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All-Region 2023: New England (D-III Women’s)

Who are the best players in the New England region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

The region winning Pranksters should have a lot of contenders for all-region. Claire Babbott-Bryan is obvious, as a Donovan winner and one of the top players in all of college ultimate. Mady Lander and Kam You Mak are also notable senior contributors and leaders on the team, and former award winners in D3. Keziah Wilde should also be considered as she is one of the top handlers in D3 ultimate

Hello! Coco from Williams nova here!

There is so much talent in the region to highlight! OFC there are the already very well established players like Gigi (moho), Tess/Roo (Wellesley), Claire, Keziah (Midd) all of whom deserve all of the hype they get – these players are change-makers and leaders for their team on the field and are not only some of the best players in the region but the nation.

Other players who I also thought were great: Charlotte #29 from Moho is awesome and scored a ton, super speedy and gets open a lot. Lucy on Midd had an insane vert and was a threat in the deep space again and again. Midas and Pascal on Bates are both super fast and somehow always open in the deep space. Sofia Taberski on Amherst crosses over again and again and somehow has relentless energy to get open.

COTY should almost definitely go to Paige Howell and Kate Powers of MOHO for transforming their team into a top nationals contender. They are obviously incredibly dedicated coaches and clearly care so much about making their team excel/holding them to a high standard.

Lastly, I want to hype up Lauren Lynch #27 on Nova – she has some of the best and most powerful throws in the region and dominates in the backfield just as easily as she commands the deep space. She has been a tremendous leader of our team on and off the field and Nova, as a program, would not be where we are today without her dedication and care.

There are tons of Williams players who are awesome and deserve tons of hype too. I won’t write out blurbs for all of them but the list includes: Lucy Grossbard, Annika Harrington, Ruby Gary, Nina Kolman, Joanie Cha, Emily Stanger, Robin Kitazono, Skylar Yarter, and SO SO MANY MORE!


Hi everyone, this is Lauren Lynch on Nova. Have to say I agree with everything Coco said. Claire, Keziah, and Roo are all incredibly talented. And Gigi truly deserves to be POTY in my opinion. #29 on Moho definitely needs more hype then they are getting–probably posted half the points against us in our regionals match up. Midd also had a handler I wanted to highlight that I didn’t catch the name of and didn’t have a number (Alli? Abbi? maybe something like that), who was really initiating a lot of the fluid handler motion that makes Midd so strong. Also want to second Coco’s assessment of the Moho coaches, who have really taken their team to new heights.

Coco Rhum (#31) did a great job of hyping everyone up, but want to make sure she gets a hype up as well! She has the decision making of a seasoned player and is dominant at driving the disc up the field. When Nova has games on the line, Coco gives everything in her power to put points on the board and she is extremely reliable at doing it. From experience on YCCs to Starling to U24 tryouts, Coco is deserving of all the hype she gets.

And lastly, I would really like to emphasize the ultimate prowess of Joanie Cha (#4). They have really stepped up amidst a ton of injury this season and have grown into a powerful leader and player. When they want to get open on an under, literally no one can get in their way. They are a true hybrid, one that our team could absolutely not function without.