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All-Region 2023: Metro East (D-I Men’s)

Who are the best players in the Metro East region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

UConn’s center handler this year, #25 James Wang, should be in the conversation for all-region freshman of the year. He is an incredibly strong player with advanced throwing ability, and he led the team in assists as a freshman.

Another UConn player who should be in the conversation for all-region is #4 Austin Rey, who was a center piece in the offense and led the team in goals scored, along with playing stellar deep defense.

Around the region, here were a few other players who impressed me (in my limited time at tournaments and on film)

Syracuse’s Cole Arnold
Yale’s Ben Chaimberg
Rutgers’ Chris Iglesias

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Gonna try and do a starting 7 here

Ben Goldman Cornell Player of the Year
Ben is just the most complete player in this region. His throwing bag is so deep, as well as having exceedingly explosive cuts in the backfield and as a pure cutter. Also an incredible matchup defender, capable of shutting center handlers fully out of games. (The secret y’all don’t wanna hear is his did all this on a torn rotator this season)

Kobe Oley RIT
This dude is athletic beyond belief. Just a 5 tool guy as a takeover cutter. Made so many ridiculous grabs, especially in the finals. His throws are just as impressive, even if it’s not the main role he plays. He caught my eye playing club for Garbage Plates last year, knew he was gonna be a problem for the region.

Hillel Rosenheim Binghamton
Hillel is one of the highest usage players in the region for a reason. Incredible poise with the disc and can deliver a shot anywhere on the field, all while being guaranteed to get that reset cut off. Def one of the matchups I always feared. Exceedingly spirited player too.

Eli Robinson Cornell
Most of y’all outside of Ithaca (and maybe upstate club) didn’t know about this guy until last weekend. Eli was tearing up D3 with Ithaca College in undergrad and slotted into our O-line this year as the perfect complement to Ben. Always levelheaded, so slippery, and so good in the deep space to boot.

Chris McLaughlin Rutgers
Another handler who is the force that drives his entire team. Cannon’s shots are works of art, and his power when he digs his cleat into the ground to go upline is pretty incredible. Like a lot of the other guys on this list too, Cannon plays every point and just doesn’t get tired.

Jensen Li RIT
Jensen is so steady. Just maximum confidence every point and you can tell his teammates have the upmost faith in him. The degree of difficulty on some of the throws he completed in the final were impressive, and he squirreled through our zone without much difficulty several times, both in this years finals, and in our matchup at sectionals last year.

Davith Chan Cornell
What more can you say about DC? “Daddy” warps the entire game around him whenever he’s on the field. His technical throws are jaw dropping and his acceleration is even more impressive. Can’t even begin to list all the times I’ve watched DC put someone on his ass on an upline and throw the assist fully uncontested. Only a sophomore too. Played through injury in the finals and made a huge impact.

Oh and also coach of the year is Tanner Yuhas. I get why y’all at Rutgers like him so much.


Wanted to drop two All-Freshman nominations from NYU:

Eddie Kim: From day 1 at club sectionals going against PoNY, Eddie has really stepped up as an offensive force for Haze. His lefty break throws were super reliable all year, allowing us to cut to anywhere on the field knowing he would get the throw off, as well as having him as an extremely reliable reset getting open on the regions best. Stepping into a defensive role after a shift to D line brought countless layout Ds and Eddie will be a force for Haze for the rest of his tenure.

Reyen Bender: I am biased in favor of my younger brother but coming from Columbia High School Reyen brought the defensive intensity all year. While he unfortunately tore his labrum at club sectionals and missed all of the fall season, he stepped right back in as a defensive presence shutting down the best handlers in the region with his physical handler d and grew into one of the smartest defenders on our team. On the flip side of the disc, he did a great job transitioning into a cutter and somehow always getting open downfield.

Hey all, I’m Cornell’s head coach, Tanner Yuhas. Unfortunately I have minimal knowledge of the freshmen in the region, so I will not be making all freshman nominations, but I do have a number of names for first and second team all region recognition.

First Team All Region:

Ben Goldman Cornell #3 (POTY)

I think it is only right that the best player on the best team take home POTY honors. Ben was the focal point of Cornell’s offense, acting as both a primary handler and initiating cutter. He can huck it all over the yard, was a guaranteed reset, and frequently crossed over on critical D points. We weren’t even sure Ben was going to play this season since he tore his rotator cuff at club regionals in the fall, but he rehabbed and played through it, and even landed on it after a shoulder high layout goal in the finals.

