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All-Region 2023: South Central (D-III Men’s)

Who are the best players in the South Central region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

My mentions:
Lincoln Grench
Billy (CC help me out with last name)
Mike Lahmeyer
Kyle Johnson
Ray Mauntel
Sam Papin
Joel Stennett

And the Mines coaching staff that played chess instead of checkers and looked great doing it.


(note I am a player on CC so might be a little biased/don’t know other teams players as well)

In my opinion, Oliver Kraft, Lincoln Grench, Ollie “Billy” van Linder and Simon Broan all deserve to be in the all-region conversation.

Ollie should be a top contender for All-Freshmen, and freshmen cutters Jack Hills and Leo McGaraghan are also worthy of recognition, both starting for O-line when healthy.

Our coaches have also done a great job motivating the team and game-planning for specific opponents. They deserve a TON of credit for our results.

Sam and Wes from S&T here, obvious choices from us are Mike “Big Bill” “Magic” “Max #40” Lahmeyer, Kyle Johnson, and Ray Mauntel. Mike had a +/- well over 30 and absolutely carried our O-Line, really stepping up in big situations going every other as a cutter, throwing over the tops, and some sweet hucks and big grabs on big points in the deep space. Ray’s a scary and explosive cutter, crossing over to handle on some kill lines, and making big plays when needed. Kyle’s been battling injuries all season, but really broke through this weekend constantly grinding unders but having some layout grabs as well.

CoCo has some great players, the ones that really stood out to us were Lincoln Grench and Oliver Kraft. We didn’t get to see too much of them this weekend but both of them are really solid players who came up with a lot of big plays. You can tell they’re vets just cause of how chilly they are on the field, and it feels like the younger guys look up to them. CoCo has so many other great players, we can’t really remember any specific names but they have plenty of saucy throwers and big cutters.

“Coach of the year goes to school of mines coaches for being drippy as all heck”

We get to play OC all the time, this weekend the player that stood out the most to us was Emannuel Kameri. He led D-line to some crucial breaks and facilitated their d-line offense. They have a lot of good young players, a standout freshman for us was Couper Kerns, who played well for their d-line and on kill lines. Sammy Roberts is another one of their good players, he came up with some huge layout D’s that we saw and always has quick handle motion and good deep throws.

JBU’s another team we see all the time, they’re an awesome group, always super spirited, and it’s always great to get to talk to their players. We always look forward to seeing them at tournaments. Jake Wakefield and Joel Stennet are always 2 standouts for them. Both are just unbelievable athletes, really good in the air and constantly making huge layouts. It was a real shame Jake got hurt on Saturday, he’s always super fun to watch. Caleb and Corbin are two of their slightly younger guys who are solid presences on the field and can make big plays when needed.

Rice was a fun team to play, we’re definitely excited to see them next year. We weren’t able to get any of their names but pink headband guy was always ever other, had really nice break throws, and was always making offense happen. Another good mention is sugar thighs (you know who you are), he was a solid cutter who was always running 1000% but geez I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone with quads like that.


Mines Coach Here:

Starting within the Conference:


Lincoln Grench - Dudes amazing, plays all over the field. He is a mismatch for just about anybody because of his length, athleticism, skill, and frisbee IQ. Can’t say enough about his game. It would be a travesty if he wasn’t all region, should be firmly in the all american conversation as well.

Oliver - Was devastated to learn he was a freshman. Not looking forward to having to coach against him for 4 years.

Expanding the rest of the Region:

OC - Emmanuel Kameri. An absolute force on both sides of the disc. Super smart. Super athletic. All-region lock, imo.

Truman State- Riley Scott. watched him play against OC in the crossover game Saturday at Regionals. Then coached against him Sunday morning. Kid can straight up ball. Great defense that bothers handlers and cutters. Anytime he had the disc in his hands, we (the mines coaches) were worried. Dude can put it anywhere on the field and gets the touch/float right every time so his receivers can make a play. Dudes an assist and break machine.

JBU- Joel Stennentt. Great player, great competitor, super spirited. All region lock.

Rice - Sam Zhou. A motor that doesn’t stop. Hits the ground for everything. We had no answer for him during pool play. As a cutter, he has the acceleration and shiftiness to get open at will. He’s always cutting like he wants the disc more than anyone else on the field.

