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All-Region 2023: Great Lakes (D-I Women’s)

Who are the best players in the Great Lakes region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Hi, I play for Loyola Sirens and I would like to nominate our coach Benton Fletcher for any and all coaching awards. This season we only had 6 returners and had to take every single person who tried out (Luckily, they were all amazing). He took our very green team and lead us to two tournament wins in the fall (windy city and Skip to the Lou) which made us undefeated in sanctioned games in the fall. This spring season he has lead us through our three tournaments so far with wins even through tough conditions (just windy as heck). We are going to regionals this year as third in our section. He perfectly rides the line of tough and nice, being hard on us when we need it and kind. He’s a high school teacher who volunteers his free time with us even though he has a family. We could not ask for a better coach.

Ellie Cloe is a handler, captain, and sophomore on the Loyola Sirens. She has stepped up this year into a leadership role and shined welcoming both new and returning players to the team. She led the Sirens to an undefeated fall season and a third place at sectionals. She excels at every part of the game, amassing many assists, ds, and hand blocks over the course of the season. Ellie embodies everything that is great about frisbee; she always takes the time to help her teammates on and off the field. Her combination of on field excellence and spirit make her a perfect candidate for regional honors.

Avery Harlicka (#17) at Loyola is the best freshman!! She is so good and already commands the field with her amazing throws and catches. Her flick hucks are already perfect as a freshman and she is just the best!!!

post regionals thoughts from a michigan player:

uchicago standouts: Claire for obviously the throws and Megan Morales. Megan works so hard on D and got quite a few handblocks that lead their team to success.

echo: number 23, it sounded like they were saying Vader maybe? Really solid handler that finds the right spaces and that their team trusts to get open consistent

Northwestern: Hannah Cheng truly is almost unguardable in the handler space good luck to anyone with that match up.

UChicago player here! Post regionals thoughts:

Notre Dame: #94 (Vader?) is gonna be a terror in the GL for years to come. Calm with the disc, great ball mover, and incredibly kind as well.

Northwestern: Maddi Lang is a great all around defender and anchor of the D line offense. Played her at Sectionals and was super impressed. Shoutout to Jam (Hannah Cheng) too!

Michigan: As always, Kat is an incredible presence on Flywheel, both for her playing ability and spirit. She’s very well-rounded and was tearing up the deep space, working unders, and coming back to move the ball in the handler space.

UChicago <3 : Claire’s throws 'nuff said. Megan Morales for her growth as a player and leader from last year to now. Jocelyn Sun for her two-way playing ability on both O and D.

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As a second year at UChicago, you can’t talk about our team’s success over the past two years without acknowledging Allie Chu’s overwhelming influence. For my whole freshman year, she was the irreplaceable cog in our defensive machine. This year she transitioned effortlessly into an entirely new position as an o-line handler. Now, her and Claire’s handler dominator is utterly unstoppable in the region.
Off the field, she’s a fantastic friend, feeling like the cool older sister of our team. Responsible and organized, Allie also holds workout pods for the team and helps out with logistical planning. Obviously, big players like Claire won’t be overlooked on this team, but DO NOT SLEEP ON ALLIE CHU.

Now, there is also Megan Morales. Cutting pretty close to the sole captain of our team, Megan has done so much for Supernova this season, and without her playing every single point of regionals day 2, UChicago absolutely would not have qualified for nationals. She has grown so much in the two years I’ve watched her and is undoubtedly becoming a huge player to watch, especially in her senior year next year.