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All-Region 2023: Northwest (D-I Men’s)

Who are the best players in the Northwest region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

I’m a player from the Big Sky Section: Here’s my take from Big Sky

All Region:

  • Utah: Jace Dunnebeil. Fastest & best player for ZCU, OLiner for SL Shred.
  • Utah State: Tony Mounga. Best player on their team, might be best defender in the Region
  • Utah State: Johnny Hoffman. Goal getter for Utah State at Natties last year, insane athlete!
  • UVU: Ben Ashton. The anchor on that program, best layouts. Would be a star on any team he’s on.
  • BYU: Jacob Miller. LOCK for All Region! Best player on the best team in the Region (maybe country).
  • BYU: Luke Yorgason. Center handler for BYU. 5th year OLiner, breaks your ankle, not your heart.
  • BYU: Chad Yorgason. Just look up his AUDL highlights, nuff said. Should be All Region 1st/2nd team.

All Rookie: (not sure about other freshman on other teams)

  • BYU: Best rookie class they’ve ever had! Had 3 Freshman on their OLine. McKay Yorgason, Zach Burnside, Sean McDonald, all playing Shred. Should all be LOCKS for All-Freshman Region. Simon Dastrup, also a Freshman (playing Shred over Machine), was their matchup for Henry Ing (Pitt), locked him down. These 4 will keep BYU Top 5 for the next 4 years

My name is Martin and I play at UW I’m very thankful to play in this extremely tough region and have played head-to-head with so many of you.

Here are some of my All-Region nominations:

Jack Brown (Washington) - An amazing athlete and player but an even more amazing leader. Fast speedy, scores goals, and gets UP! One of our main looks downfield was to Jack this season and he was dominant.

Jasper Dean (Washington) - One of the best hybrids in the region. Will churn yards downfield but also a threat as a thrower, got a deep bag of breakthrows and handlers moves. You can’t put a sole handler defender/sole cutter defender on him cause he’ll just counter you

David Zhou (Washington) - One of the quickest players in small spaces I’ve ever seen. The amount of times I’ve seen Zhou lose/turn/toast his defender is wild. This guy is practically unguardable when you give him space.

Itay Chang (Oregon) - Itay’s motor never fails to impress me. He’s an all-around 2-way star for Ego and will run hard at all times. He also gets crazy clutch blocks

Chander Boyd-Fliegel (Oregon) - Absolute nightmare of a matchup. Gets big in the air and has creative hucks. A big part of the Ego offense is Chander’s deep game. Dude also gets horizontal ALOT

Elijah Dimaond (Western Washignton) - I’ll throw in an honorable mention here to Reuben Keane as that handler combo is super important to Dirts offense. Elijah has a deep bag with his throws and is pretty much the main man for Dirt

Tony Mounga (Utah State) - Will lock up your best player and lead the offense following a turnover. The guy works hard and is clearly a leader on his team. It’s clear he’s their best player every time we play them.

I don’t know many freshmen but I’d like to nominate Delano Muongchan (Washington), a raw athlete that gets high-level blocks. He’s fast, tall, and gets up. He was also given a lot of tougher matchups this season and excelled at hunting blocks and getting downfield fast on turnovers.

Coaches awards:

UBC Coaching Staff - Scouted us really well, you could tell they knew our offensive set and even some of our pull plays well.


I play for UBC & I I’ll throw some of our players names into the convo along with some other guys that are locks. Don’t really know Big sky guys besides Utah state so I can’t talk about many of them.

Justin Podnar - probably our MVP on the team this season. He’s a nightmare to guard. Can win big unders and you cannot guard him in the deep space, he’s tall, lanky, & comes down with absolutely everything. He’s also grown a lot as a thrower & did it all this season playing like 20 points a game. Played the entire post season with a fractured finger and torn ligaments too and you couldn’t even tell.

Abeer Lamba - absolute monster cutter on O & D. This guy also comes down with absolutely every skyball that’s put up, gets massive D’s on the opposing team’s best player & has incredibly hucking prowess. All around incredible athlete and one of the nicest guys on the field at all times.