Hillel Rosenheim Binghamton #15

Hillel is one of the best throwers in the region and the dominant force on Binghampton. Bing was without Hillel at sectionals and almost did not qualify for regionals. With his return, they earned a spot in the semifinals. You cannot beat Bing without game planning for him. I don’t think there is a player in the region that does more for his team than Hillel.

Kobe Oley RIT #31

Kobe was dominant as a cutter when we played him in the finals. Speed and decisive cuts left even the best defenders in the region struggling to slow him down. He was a center piece in RIT’s offense and consistently got their offense moving.

Jack Waxman Cornell #4

Our vocal leader on and off the field, Jack is a workhorse and an absolute pest on defense. He is potentially the best conditioned athlete in the region; the dude never stops running. Jack had the responsibility of locking down the toughest matchups against every opponent for us this year. His motor and backhand huck were a dangerous combo once we got the turn.

Chris “Cannon” McLaughlin Rutgers #67

Another center piece of a high level offense, Cannon’s throws are lethal. He consistently delivers deep shots to Rutgers’ slew of athletic cutters. A well rounded player, he’s also a smart and physical defender on a turn.

Eric Freitag Cornell #44

Cornell’s very own speed demon. Slowly but surely, Eric has been learning more and more about the game of ultimate, and it certainly culminated at regionals. Eric’s speed and consistent break throws placed him as a dominant cutter on Cornell’s Oline, and his burgeoning defensive skills made him one of the two offensive players that got to cross over to Cornell’s defensive kill line.

James Pardo Binghamton #40

I think there as been a significant improvement to James’s game from his freshman to sophomore year. An explosive handler, James is hard to slow down in the reset space. He consistently earned uplines against strong handler defenders, and Bing feeds off of his fire and competitiveness.

Second Team All Region:

Jensen Li RIT #49

A consistent and composed handler for RIT, Jensen did well to provide open resets for his teammates, and reliably broke the mark in the wind. Certainly a key piece in RIT’s offense and their run to the finals.

Eli Robinson Cornell #5

Easily a center handler in his own right, Eli’s IQ and throwing ability made him a simple choice for Cornell’s Oline after transferring in from Ithaca College. Eli was a key feature of our endzone dominator or zone offense, and if necessary, his disc reading and supreme body positioning made him a real deep threat from the handler space.

Chris “Iggy” Iglesias Rutgers #1

You’re going to want to avoid matching up with this kid in isolation. Iggy uses his quickness and explosiveness to dance around defenders in small spaces and roof taller cutters with ease.

David Hwang Princeton #72

A new addition for Princeton this season, David is a grinder. David has the legs and the mentality to run, cut, and defend at 100% point after point. A talented two way player, David would slot in wherever Princeton needed him from game to game to provide high level play.

Tyler Mackey Rutgers #3

Only a sophomore, Mackey is already a mainstay in Rutgers’ offense. He has the game experience to see the field and the throwing acumen to deliver.

Alex Baroody Princeton #0

The main force behind Princeton’s offense, Baroody was very comfortable going every other and was constantly pushing the ball down the field.

Adam Cohen Binghamton #18

A springy defender, Adam certainly frustrated some of the better cutters at the tournament. He would often provide the spark Bing needed with a big defensive play.

Honorable Mentions:

Davith “DC” Chan Cornell #31

I’m going to leave DC as an honorable mention this year, even though I think next year he will certainly be in the running for player of the year. DC tweaked his back before the finals at sectionals, and was on a minutes restriction for the tournament. That said, he is a lock down handler defender, a menace in isolation, and has the hucks to help our Dline strike quickly off a turn.

Andrew Gallagher RIT #36

A name I did not know until playing RIT in the finals, I found his ability to earn the disc for his team as the stall count rose quite frustrating. An impressive handler and defender, Andrew was certainly a contributor to RIT’s success this year.

Alec Bakholdin Rutgers #21

A smart defender and a reliable reset on O, Alec has quietly been one of the better players on Rutgers for a couple of years.

I recognize I already listed over 14 players, so take your pick on who you think deserves the all region nod. I didn’t get to see Carleton or Syracuse at this tournament, so I won’t comment on who their best performers were, but I certainly acknowledge that a couple players from those teams has earned the chance to be on this list as well.


A lot has already been said about most of these guys, so I’ll keep it pretty short.

First Team:

Ben Goldman - Cornell - POTY
The most talented player in the Metro East and it’s not really close. Ben’s been throwing a disc longer than some of our players have been alive.

