin is extremely athletic and is everything you could want from an ultimate player. His throws are clean and unmatched, and he directs and helps lead his team, no matter the cost. Kevin is the main reason why Swarthmore made such a push and fought for their spot. A clear and obvious choice for first-team all region.


Hey everyone JM Rallo head coach of messiah here. I just wanted to echo some sentiments that have already been aired and shout out a few people for potential all region consideration. Matt Pindilli for me should be player of the year in the region easily. That team has no coach and he dragged that team to nationals it’s an extremely impressive feat considering how many solid teams are in our region.

Riley on Grove City should be 1st team easily in my opinion. While we had a game plan for that team in our matchup, he played the best game he has played all season against us and is a complete player on both sides of the disc.

I don’t know his name but the dude wearing a visor for Xavier is super solid as well. Xavier has a very talented O line and he ran the show multiple times against us.

In terms of my own players, I think Sam Goertzen and Isaac Lambert were our two best players at regionals. Sam was playing with an injured foot and still contributed on both sides of the disc while playing a ton of points. Isaac ran our D line and always had to take the other team’s best players. He also had not handled before this season and became a very good handler over a few months.

Matt Siegrist and Zac McIntyre are both true freshman who were on starting lines for us. Zac is already a solid O line cutter who doesn’t turn the disc over and is always in the right spot. Matt essentially became a handler for our D line before the series started and had points where he went every other while also locking down people on defense. I think both of them deserve consideration and votes for an all freshman team.


Hi Everyone, Shippensburg Captain Here.

From Shippensburg,

Evan Hake #2- Led this team in assists this year and at regionals. Great leader who kept his cool in tough situations.

Logan Hall #4- Great in all offensive aspects. Comes down with jump ball throws almost 100% of the time. Has a nasty backhand huck.

Isaac Lambert #9- Great player both offensively and defensively. Starts every D point with a deep pull that pins offensives back to start their posession. Amazing backhand hucks consistently. Tough defender as well.

Grove City:
Riley Truitt #99- One of the nicest players you’ll ever meet and embodies what it means to be an ultimate player. Riley does everything well on the field. Offensively, defensively, Pulls, cutting, you name it, he can do it.

Matt #38 from Scranton- Did it for this team despite the difficulties of not having a coach. Somehow could always get off a huck despite the mark. Truly impressed with his talent.

#71 from Swathmore- Cool-headed player who led this team through so many elimination games. Rarely turned the disc and always got open for a cut/ reset when needed.

Hey y’all Oberlin player here,

I wanted to return to this forum to provide a post nationals prospective.

First off, it should be said that Matt Pindilli essentially carried his team to bracket play at nationals, throwing an impressive amount of assists. With this stunning performance, he is 100% deserving a first team all conference spot. Although because Scranton never ended up challenging any team seeded above 7th, going 3-3, I am reluctant to give him conference player of the year ahead of Oliver VB. But expect him to have a high chance of earning that title in the coming season. Dude has some amazing throws, and has clearly been a formative leader on this new, raw, and hungry Scranton team. He will continue to be a challenging presence for the entire Ohio Valley region. Super excited to see what he does in club this summer.

Secondly, I am a bit biased. But Oliver VB should be conference player of the year, and hopefully an all-american 1st or 2nd team member. Oliver was up to the task at nationals, facing and challenging the the best players from the 1, 2, 4, 9, 12 and 13 seeds in the tournament. He was the main distributor on offense, allowing us to move up the field confidently, and was a valuable asset when he crossed over to d line to guard the other teams best players. Oliver was the reason why we were in the St Olaf game, and beat powerhouse Colorado College. He is one of the strongest throwers, and defenders in the division, but the main trait that sets him apart from the rest of the Ohio Valley field is his ultimate IQ. Dude studies ultimate all day, and it shows. Again, as Elliott (our team captain) put earlier in this form, Oberlin’s historic season is in part due to Oliver’s elite track record as a player.

Quick shout out to all of the other players Elliott nominated in his previous post. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed.

Thanks for a great season, and hope everyone has a great summer!

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In this post I meant to say all-region instead of all-conference.