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All-Region 2023: Metro East (D-I Women’s)

Who are the best players in the Metro East region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Bing #24 Jolie Krebs #TheJolieKrebsEffect


Anna Purtell! She can do anything, she and Faith Summers carry the cutters from Binghamton. Anna is insane


Jolie Krebs - Nothing needs to be said
Faith Summers - Great defender and leader for Big Bear.
Anna Purtell - Always getting the disc, so much composure on the UP point win against Yale
Daniel Dattler - One of the most consistent players on Big Bear. Layout, pulling, defending, she does it all.


Jolie Krebs - The Michael Jordan of the Metro East
Piper Van Kerkhove - Undisputed Role Player of the Year
Anna Purtell - There should be no surprise that people call her “The Warden of Upstate New York”
Faith Summers - The best cutter in the Metro East


For All Region players, I want to shout out some of my teammates as well as some of the amazing players that we have had the opportunity to play against! First up from Yale:

Ellie Jose (Yale, #7) - she’s a dynamic player and one of the best handlers in the region. Jose has powerful hucks, a wide arsenal of throws, and incredible precision, especially on her inside and break throws. She can catch any throw and is unafraid to bid for the disc. On defense, she always takes on challenging matchups and shuts her player down.

Wilhelmina Graff (Yale, #10) - another incredibly skilled handler, Graff specializes in give and gos. When she gets in the flow, she’s unstoppable. Graff is a powerful and precise thrower who has great field awareness and can put a disc anywhere on the field. She also brings the defensive fire to Mona, generating 18 recorded Ds during regionals.

Ellie Mamantov (Yale, #11) - Mamantov is an amazing flex player with a range of defensive and offensive skills. She’s a quick player who can find the holes in any defense and a formidable thrower who stretches the field. Mamantov is also a smart defender who gets a lot of D’s for Mona.

Caroline Eldridge (Yale, #23) - Eldridge is a talented cutter who can get open anywhere; she excels in the deep space but also provides reliable under options. On defense, she plays smart and heads up, often utilizing her speed and height to get D’s. An overall excellent offensive and defensive player.

Lucie Warga (Yale, #4) - Lucie is a consistent and reliable anchor handler with great flow. She communicates well on the field and plays high-tempo offensive. Warga showcases her precision and patience best against zones, where her dialed-in throwing breaks through cups. She also makes a lot of key defensive plays.

And now some more amazing players from the Metro East:

Kathy Eo (NYU, #15) - her hucks are absolute dimes and she drives NYU’s offense. An overall amazing player with great spirit.

Naomi Peterson (Ottowa) - another incredible thrower, especially with her backhand hucks. She brings a lot of offensive and defensive firepower to Ottawa.

Hyunnah Boo (UConn, #46) - Boo has great handler movement and powerful hucks. She is also talented at catching anything and everything that is thrown to her

Crystal Zhang (NYU, #22) - Zhang is a great handler/cutter hybrid. Her throws are effective and she’s a very quick player.

Rylie Shaeffer (NYU, #8) - Shaeffer is a great receiver that makes some really insane catches; her ability to come down with the disc is very impressive!

As a coach for Yale I want to shout out some of our players that contributed to the success we had all season.

Ellie Jose - Incredible throws. Great field vision with the ability to attack person and zone defenses with ease. Ellie (Jello) has success breaking the mark and attacking up-lines. It’s impossible to take away all of her options. She played Regionals on a sprained ankle and needed crutches before and after playing. She did everything she could for her team and then some.

Wilhelmina Graff - After invited to U24 tryouts in the fall, Wilhelmina (Zetta) really wanted to keep improving in all facets of the game. She was already one of the best handlers in the region, but she became one of the best defenders as well. For Commonwealth, Sectionals, and Regionals combined she amassed 42 D’s, 22 goals, and 76 assists.

Ellie Mamantov - Ellie does everything and anything asked of a player. She was one of our top defenders and racked up point blocks, sky’s, and run through D’s. She handled and cut effectively for us, and was a constant safety net for all of our players.

Caroline Eldridge - Caroline (Clem) joined our team after playing for UConn previously and added a big deep threat for our offense, and an imposing deep deep for our defense. Clem led our team in goals and made so many incredible catches this year.

Rookies to highlight:

Louise Puchalla - Louise (Glue) came in with high school experience, but quickly picked up our offensive and defensive strategies and became an integral part of our success. At Conferences Glue pulled the disc, sprinted the length of the field, D’d the first throw, picked up the disc, and threw the assist. Not a lot of players have that much confidence this early on in their college career.

Yvonne Trenh - Although Yvonne is a Junior at Yale, she had no prior experience before this season. She is incredibly fast, but struggled with throwing and catching in the Fall. By the time Regionals rolled around she was guarding Jolie Krebs in the game to go where she D’d the first reset, played great shut down D when 1:1, and later hand-blocked Jolie. I am very excited her for future in ultimate.

Standout players on other teams we faced, players are listed in no particular order:

Kathy Eo (NYU) - Elite thrower and athleticism is eye popping. With a small roster NYU relied on Kathy to be effective on offense and Kathy delivered time and time again.

Naomi Peterson (Ottawa) - During very difficult upwind/downwind conditions at regionals Naomi was able to throw further than anyone else. Naomi’s throws were precise and opened up Ottawa’s offense.

Jolie Krebs (Binghamton) - We all know the athleticism. Jolie’s throws were greatly improved upon (and they were already really good before) this year. Jolie is incredibly difficult to limit and makes Binghamton a nationals worthy team.

Anna Purtell (Binghamton) - Anna caught everything at regionals. Regardless of defensive positioning or quality of throw, Anna came down with every 50/50 or even 25/75 throw. Having that reliable of a receiver is every thrower’s dream.

Lastly, there was a player on Cornell whose name I did not catch. They were wearing a grey headband versus us in the semifinals at regionals. They were effective in the deep space on both offense and defense, and used their throws effectively to keep the offense flowing, especially upwind!

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There are four to five Yale and SUNY Binghamton players who should be in consideration, some of whom are locks, and whose names are already mentioned here. Kathy Eo (NYU) and Naomi Peterson (Ottawa) are probably the best two pure throwers in the region.

Tien Lardner (Columbia) is a really challenging matchup with athleticism, skill, and of course, great size. Being able to send a player with that throwing capability downfield aggressively was a nice tool for Curbside and helped unlocked their strong handler group.

Celia Doherty (Cornell) was carving up our defense at Regionals and I saw her juking so many players out of the way to score game in and game out. Really sure handed, too, and makes their handlers’ jobs so much easier.

Hyunah Boo (UConn) is a player I had a wonderful time coaching because she puts so much effort onto the field. On top of being our primary handler, she was one of best defenders and made as many or more difficult catches than anyone on our roster. And she handles her big role, even as a sophomore, without becoming a turnover machine.

Would love to hear so more about the region’s first year players

For UConn, Liz Doyle stepped in with no ultimate experience and become a handler who was taking shots at Regionals. And because of her athleticism – especially her crazy hops – she’s able to go out and get blocks. Watch out for her (and Ev Walker, who couldn’t be at Regionals but was one of our leaders in goals and assists despite it being her first ever semester playing ultimate?!?) down the line.