Jack Waxman - Cornell
Jack is the absolute last person I’d want matched up against me on defense in this region. He will outrun anyone and everyone.

Kobe Oley - RIT
Best player on RIT and had a dominant game in the finals against us.

Hillel Rosenheim - Binghamton
Binghamton without Hillel: 6th at sectionals
Binghamton with Hillel: 3rd at regionals

Chris “Iggy” Iglesias - Rutgers
Walking highlight reel. Crazy athletic

Chris “Cannon” McLaughlin - Rutgers
Probably the only player in the Metro East with better hucks than Ben Goldman. He’s got the nickname for a reason.

Davith “DC” Chan - Cornell
Despite only being a sophomore, DC is a centerpiece of Cornell’s dominant D-line. He’s shifty as hell and can throw better with his off hand than most players can with their normal hand.

Second Team:

Eli Robinson - Cornell
Carried Ithaca College to D-III nationals last year and brought his talents across town to Cornell this year, where he quickly became a dominant center handler and deep threat on O-line.

Iram Liu - Cornell
Another member of Cornell’s strong sophomore class, Iram really stepped it up at regionals this year. He consistently locks down the other team’s best handler and dominates once the D-line gets the disc.

Adam Cohen - Binghamton
Very talented defender with tons of athleticism.

Jensen Li - RIT
A poised handler who quarterbacked RIT during the finals despite the wind and rain.

David Hwang - Princeton
Super athletic cutter and defender.

Andrew Gallagher - RIT
Made so many clutch plays against Cornell in the finals on both sides of the disc.

Nathaniel Chin - Cornell
Nat made the move to D-line this season and turned it into the break-scoring machine that it was. He’s got the best inside flick in the region, and when he’s having a good day there’s not much you can do to stop him.

Coach of the Year:
Tanner Yuhas - Cornell
I may be biased considering he’s my coach, but I think this choice is a no-brainer. Tanner took a bit of a backseat role on Cornell’s coaching staff last year behind veterans Matt Burke and Nilla. But when both coaches left at the end of last season, Tanner found himself at the helm of the Cornell team and instantly got to work. Tanner may lack formal coaching experience, but you would never guess it if you saw him at a practice or a tournament. His knowledge of the game is next-level, and he’s able to convey that knowledge to players whether they’re playing for the first time or if they’ve been playing for even longer than him. Most importantly, Tanner brought a whole new level of energy to the Buds this year. He knows how to motivate each and every one of our players to be the best versions of themselves. The Buds aren’t necessarily much more talented this year than we were last year –Tanner is the reason the team was able to take the step up necessary to make nationals this year. There is no one who deserves this accolade more than Tanner.

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Binghamton #15 Hillel Rosenheim
Binghamton #18 Adam Cohen
Binghamton #40 James Pardo
Binghamton #14 Drew Holohan

RIT #31 Kobe Oley (the only person in the ME I respect)
RIT #49 Jensin Li
RIT #36 Andrew Gallagher

Cornell #5 Eli Robinson
Cornell #4 Jack Waxman
Cornell #3 Ben Goldman

Rutgers #67 Chris McLaughlin
Rutgers #1 Chris Iglesias

Syracuse Cole Arnold
Syracuse main handler, wore a blue t-shirt under his pinnie at regionals and a hat. Idk his name.

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First Team:

Cannon, Goldman, Rosenheim, Waxman, A. Cohen, K. Oley, Adibe(dude is crazy good)

Second Team

Iggy, Pardo, Eli, Mackey, D. Bender, D. Holahan(isn’t he like the best cutter in the ME why haven’t I seen him get any shouts?), some of the Cuse guys idk their names

Seventh Team

Christopher P. “Dubs” Wells


First I’d like to say I play on Binghamton so I just want to show some love to some Big Bears that deserve recognition. Next, I’d like to give my thanks for getting a Seventh Team All-Region nomination. It means so much to be considered a top 49th player in the Metro East.

First Team:
Hillel Rosenheim #15 - Binghamton
Brandon Adibé #12 - Carleton
Chris Iglesias #1 - Rutgers
James Pardo #40 - Binghamton
Chris McLaughlin #67 - Rutgers
Adam Cohen #18 - Binghamton
Ben Goldman #3 - Cornell

Second Team:
Jack Waxman #4 - Cornell
Kobe Oley #31 - RIT
Drew Holahan #14 - Binghamton
Eli Robinson #5 - Cornell
Jensen Li #49 - RIT
Tyler Mackey #3 - Rutgers
Andrew Gallagher #36 - RIT

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This is Andrew Gallagher (RIT #36) I do not know many players from around the region but I figured I would comment on the players that impressed me this year during regionals and a few from sectionals.

