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All-Region 2023: Ohio Valley (D-I Women’s)

Who are the best players in the Ohio Valley region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Sara Liang and Rosa Vitiello should without a doubt be all region. Sara and Rosa are huge contributors to Parcha’s success in the club season and have proven that they can truly take over a game in the college division. Sara Liang has turned the disc so few times in the club season that we congratulate her if she ever turns it. Other notable players are Celeste Picone (big deep threat) and Jessie Chan (great thrower and field awareness). -Erin M

Can’t argue with that - especially Sara and Rosa. Likely the best 1-2 punch in the region.

Would add Pitt’s Helen Wu to the list, and Graham Cunningham from Ohio State.

Also need to speak up for Cassidy Bruner from Penn. Engine behind our offense, and constantly found tiny windows to get open with our opponent’s best defenders draped all over her.

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Benish Benjamin (Temple) – Should absolutely make All-Region. She’s one of the most dominant throwers in the Ohio Valley. Extremely adept at breaking the mark and being the centerpiece of the offense. Benish is an important contributor on her club and pro teams (Philly Flight and Surge respectively).

Grace Hodges (Temple) – Big thrower who transferred to Temple this year. Extremely versatile player who can dominate on both sides of the disc. They’re a smart and athletic defender, capable of completely shutting down 1v1 matchups in open space.

Olivia Steinberg (Penn State) – Liv is a complete player. Athletic, good throws, shut down defense, etc. Penn State looks a lot different when she’s not on the field.

Hey, Penn State coach here. These are some of my shoutouts for all-region players based on my personal observations throughout the year in no particular order. We did not get the chance to play Ohio or Case Western this season, so I can’t speak on those teams.

Liv Steinberg - Penn State

Defensive menace with huge snags and highlight worthy plays. Also vital on the offensive side and constantly tears up the end zone. This is only her second college season and she will only get better with more high level club experience (AMP rookie last year) so be on the lookout for the vision.

Haley Young - Penn State

Extremely crucial part of our team. Versatile player who can play all roles on the field, but is typically responsible for distributing the disc in a mature fashion which gets us through our most intense games. Often slept on because she makes everything look so effortless.

Sara Liang - Carnegie Mellon

Playmaker with outstanding frisbee IQ. Controls the pace of the whole game when the disc is in her hands. Led CMU to victory and changed the narrative in our region for the first time in years. Deserves the Ohio Valley POTY honors in my opinion.

Rosa Vitiello - Carnegie Mellon

Another standout player for CMU. Solid handler who had some insane life or death layouts to keep her team alive every time we played against them.

Benish Benjamin - Temple

Crafty thrower with great lockdown defense. Agile and very difficult to stop on offense when she is locked in and keeps building momentum.

Celeste Picone - Pittsburgh

Deep threat both as a receiver and thrower. Comes down with the disc on major plays in the air. Key player on Pitt and should be a lock for all-region first team.

Jessie Chan - Pittsburgh

Reliable thrower with exceptional hucks. One of the main players that pushes the offensive flow on Pitt to allow them to be such a big threat in the deep space.

Graham Cunningham - Ohio State

Facilitator of OSU’s offense. Really knows how to put a disc and has impressively accurate throws. Steadily worked the disc around our defense all game.

Dagny Lott - Pennsylvania

Speedy player who seemed to always get open in the handler space. Good looks downfield and overall tough matchup from UPenn.