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All-Region 2023: Metro East (D-III Women’s)

Who are the best players in the Metro East region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Kristen Hummer for conn college is a beast handling for Conn College. Her throws are tough to top, as she constantly leads her receivers with beautiful floating flicks.

Sunshine Pugh is also extremely dominant for Conn. Equally effective cutting and handling, you don’t want to match up against her.

Wesleyan’s captains have to be mentioned, Tenley Abbott, Adina Chasan-Taber, and Margaret Heffernan. They all play a number of roles on the field and very few people had answers for them all weekend long. They’re dominant with the disc and defensive stalwarts.

I’d also be remiss not to mention Nat Sweet, one of Wes’s dominant handlers (just a sophomore) who is an offensive rock, and Maggie Brown a U20 player who should definitely be in the all freshman consideration pool. There are so many more to mention but off the top of my head this is what I have rn.

Mo “Maggie” MacAdam (Rochester #24) is an incredible player, teammate, and captain. Handling on offense, she’s got great field visions, smooth passes, and beautiful flick hucks that will take your breath away — and you know them hucks are just sailing further each day. On defense, her reading skills and Ultimate instinct make her a portable rock in the deep field. Nothing goes through Mo in the deep space: you might as well call it “Mo Fly Zone” (Piggies, 2023). With all seriousness, Mo is an exciting player to watch and a teammate you can always count on.

Allie Kuck (Rochester #16) embodies focus and resilience. It shows in her every catch, every defensive bites, and all the beautifully-timed up-lines. As a handler, she is both decisive and calm, and she can make finds that surprise even the sidelines. It was so exciting to watch her make plays at Sectionals, both on offense and defense. You can always expect Allie to give it her all on the field and strives for the best.

Hamilton #58 is a great and spirited player. Her movements are smart and hard to defend. (Didn’t know this forum existed last year so I’m making up for it now.)

Ithaca player here- some top picks for all region

Ithaca (13) (18) arguably the best cutters in the region (dI and dIII) (2) most well rounded player + best mindset on the team.

Geneseo (7) Great player even better spirit

All of conn college was very spirited and talented especially the really tall one I wish I remembered her number

Wish I could say more about other teams but I never remember numbers.

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Ithaca player here again, considering Ithaca Kweezy’s freshman/ rookies made up half of our team this season and carried us to the region final championship game I’d like to give my two cents on who should be considered for All-Freshmen

Maria lesser (12) her stats speak for themselves. Menace on d, foot blocks galore, not afraid to lay out. Played through injuries (not condoning just admiring) capable of any position on defense and offense (including handling experience)

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