Starting with RIT
Kobe Oley #31 POTY
If you don’t know who Kobe is then I don’t know what region you’ve been playing in. He is the most dominant cutter the region has seen at least in my time playing. Kobe had never played actual ultimate until college and very quickly rose to the top of our team and was being noticed by a number of teams around the region in college and club. Whenever I am on the field holding the disc, if I am getting high in the stall count I can look at Kobe and he will get open or chase down any throw I put up. When he is on defense he halts any teams offense, you just don’t want to throw it near him. For 5 years he has tried to get on O line but we won’t let him leave D line because he generates so many turns for us. In this regionals Kobe played every point in the second half of the Princeton game to bring us back from a 3 point deficit and then played every single point in the finals. He just does not stop.

Jensen Li (RIT #49)
Jensen is certainly one of the best handlers in the region. He has more throws in his arsenal than anyone in the region and his fakes will make the best players spin. He is also the smartest player I know when it comes to knowing what needs to be done.

Ethan Iannicelli (RIT #30)
Ethan is my primary look on O line. He will always be open and can catch anything no matter how bad the throw is. He is also incredible in the air. This is someone who everyone should watch for the next couple years.

Jack Lowrey (RIT #28)
Jack is a true double threat, ex handler now cutter. We had to switch him to being a cutter because he is so dominant in the air. He is the best deep deep in a zone the RIT has ever had because he comes down with 99% of the 50/50’s he is presented with.

Tucker Routenberg (RIT #3)
Tucker is a star handler of our D line. He can run the show and is very difficult for people to keep up with. At regionals he was getting people to lay out for his fakes and before they could get up Tucker threw and was gone. He handler defense is frightening, he always knows what the cutters want and does not let them get it.

Other Teams
Davith Chan “DC” (Cornell #31)
In the finals I matched up against DC a lot and it was tough on D and O. Incredibly quick and very skilled. In my perspective DC is the one that lead Cornell to beat us in the finals. He was the conductor on offense for the up wind breaks and did not mess up. Learning that he had not played the entire weekend until the finals because of an injury was crazy to me because he did not seem injured. It also speaks to how good Cornell was, running through teams without him.

Ben Goldman (Cornell #3)
So much has already been said about him and I do not know much about him but he was unstoppable on offense in the finals. His throws were perfect and guarding him on any type of cut was next to impossible.

Alex Baroody (Princeton #0)
Alex was the guy on Princeton, basically every other throw went to him. It was very hard to stop him from getting the disc and you knew that his throws were going to be on point. He was so physically dominant in our game we had to do a ton to stop him.

David Hwang (Princeton #10)
Another player from Princeton who was incredible. I matched up against him a lot during our game and even when I knew what he was going to do he would get open. In the second half of the game he was injured and still playing nearly every point and it did not look like anything was different for him. Crazy O, crazy D, truly a critical player for Princeton.

Players I did not play against in Regionals but know from my section

Hillel Rosenheim (Bing #15)
Hillel has been a pain for years. He is so tall and has great throws. Bing did not have him during sectionals and then he was back for regionals and you can see how much better they did.

Adam Cohen (Bing #18)
Incredibly athletic player who will D you any day. He is a great leader for his team. He is also a great person to play with and against, he is fun and you can tell he loves the game.

Drew Holahan (Bing #14)
If you have not been roofed by this guy then you’re lucky, anything in the air he is 100% catching period.

Cuse definitely deserves some shoutouts for taking down Rutgers this year. They improved a ton in the last year going from not making regionals to getting 4th at regionals. The following guys are definitely a huge part of why they did so well and why the rest of their teammates were able to improve.

Ian Daughton (Cuse #74)
Great player for cuse and does what needs to be done to make his team win. He want to win so much and I love playing against him.

Josh Friedman (Cuse #35)
Primary handler for Cuse and great captain. In the final points against Rutgers that I was able to watch he was running the show, keeping his team focused and allowed them to win.

Cole Arnold (Cuse #52)
Incredibly quick guy, if you don’t keep track of him in transition offense then you are done. He is also the person on Cuse that I have recognized for years as being a main talent.

