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All-Region 2023: Ohio Valley (D-III Men’s)

Who are the best players in the Ohio Valley region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Owen Hevly end of story. Simply unstoppable.


I’ll just talk about SERF DLine we got Elliott Moore dawg. Brian Coburn Dawg. Uh Owen Hevley dawg he scored or assisted like 6+ points in the championship game against scranton. Mac Johnson Dawg. Teddy Kamin I didn’t even know he played frisbee Dawg. Toby Hughes, man he is the best freshman Dawg. And then, Ryan Yarcusko he used to play soccer but he gets after it All American Soccer player right there and now he is out here playing frisbee. Ryan Yarcusko is the dog absolutely.


Would also restate that Toby Hughes is the best freshman in the entire region. He had six layout D’s during the regionals tournament and brings an energy to the team that is matched by few. Insanely talented and a well-rounded player.

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Owen Hevly, the best player in the region.
Brian Coburn, all-region. Defense and offense level 100.
Ethan Wagner, also an all-region. Easily one of if not the best offensive player out there, super clutch.
Toby Hughes, all-region/all-rookie. Should be all-region, incredible defense at regionals and sectionals.

JP Duerr, all-region. Consistently really good.

Ben Fuguet, all-region. Terrific handler.
Griffin O’Neal-Freeman, all-region.


JM here (Messiah head coach) super quick before I talk about my own players, just want to say Ben #4 on Oberlin was easily the best player we saw all weekend and looks like the best pure ultimate player in the region pretty clearly. Pindilli is awesome and needs a whole game plan against him just to slow down. #29 on Scranton (sorry for not knowing your name) was dominant in our quarterfinal and made a massive impact after we did a solid job slowing Pindilli down. Those three guys are easily all region first team along with Owen from Kenyon. That dude is an animal.

My players who are worthy of consideration are Drew “scoops” Clancy #28, Matt “Clyde” Siegrist #35, Griffin Means #31, Sam “Books” Goertzen #42 and Nick “Chips” Hamann #3.

Scoops and Clyde ran the show on our D line offense that was cooking most of the weekend. Scoops is the engine in that dominator and Clyde bailed us out countless times with big catches in the air.

Griffin got crushed on like the 3rd point of the tournament and then played center handler for us while having breathing troubles all weekend with a bruised rib. Books and chips were our O line cutters who continually initiated the offense and threw a bunch of deep shot goals.

I’m glad regionals happened despite all the logistics issues and it was a pleasure to see such a high level tournament. It reminded me of how competitive our region was the years I played before Covid and I’m excited for the future!

andy lim from denison is a beast

Oberlin Megaphone guy here. Always love returning and seeing D-III ball. Highlights from each team I saw

  1. Messiah:
    #28 and #3 were really tight in the handler space, was tricky to adapt to on the fly.

  2. Grove City:
    I think #77 and #99 (ash ketchum hat and his handler friend) were really bolstering the backline for Doomsday, keeping them in the game both against us and as they fought Franciscan. Also shoutouts to Gloves #20 for keeping that middle space consistent.

  3. Dickinson:
    #15 has some hella sling to his throws, and #50 took some tough matchups from Oberlin. Very fun spirited team

  4. Scranton:
    1st off, whoever seeded scranton #7 never actually follows D-III ball. Just because Scranton doesn’t play sanctioned season games doesn’t mean they’ve fallen off. Matt Pindinili has really created a team that is super capable at big throws and clutch catches. #29 was throwing some dimes on the day.

  5. Kenyon:
    love the cheers and vibes, all of y’all were sick I can’t point out a specific number (most likely because I cant read)

  6. Oberlin:
    Sorry y’all, there’s like 20+ first years you’re going to have to deal with for a long time.
    Rookie of the Year:
    Bix Weissberg, Benjy Eichner, Ryan Ward, Jonah Feinstein all have claim to some stake of a rookie line, and played massive ball in their position.
    All Region:
    #4 Ben and #24 Griffin were quarterbacking all season and showed poise under some tough conditions.
    Braque Pike and Zach Marshall both use He/Him pronouns and showed Him type behavior. I can’t tell you how many times Zach just grabbed a disc from a handler and I thought it was an illegal move. Braque also moves in an illegal way.

Fun fact, in years where Oberlin places 3rd at regionals, the next spring season they make it to nationals (I don’t talk about the snowstorm of '21). Let’s grab 2 bids next year so there’s room for everyone.

Owen Hevly, Brian Coburn, Ben Fuguet, Griffin O’Neal-Freeman are all all-Region for sure. Didn’t See Pindilli play but heard he’s great too. Toby Hughes is all-region/all-rookie as well. Never seen so many athletic layout Ds. SERF D-line seems to be where it’s at.

Messiah Player here.

Scranton: Matt Pindilli and #29 are two very good players. Pindilli is especially the player that makes that team work, and for them to beat Oberlin by 9 in the semis speaks to his ability as a player.

Oberlin: Ben #4 was the best pure handler in the region, between his cuts, throws, and general ability as a player. #24 was also a very very solid player on that team.

Kenyon: In my opinion, Owen Hevly single handedly beat us in the game we played. He would layout past everyone, be the main option on offense, and carried that team all weekend.

Grove City: Riley #99 was probably their best player. Lots of big throws and plays from him.

finally, some guys from Messiah:
Jordan Philips #30 was one of the best defenders and cutters on the team. Throughout the season he had close to 10 hand blocks, in addition to defending some of the best cutters in the division.
Joel Herman #18 was another super solid defender, and bailed us out on offense countless times after a turn. Layout blocks on defense and great layout catches to save possession. Went from one of our best cutters last year to more of a backfield guy without really any issues.
Matt Siegrist #35 developed from an off handler last year to one of the best handlers on the team. Always open, always making contested catches in the air and from bidding. One of the best defenders on the team.

I’ve seen some love for Kenyon’s Tobias Hughes so I won’t belabor my point, but everyone has left it at “All-Rookie/ROTY candidate” for him. I think he should merit serious consideration for DPOTY. In addition to his many bid through Ds, his instincts on defense are incredible. When SERF throws a zone, he’s always in the cup, and he gets a ridiculous number of hand blocks on dishes and dumps.