Kevin Tong - cutter defenders have nightmares about this guy. He just gets open ALL THE TIME, such an easy person to play with when he’s your continuation & you know he’ll get steps on his defender. Also an incredible defender after the turn that generated massive Ds for us all season. Played both sides of the disc this season & he was lights out no matter what.

Devon Bringeland-Powell - Just another incredible cutter. Don’t even feel like talking about his cutting because he’s obviously talented at that. His throws were huge for us this season though, his break throwing & small space throwing is elite, he finds pockets with the quickest release in the west & length that is unguardable. I hated marking this guy at practice all year, its just not fair.

Other guys we played that I think deserve nods.
Jack Brown - elite, enough said
Itay Chang - super nice guy, reallly good frisbee player
Chandler Boyd-Fliegel - really talented player, Martin spoke about him above & I agree with everything that was said.
Elijah Diamond - This guy runs a marathon every game, It was exhausting playing against him & he’ll beat you with his throws or his cutting.
Tony Mounga - makes your jaw drop with incredible layouts & then gets up and throws a full field huck for a goal

Bryn McColl - This guy spent the entire season marking the opposing teams best players. Jack brown, Chandler, Tony mounga, the Hoffman brothers. We threw every tough matchup at him & he got a layout D on every single one of them. Elite playmaker & grew a lot offensively this season.

I’m going to have to agree with Martin & give it to my UBC coaching staff. 2/3 coaches were new to the team & they brought an incredible level of professionalism & dedication to their jobs. Scouted really well & built a team that was capable of going far. Fell short but it definitely was not due to our coaching staff. Built one of the deepest teams in the region imo (oregon might compete with us here a bit) & elevated the skill level of the program to the highest its been in years. These guys deserve the honour.

Shoutout to you Martin btw, I did most of the scouting on your pull plays so I appreciate the recognition.

Devon Terry gotta be on the shortlist for coach of the year, no? Taking over after Bryce Merrill’s 10 year stint with the program and only notching one loss on UP against an incredible Texas team?


As a ZCU (Utah) player I need to shoutout our own Jack Valentine for rookie of the year. Jack came in and by the start of the spring season had earned a role as handler on our o-line. This kid can break marks like no ones business and has amazing hucks as well. Once he clears out of the handler space he is a force to be reckoned with as a cutter and can also lockdown opponents off a turn.

Other shoutouts:
Jace Duennebeil was incredibly dominant this season and not one team could stop him in the deep space or on unders, he could take over games with the flip of a switch.

Elijah Watchalotone was often the one putting it deep to Jace and couldn’t be stopped in the handler space, his movement and throws were better than almost anyone we played against this year.

I also want to echo everyone else’s sentiments about Tony Mounga (Utah State) he’s a baller.

As an Oregon Ego player. Here’s my take on some top players:

Itay Chang (Oregon): always one of the best players on the field at all times, he’s out here getting huge layout blocks every game as well as being a one of egos center handlers.

Daniel Ritthaler (Oregon): One of egos captains who is extremely underrated, he’s Ego’s leading scorer this year and has extremely good lockup defense on a turn. He’s also one of our most reliable throwers and plays his hybrid role very well.

Mica Glass (Oregon): easily one of the best freshman of this class, as a rookie for Ego he has taken up the role of center handler, leading Ego in assists and touches. He’s known for his perfect throws anywhere on the field whether it’s a 75 yard hammer or a nice scoober to the back corner. This man is unguardable and definitely deserves a spot among the top freshman.

Delano Muongchan (Washington): Another contender for one of the top freshman this year is Delano. He is a freak athlete and is constantly making huge plays every game and is an integral part of the Washington roster.

Other people to shout-out:
Jack Brown (Washington)
Felix Moreno (OSU)
Justin Podnar (UBC)
Elijah Diamond (Dirt)

Utah State’s coach here.

My all region nominations are as follows.

Tony Mounga (Utah State)- playing with and coaching Tony over the past 4 years, he has become such a stellar player. His field awareness is amazing, seems to always find the disc at the last second, and has incredible speed and verticality. Tony definitely should be considered for DPOY as well.

Jonny Hoffman (Utah State)- along with Tony, Jonny was one of our best and most consistent players game in and game out. The difference between games that Jonny played and didn’t play was day and night. He has been one of the cornerstones of our team.