Coach of the Year
CJ Losapio (Cuse)
CJ coached Cuse last year but did not fully committed until this year and the new commitment paid off. Cuse made a huge leap this year coming from 5th at sectionals and not making regionals last year to beating Rutgers and taking 4th at regionals this year. Captains can only help a team so much. CJ is a very talented player who helped this team so much and brought them to a whole new level. Teaching players who already know the game and are already very skilled is one thing but teaching players who have a lot to learn is a whole different thing. The players of Cuse have very high ceilings and CJ helped each player improve a lot. Through the post season it was clear how much CJ cares about this team and how much he has taught them, his players knew the rules very well and it served them well against us earlier in the season. He has taken the time to not only teach his team how to be better individuals and a better team but also the stuff people mostly ignore like the details in the rules. I think CJ deserves to be recognized for all that he has done for Cuse.

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Hi everyone! This is Jack Waxman (#4) from Cornell. First, I just want to thank you all for another amazing season of ultimate. I will remember this year of ultimate for the rest of my life.


All-Coach: Tanner Yuhas (Cornell)

Tanner loves our team with his entire heart. He puts his all into everything he does for us. You see that when he shows up early for every practice with a detailed practice plan, you see that when he fosters personal, meaningful relationships with individual players that bring out the best in all of us, you see that when we dresses up as a cowboy at tournaments to breath energy and intensity into the Buds. We saw that when he was helping with logistics that he shouldn’t have had to help with in the first place. He will do anything for his players and his team. It’s why we love him. He also understands ultimate at an incredibly high level and is able to explain these concepts in a way that everyone on our team can understand. I am sure the Buds would be able to recite on the spot our 4 As of defense. Tanner also has talk for me and my teammates after practice and tournament points — talk that he delivers in a way that doesn’t patronize but rather leaves you wanting more. He brought us to Nationals. I love Tanner to death.

All-Region POTY:

Ben Goldman #20 (Cornell): Ben is a champion. I have been so fortunate to play with him these past 2 years. He is the most consistent deep thrower in the entire Region (both the flick and the backhand). Ben is fucking competitor. He plays through pain, blood, and broken shoulders, understanding his limits and then surpassing them. He expects nothing but high-level ultimate from me and my teammates, an expectation that he never lowered when we weren’t meeting that level. He led the O line on and off the field through an incredibly strong Sectionals and Regionals showing.


Eli Robinson #5 (Cornell): Eli sees the field like it’s a book sitting in his lap. You try to poach off the Ace into the open side by one yard, and Eli will find that Ace for a skinny inside on the breakside for a 10 yard gain. Eli is also really consistent with the frisbee. His break throws are some of the best in the Region, as he uses his 6-3 frame to step around even the best marks. Eli is also incredibly effective as a defender in the deep space, and Tanner consistently asked Eli to cross over to take away deep threats. Cornell is so fortunate that Eli decided to play with us this year. The program will be a lot better for it.

Davith Chan #31 (Cornell): Davith is the hardest working player on the Buds. He is also the most natural ultimate player. In just 2 years, Davith has developed really strong deep throws, insides, breaks, and other crazy throws that he learned from Ben. He is fucking lockdown in the handler space. Davith is a competitor with the work ethic and raw ability to become one of the best players in the country by his senior year. I had the most amazing time playing with him and getting to know him as person and friend.

Iram Liu #88 (Cornell): Iram’s name will fill up the Region thread next year. He is an explosive, strong, and fast defender who took our hardest match-ups and made their lives miserable. Iram also has the work ethic that will ensure that his throws will match his defense and ultimate IQ by the time he touches the field in the Spring. Iram is a natural athlete and a natural leader. I am so excited to see him make a major mark on our program these next 2 years.


Kobe Oley (RIT): I struggled to guard Kobe in our final game at Regionals. He has a quick first step and he doesn’t slow down after that. When I tried to take away his under space, he took me deep and made a really strong play on the disc at its high point. I wish I had the opportunity to play with him more this reason. Excited to hopefully match-up in club over the next few years. Huge congrats to him on graduation and an amazing college ultimate career.

Hillel Rosenheim (Bing): For these last 4 years, I have looked forward to tournaments with Bing because of the deep amount of intensity and focus that Hillel and the whole team brings. Hillel punishes everything (for example, a foot of space for him to launch a 70 yard upwind flick huck), so any defender tasked with guarding him needs to know what he wants and take that away every moment. Hillel is also of the nicest people I have ever met. It’s been such a pleasure getting to play with Hillel.

