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All-Region 2022: South Central (D-I Women’s)

Who are the best players in the South Central region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Clil Phillips is the truth and is big time slept on

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From CSU: Elyse Bartucci is a force to be reckoned with. She will beat any match up and get open and absolutely tears up the deep space on defense. Hannah Renstrom is a key piece of the offense with elite cuts and throws and has fiery hot defense on the turn. Grace Goldenberg is a sophomore out of Wisconsin and stepped up as a key piece of the offense with buttery hucks and also has incredibly tight defense on the turn. Kiera Schreiber should be a name for everyone in the region to know and should be considered for all-freshman. She was incredibly clutch in the game to go as she opened the game with a layout score and scored the universe point goal on a blade huckster’s that was read perfectly. Charlotte Bokhof is in their first year of frisbee and is already an essential part of the team on offense and defense as a freshman. Absolutely no one can keep up with their speed and they are completely dominant in the air.

From CU: Stacy Gaskill is obviously a force to be reckoned with. Abbie Gillach must be on the all-freshman team, she is insane and her poise and decision making goes beyond her young age. Akane Klienkopf is an elite handler and has hot defense on the turn. Rachel Wilmoth is incredible on both sides of the disc with insane speed.

From Colorado College: Mary Andrews is a great hybrid player that lays her body on the line with some ridiculous layouts.

From Texas: Summer Wilson is an excellent cutter with great timing and speed and some pretty incredible layouts. Mindy Radlike is an amazing handler and could break just about any mark. She has a knack for high stall throws and can always find a cross field bail out.

Coaching: I have to shout out the coaching staff from CSU who ld the program to a first time nationals appearance. Sarah Hoistad, Sarah Pesch, and Kiera Lindgren used their elite experience and pushed the team to this accomplishment.

I coach Wash U so it’s tough to pick only a few but here are my thoughts - All Region: Meg Eisfelder (Snoop) is dominant on both sides of the disc and can flex between all roles. She has an arsenal of throws, will makes the huge grabs, and knows how to set the pace on both sides of the disc. Maggie Zhang (Amp) is an absolute work horse. She has top tier handle defense and can generate turns in the most crucial moments. On offense, she seamlessly stepped into handle for us while flowing into the downfield as a major initiating cutter threat. All-Freshman: Olivia Gerregano (Nash) plays like she already has years of college ultimate under her belt. Her play was limited at regionals due to injury, but even with less time on the field she made her presence known. She has speed, great field awareness, patience, and is a gritty defender who will shut down an opponent’s top players.

Arkansas - As a whole, very impressed by this team’s skill. They’ve perfected their zone and have strong players across the board. I’m not sure of the player’s name, but #72 is definitely deserving of all-region consideration. They are a monster in the deep position with huge ups and great reads on the disc. They also have excellent throws and can completely open up the field with their decision making and disc placement.

Texas A&M - didn’t catch this player’s name or jersey number! But they are a shorter brunette cutter. They know exactly where to be for the continue looks in zone O and are all over the field. An excellent initiating cutter and popper who can get the offense moving in any situation.

CSU - I was also very impressed by Hannah Renstrom and Charlotte Bokhof. Hannah has great field awareness and is able to flow between offensive positions, a very tough player to guard. Charlotte is pure speed - catching so many scores in all our match ups against CSU this season. A huge target in the deep space and I can’t believe it’s their first year of ultimate! Unsure of their names but I’d also throw #51 and another handler (brown hat is all I remember!) in the mix. The duo was difficult to shut down - they worked together through our zones and ran give n go’s down the field despite the extra handle D pressure we threw at them.

Colorado College: Also impressed by Mary Andrews and the impressive layouts! Sets the pace of their O and a touch defender to get open on.

And 1000000% agree with the coaching shout out for CSU. A joy to coach against and I’m truly beyond excited that they did the damn thing!