S&T - Michael Lahmeyer. Absolutely roasted our zone from just about every position in the field. S&T… correct me if I’m wrong… but I’m pretty sure Michael played popper, wing, and handler. Uses his length so well, hes just about impossible to cover. Wasn’t afraid to use his length for over-the-top throws to really find those soft spots. Baller. Deserving of all region.

Now, my players.

CsoM : I feel like Mines players have been under-represented in these awards during my tenure, I’m hoping qualifying for Natties gives our players some more exposure for some much deserved roses.

Randy Lahm- Our leading assist guy by a wide margin. More patient than any freshman handler should be. Our absolute anchor on our zone-O line. Against person-d, he is so good at using all the space (vertical, under and sideline-to-sideline) and putting the disc where only his player can get it. Even as a freshman, he has the game and body of work to be all region this year, and should be talked about in the national freshman of the year convo. I can’t name any other freshman who came onto a 5th place regionals team the previous year, and immediately changed the ceiling of a program… as evidenced by our natties qualification. Randy was a freshman center handler for an O-line that sent CsoM to its first natties in 15 years. ‘nuff said.

Derek Liebich- Another freshman. Another CsoM stat leader. Derek leads the team in scores and Ds. The D stat really jumps out at me because he’s been playing predominantly O-line since March and I only cross him over when I feel like we need a break. High motor-player. Lays out for everything. A fearless cutter who just finds a way to get the disc. He’s so good at taking what the defense gives him and finding the endzone. Can beat opponents in the air or in the dirt, beat them with finesse or toughness. Derek is just a gamer. Again, should certainly be all freshman for SC, but should be in the running for all region.

Ya’ll already know by now, but the SC is absolutely stacked. All the teams that we played could have held there own at Natties. It doesn’t matter what metric you use… power rankings, algorithm, W/L record, or the eye test…. the amount of quality teams in our region is unmatched.

Hoping next year USAU expands natties to 20 teams so more deserving SC squads can punch a ticket.

Lastly, we (Mines Coaches) truly appreciate the shoutouts. Pool play is temporary, but drip is forever. But we’d really love if you gave our players some shoutouts as well. At the end of the day, our outfits didnt score a single goal for mines, ya kno? If you have any questions about Mines players or names, I’m happy to answer them.


I will start with CC because I play on that team.

Oliver Kraft and Oliver Van Linder are two of the best players I have ever played with. Kraft will take the hardest match up every single game and he will win that match up every single time. He makes teams look silly. Then on offense he is an extremely skilled thrower and can direct traffic like no other. He barely threw the ball deep at regionals but don’t worry because he can do that too. Oliver “Billy” Van Linder is the most poised freshman I have ever encountered. He will tear up a zone and throw the ball deep with such accuracy and confidence. He is a very easy player to play with which is different from being good and much harder to achieve.

On S&T, my boys Ray and Big Mike run the show. I have played club with them so I know them well but even then they are still a pain to play against. Very smart players and great leaders as well. They can take a rookie who has never played before and turn them into a great system player. This has been a theme for S&T. They are the smartest team in the division and it shows on the field. They were the only team at regionals that made any adjustments to our offense and it actually became a challenge to score. Mike can play anywhere on the field and will make any defender (except Ollie Kraft ;)) look silly. Ray is a dynamic cutter who will make crazy athletic plays and is not afraid to huck it either.

On OC Sammy Roberts can throw anywhere. He gave us the most trouble by far. His throws open up OC’s offense and makes playing defense a whole lot harder. Easily the best thrower we played against.

On Mines, Randy is a beast. We didn’t play him at regionals but at conferences he was throwing the ball anywhere he wanted. He is probably the second best thrower we have played against only behind Sammy (not a diss in any way). Oh yea and he’s a freshman.

As far as all freshman goes, I think CC has the best freshman class in the division by far. Billy, Jack Hills (injured at regionals) and Leo McGaraghan are all starters and play big minutes on the O-Line. Jack will roof anyone and Leo is tall, athletic, and a good thrower. Randy obviously deserves to be in the conversation of course, and Kreibhel (I don’t know how to spell it and I don’t know his first name. I am also only 90% sure he’s a freshman.) on OC is also a very skilled player and it is clear that he has played YCC.


