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All-Region 2023: South Central (D-I Men’s)

Who are the best players in the South Central region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

I am a player on WashU Contra so take that as my bias for when talking about my fellow teammates.

There were a few players that stood out to me especially at regionals. First, #25 from Texas (John Clyde?). From our games against them, easily the best player on the field. The sitting down block against us should earn him All-Region alone. Another Texas player was #71 (Zach?). Rock solid center handler for them that could rip some absolute dimes going upwind. #10 (Xavier?) was crazy fast and unguardable.

Colorado could have so many All-Region mentions, just an amazing team all around.

Mizzou has made some crazy strides the past couple years. Their development this past year was crazy. From their team #5 (Landon) is a big threat as a cutter. Amazing athlete making crazy layouts to save turnovers, attacks the deep space, and can get open off of a few steps.

Want to shout out a few of my teammates from Contra. Wilson Tryon (#13) has leveled up his defensive game immensely this year. He made some huge plays at Regionals and just plays smart and hard defense. Nic Sprague (#33) is only in his second year of playing ultimate and has been our biggest player all year. He grinds out games, and played nearly the entire 2nd half in both of our games against Texas at Regionals. He is a threat on offense, but also one of our best defenders. Finally, Noah Stovitz #1 might be one of the craziest athletes in the college division right now. Jakob Ayala from Contra for FOTY.

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As a WashU Player

All-Region Team
Zach Slayton and John Clyde from TUFF.
Seth Wells and Danny Landesman from Mamabird
Nic Sprauge and Noah Stovitz from WashU
Landon Evans from Mizzou

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Texas State player here.

First off, it may be a little bit of bias, but Jackson Potts from Texas State is absolutely one of the best players in the region. His throws are ridiculous, and he does almost everything for the team. He’s the best defender, the go to initiation cutter on every play, and makes the craziest break throws to help us score from anywhere. He would be a top contributor on any team in the nation.

Daniel Welkener from UT-D: Fantastic cutter and was running the whole offense regardless of handling or cutting

Tyler Reinhardt from TX A&M: Runs the show at A&M and does anything the team asks of him, from bombing a flick huck, getting the layout D’s, or burning down the field for a goal. Amazing rising player.

CSU coach here:

WashU - Ben Reimler and Noah Stovitz
TX A&M - Tyler Reinhardt
CU - Danny Landesman & Calvin Stoughton
Texas - John Clyde & Matt Chambers

I’m tired of the bias on this thread. I may be his teammate, but I promise that I’m gonna keep this as brutally honest as possible.

Dexter “Slugnuts” Luecke is a different species. He’s so cool with the disc on the goal line that I can literally see blue ice running through his beautiful Austrian veins. If I had to hire a hit man, you bet it’d “Lucky” Luecke. He works part time for the CIA, throwing flick blades at will through the heads of their enemies. He will end the life of all defenders, He turns Ben Jagt into Ben Not. Dex taught Nethercutt the flick on a dusty North Carolina farm, and bought Marquess Brownlee his first video camera.

Dexter has more completions than Ashlin Joye and Pawel Janas combined. What he does to defenders is illegal in 197 countries, and to handler defenders, 198. Dieon Sander’s emergency offense for CU is called the “Dex is down there somewhere”. During a practice freshman year I let him pull, and the disc still hasn’t come down yet. Dexter not recieving the '23 POTY is listed under the Geneva Conventions as a Grave Breach. Love you Dex, thanks for letting me borrow your porsche last week bro.