Thank you again for an amazing season of ultimate. For all the seniors, congrats on a great college ultimate career. For all the non-seniors, hope you take advantage of every second.

Love your Buds,


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All Region:

Kobe Oley - RIT
The most athletic player in the region and everyone else knows it. He’ll guard your best player and they won’t guard him. Plus with one of the most powerful hucks in the region, Kobe is hands down the most valuable D line player in the region.

Andrew Gallagher & Jensen Li - RIT
Great handlers make great college teams (kind of a theme in my nominations…). Andrew and Jensen combined to be one of the strongest handler sets in the region, able to walk through any defensive scheme with ease. Andrew and Jensen respectively holding titles for best scoober and best hammer in the metro east made throwing any zone at RIT laughable. Andrews explosiveness and willingness to lay his body on the line led to crucial offensive and defensive plays throughout the series. Jensen will fake every single person out of their shoes with his fakes, including the sideline. This pair should be a lock for all region.

Ben Goldman - Cornell
Ben was a very strong handler for the Cornell team that won the region, willing to make the hard throws his team needed but not too trigger happy such that he would overlook the easy ones. His athleticism also aided him in making huge plays for the team on both sides of the disc.

Davith Chan - Cornell
Defensive menace and absolute workhorse on both offense and defense. He refuses to turn over the disc. As an opposing coach, this is one of the guys you dread every time they get the disc because he’s always going to make the right choice.

Hillel Rosenheim - Binghamton
Hillel is an absolute ceiling raiser for Binghamton. His career has been riddled with injuries, but every time he’s able to play for Bing you know it’s going to be a completely different team because of the impact he has. Surgical precision and edge control on all of his throws.

Alex Baroody - Princeton
Another ceiling raiser for a team that looked dominant for much of the year. Princeton’s entire offense runs through this guy.

Freshman of the Year:
Nicholas Deis - RIT
Surprised to see Nick not getting more love in this thread, perhaps because the way he plays would lead you to believe he’s not a freshman. Indeed, Nick came into the program with years of high level YCC experience under his belt, and meshed right into the his college team’s system as the third piece of RIT’s handleset. Solid fundamentals and timely defensive plays throughout the season make Nick a threat for the rest of the region for years to come.

Coach of the Year:
CJ Lopasio - Syracuse
One of the biggest stories of the region was the upset of 11 seed Syracuse over region favorite Rutgers in quarterfinals. Syracuse has been a team that has been knocking on doors all season long, and their hard work finally paid off at regionals. Leading this team was CJ Lopasio, who has been working with the team for a few years now. In the short span that he’s been with them, Syracuse has gone from being a bottom-feeder team at sectionals to a strong threat at the regional level. On a team that doesn’t appear to be carried from individual star power, but rather a team-wide system of small, progressive improvements, I think this needs to be attributed to the coaching.

A bit late to the game here but wanted to share our thoughts regardless.

This is written jointly by the coaches of Yale Superfly, Alex Grande and Scott Graber. Here are the players, we have seen personally or played against, that we believe should be considered by All-Region (in no particular order):

Kobe Oley (RIT): Spud’s more dynamic player. Guarded our best cutters really well (see below), a sure thing to get open on the offensive side, has great throws as well.

Austin Rey (UConn): Yale played UConn a few times this year, including Sectionals and Regionals. Austin was a center-piece of their offense.

Ben Chaimberg (Yale): Our most powerful cutter and this is just his second year playing frisbee. He is very focused on his conditioning, arguably the most in-shape player in the region. He played the majority of points for us in tight games, and we counted on him to get open.

Kosuke Tominaga (Yale): Our other strongest cutter. He’s sneaky quick and consistently gets open on unders all the time, thanks to his superior cutting form. Over the last two seasons, Yale has had many games go to universe, and Kosuke happens to have a few huck sky goals on those uni points.

Javi Pardo (Yale): One of our main offensive handlers this year and he is a sophomore. In the cross-over game at Regionals against UConn, on universe, he got a lay-out D and then scored the winning goal a few throws later. Dude shows up.

Chris McLaughlin (Rutgers): Echo what others have said above. He’s central to his team’s success and you can see his skill by watching just for a few minutes.

Coach(s) of the Year: RIT - Robert Lindenthaler and Peter Carter. We played RIT last year and objectively felt that we were pretty even with them (skill, depth and strategy wise). This year, we played them in the quarters at Regionals and lost, handily. It was obvious they grew and developed much more than we had over the past year. They also made it to the game to go and had some major upsets along the way too.