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All-Region 2023: Atlantic Coast (D-I Women's)

Who are the best players in the New England region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Lily Johnson of American University should be considered for the AC All-Freshman team. With a plus/minus of +40 through four tournaments, she has been a dominant cutting force on the field having never played ultimate before. If not the most, Lily is one of the most athletic players on the field at any given time. Lily is a presence in the air and deep space on offense with the goals and assists to back it up. Her resume is also bolstered by an ability to play lockdown cutter D and still collect poach blocks every game.

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Kate Marston at W&M

Eva Turner of American University should be in consideration for All-Region Freshman awards. She was the initiating engine of the Dirty Ladies O-line and should be given due credit for the team’s fourth place finish (originally seeded ninth) at AC Regionals. Eva’s abilities with the disc and command of the field will be a skillset to watch in the years to come, if it isn’t already.

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Seriously, this girl (Lily Johnson) is a walking highlight reel. Constantly making insane bids and skying players with 5 inches on her. She and the rest of the Dirty Ladies freshman class are going to be something to watch out for in the coming seasons.

AU winning the colonial section and placing fourth at regionals this year should not go unnoticed. Not only did they achieve the highest ever finish for the team in both the placement and the region, but they did it with one of the youngest rosters in the region. Lily Johnson dominates on both offense and defense in the deep space. Eva Turner directs the team on offense with throwing prowess while also hunting blocks to win the disc back after a turn. Both should be considered for All-Freshman awards and All-Region teams. Also worth a mention are Clara Watson, Nishika Karody and Emma Harbourne: all freshman who helped lead AU to that fourth place finish at regionals. Coach Rowan McDonnell also deserves a lot of credit for leading this team to such high praises.

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Kira Flores and Aviva Kosto should be automatic locks for All-Region team. As Ultiworld has stated before, Kira has a true takeover gene, and can instantly impact a point from the moment the pull is in the air. Aviva is her main target in the air, making incredible catches and can leave her defender in the dust. No one could guard Kira or Aviva this weekend. Ultiworld has already wrote everything about these two players that needs to be covered here.

Along with Hydra’s usual suspects, Sydney Mannion should be considered for All-Freshman. The first year had an instant impact this year with Hydra, handling on both offense and defense in big games all season. An athletic defender who will sky anyone in the deep space, and a talented thrower who can easily break the mark, Sydney is already elite, and will be a player to watch for the upcoming seasons. Coaches Keila Strick and Emma Colavincenzo also need a ton of praise as they are a key part of Hydra’s success and ability to make nationals for 3 years in a row.

I wish you all were doing breakout player of the year because that HAS to be Dorian Gaines. I have never seen a player grow as much as Dori has in the two years she has played for Hydra. If you watch Hydra, you see Dori will get at least one D every defensive point. She is a monster, laying out for multiple ds and scores a game and is also the fastest person on the field at any given time. Dori can bait almost every thrower into throwing something that she will eat right up and then turn the other way to receive a huck from Kira for the easy break.
All of these players make Hydra so much better and deserve all the recognition.

Coach of the Dirty Ladies Rowan Mcdonnell deserves recognition for transforming the Dirty Ladies from being lucky to place top 3 in the section to being a nationals contending team. His dedication to the program over the last ~8 years has been impressive as he has been playing professionally himself. The DL are a young and hungry team that will have no problem making a name for themselves on the national stage in the coming seasons under Rowan’s leadership.