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All-Region 2023: Atlantic Coast (D-III Men's)

Who are the best players in the New England region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Having spent more than a decade playing Ultimate in NC, you get to know a few people. You rub shoulders with elite-caliber players like Nethercutt and LSB, while playing YCC’s alongside current college stars at Darkside and Alpha.

Yet, a small D3 program in a tiny town, in the middle of a tiny city, has captured the better part of my attention for the past year. Elon University Ultimate, also known as Big Fat Bomb, has never been a magnet for ultimate, so it was surprising when two former Triforce YCC players – Reed Burkert and Kalen Morrison, committed to our program. They immediately made an impact, highlighting our season with massive plays, deep hucks, and a suffocating defense. Both players made massive contributions to the program, and led the team with a calculated confidence atypical of college freshmen.

Elon Ultimate ended this year ranked in the top 25 of D3 programs for the first time since our 2016 season. I can confidently say that without Reed and Kalen, Elon Ultimate would not have bounced back the way we did. As such, I would like to nominate both Reed Burkert and Kalen Morrison for the All-Freshman, as well as for the All-Region awards. I cant wait to see how this team grows next year, and where Reed and Kalen will progress as both players and leaders.

– Vincent Chen


Max Benedetti (Navy #69) is a no-brainer for all region. He anchored the D-line both defensively with a smothering mark, and offensively on the turn as one of the best throwers in the division.
#17 on Richmond - the main cog of Richmond’s offensive. Super solid with the disc, consistently making the correct throw and executing. He’s clearly the leader of the offense.
Will Yagou (CNU #28) is probably the most dynamic player in the region. He’s transformed into a big-time hybrid this year, taking on some handling responsibilities in addition to being the best deep cutter in the division. Can get open on pretty much anyone he wants and is an explosive play waiting to happen.
Ethan George (Davidson #55) is the anchor for Davidson offense. With one of the deepest arsenals of throws, he makes all of the cutters better. Coming back from injury he didn’t miss a step this year as one of the region’s most dangerous throwers when he gets hot.
Didn’t play against Elon this Spring, but I’ve heard rumblings about Reed & Kalen as well.
As for all-freshman, I’ll shoutout 2 O-line studs on Davidson. Jerry Wang may be on his way to be the most dominant cutter in the division. There’s no one else I’d want to try and come down with a 50-50 throw. He led the team in goals for a large portion of our games this year. Wes Smail effortlessly slid in as our #1b handler this year. Some of the most consistent throws I have ever seen out of a freshman, and he solidified one of the best backfields Davidson has had in recent years.

Couldn’t agree more.

Agree with a lot of things already said

Richmond- Brett Schoppert (#72) is my opinion the best player in the region right now, he does everything so well, and leads our offense. He can handle, cut, throw, is great in the air, great defender, and can completely take over an offense. He is one of the best leaders I have played underSam Gilmore(#57) and Jake Seares (#3) are insane initiation cutters and are a free under every single time, and dangerous in the deep space. Defensively, sophomore Clay Rosselot(#35) is one of the best handler defenders I have played with, just look at the hand block he got against Lewis and Clark on UP. Henry Groves(#20) is one of the biggest dogs on the field at all times and you should be scared if he is guarding you. Also, Eric Harnisher (#21) isn’t known as well yet but he is one of the best freshman in the division right now. A YCC recruit from Jersey, he is already a starting O line handler, and will be a huge part of this team in years to come. Lastly, Max Caputo is trash.

Elon- Elon is a good team that is going to be a title contending team in a couple of years, you heard it here first. Reed Burkett went deep on all of our best defenders and was successful, roofed Brett, and is a great thrower. Also shoutout the consistency with the PJ pants. Also shoutout Ben Bronstein, Vincent Chen, Kalen Morrison, all great players

Davidson- Ethan George and Freshman (I think) Wesley Smail were great at leading the offense. Were able to break all of our marks and get open fairly easily. Jonah Pesikoff, Ari Maki, Jerry Wang, and number 2 all stood out to me as big contributors.

Navy- Max Benedetti is him, plain and simple. Navy would not be at nationals this year if it weren’t for him.

CNU- Will Yaglou, looked very very good, would have loved to see him on a better team to see what he could really do.

Mary Wash- Free Marcello… Top 3 player in the region but unfortunately Mary Wash fell off too hard.

Lastly shoutout UNC Asheville and High Point who looked like they improved a ton from last year. I don’t have any player specific shoutouts because I didn’t play them, but I hope I do next year.

Shoutout the rookies in this region. There is a lot of promising talent in the coming years for
-Calvin Ciorba

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#72, not #17. Believe it’s Brett Schoppert.