Itay Chang (Oregon)- as others have said, he’s a baller. One of the best 2 way players in D-1 for sure.

Justin Podnar (UBC)- not really more to say than what has already been said. Tough guy to play against, definitely seemed like UBC’s glue.

Jace Duennebeil (ZCU)- Jace was the bane of our existence in our matchup at NWC. Pin point throws and Usain Bolt like speed.

Jack Brown(UW)- same as above. Stellar athlete


Conrad Anhder (USU)- the kid may be smaller than 5’8" but his speed is a game changer. I watched all year long as he would torch so many guys deep that he never need to go vertical. Seemed like he could get open whenever he wanted.

Bryn McColl (UBC)- same as above. Kid is amazing.

McKay Yorgason (BYU)- just like his older brothers, this kid is a menace. Will probably be their best player in a few years, once his brother Chad leaves :wink:.

I will have to agree with the UBC coaching staff as well. They did a really good job against every region matchup.
Although Devon Terry had a great year with only one loss, he did come into a program with the top 3 pedigree that was there before him.

As a player on ZCU (Utah), I would like to shout out our coaches: Gene L’Heureux and Eric Christensen. Gene came to our team in November during a tumultuous time for the team and immediately made a massive impact on all of us. He is calm under pressure, motivating when we’re down a few breaks in important games (which happens a lot), stern when telling us to stop when some of us chirp our opponents too much, and silly the rest of the time. I can honestly say that he is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. Eric is the one who kept us afloat during the tough times that we faced early in this season. I’m sure he had a million things going on (like being the assistant coach of Salt Lake Shred), but he always made time for the team. Eric is everything you could want in a coach: he’s hella knowledgeable about all facets of the game, he gives some of the best sideline talk that I’ve ever heard (while simultaneously yelling at the sideline for being dumb), is an incredible leader for our group of fellas, and can cook anyone’s ass in goalti. Together, these two combined forces for one of the best-coached seasons I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

I am a player from the UVIC team (Max),

Here are some of my All-region nominations:

Justin Pettenuzzo (UVIC) - I’d say the best handler cover in the region, very good spacial awareness, hip movement, and mark. Justin is also a threat as a thrower, starting on our O-line as a handler, he is a problem for any team to play against. Most of all he is a great leader for the team in loss and victory.

Ricky Mcleod (UVIC) - Ricky was our main deep threat and also a huge part of our team in general. It is his first year in college and if he counts as a rookie I would genuinely say he is a candidate for rookie of the year. I have marked many people this year in the college division and Ricky remains among the top guys. Even if not a rookie he is an all-region candidate, from his speed, in-air abilities, and endurance throughout a whole game.

Nyle Lebbel (UVIC) - Nyle is a very underrated player in the region roofing someone from every team. You do not want to see this guy striking deep but you also don’t want to see him get the disc. Nyle is a threat to every team we play and will continue to be a top player in this region in the coming years :).

Other teams:

Jack Brown (UW): I matched up with this guy a lot he’s fast can throw and is a clear leader for UW.

Itay Chang (Oregon): Great throws, quick first step, and a great player.

Devon BP (UBC): This guy does not get enough recognition clearly, huge deep threat, a great thrower, and an all-around issue to play against. I have played against UBC a lot and this guy is always our biggest problem.

Felix (OSU): If someone knows his full name maybe just insert it below (I’m talking about a long dark hair cutter on OSU). This guy is a great athlete and plays stellar defense.

Tony Mounga (Utah State): This guy is a crazy athlete, amazing in the air, and has some awesome defense. He is really the heart and soul of this Utah state team.

Rookies -

James Edgell (UVIC): Amazing athlete who has some of the best blocks I have ever seen. Definitely unknown in the region as all rookies are but this guy has serious talent. Watch back game footage and you will see this first year go to work on defense and then come out running our offense.

Bryn McColl (UBC): This guy is great in the air always coming down with crazy throws and is a great rookie.

More amazing people from our team: Theo Davis, Tim Friesen, Duncan Armstrong, Reeek, and Coaches Oli, and Jonah.