Mines player here:

What a great weekend! I’ll only talk about teams we played and know well enough to talk about:

Rice: Jake Perry (#72) killed it at regionals. Dude was tearing our defense up, and looked good doing it too (pink headband). Quadzilla himself was also killing it (Sam Zhou?). Lived in the air and ended up horizontal more often than vertical. Dude can fly!

S&T: Michael Lahmeyer: Destroyed our zone - incredible athlete. Definitely a big reason s&t broke seed and made it to natties. Congrats!

Colorado College: we didn’t play them at regionals, but we got thoroughly dismantled by them at sectionals and before. Lincoln and Oliver Kraft : both certified ballers, and they know they are too. Few can guard Lincoln, and there are even fewer that Oliver can’t guard. + they are stylish. Both incredible athletes and spirited as well, definitely excited to have such a good team w/such good players in our division for the near future! + shout-out Jimmy and the cc coaching staff.

Oklahoma Christian: Logan Krehbiel - I played ycc with this dude and he’s got an absolute cannon of a flick. Audl teams will be fighting for this man in the coming years. In our game with oc, he was hitting deep shots that were strongly upwind, and with pinpoint accuracy. Great handler and an even better defender - and he’s a freshman!

Truman State: Riley Scott: Great handler and incredible throws. Made our matchup a grind and a half. Can put the disc anywhere he wants, and opened up the deep game very well.

John Brown: Joel Stennett is a certified athlete and not someone you want to be matched up on. He can simultaneously roast you under or deep, and throw wherever he wants. He was one of their rocks on both sides of the disc, and an incredibly spirited player as well. If there was an ultimate frisbee draft, this guy may just go first overall.

Now for Mines: Derek Liebich is playing his first year of ultimate ever, and I have never seen a player get so good so fast. He is our leading goal scorer and d-getter (even though he plays o-line), and is our definite first option as a cutter. Nobody and nothing can stop this dude (except for calc 1)! Cant say enough good about him - he’s gonna be a force to be reckoned with at natties and in the next 3 (or 4) years, and he’s only a freshman!

Our coaching staff - AJ and boots. These guys are (as was previously said), playing chess not checkers. Led us to our first natties appearance since the stone age, and may be some of the best dressed coaches ever. We went 0-3 on day one, and 3-0 on day two, mainly due to our excellent coaching adjustments. I’ve never seen such dedication and love for a team before, and these dudes exemplify exactly what a coach should be (+ they are incredible bowlers).


I’m terrible with names, but here are some of my thoughts!
Colorado college:

  • Lincoln grenich, probably best player in the country, is in control, can beat with throws and cuts, and someone you have to gameplan against.
  • guy in skirt (never learned name). Lots of my teammates mentioned how fast and skilled you were, and how tough it was playing against you.
  • lots more I know I’m missing, but that whole team is stacked, our game against them got out of hand decently quickly, because we couldn’t stop their offense, every player had tremendous disc skills, and was just super fast. Wish I learned names or played y’all more the last couple years. Definitely my pick for who will win Nationals.
    Missouri s&t:
  • another team full of studs.
  • ray: the athlete who can just take over a game with throws, or cuts or defense. Definite a guy who takes them to next level with the plays that need to be made.
  • big mike: man it’s crazy playing against someone who is so tall, and athletic, but also great throws. Presents so many mismatches on the field, and saw him complete a ton of scoobers
  • Sam papin: was super annoying playing against last year with his quickness, and tremendously improved this year, just as a leader and go to guy on the field. Lightning quick, especially with those strike cuts and inside throws , really hard to slow down or stop.
  • also just shout-out to their team spirit and camaraderie, it’s always been fun to play y’all on the field, and have good conversations off of it, glad y’all finally got to earn your well deserved bid to nationals, you definitely play the game the way it’s meant to be played.


  • first time I’ve played y’all since 2018, so don’t know any names, but the guy with the long hair, bandana and earring, crushed us in that game to go. Definitely the leader of the offense, and everytime he threw a huck, it went to a place only his receiver caught it. Just never made a mistake we could capitalize on, and huge reason they’re going to natties.

OC: what a talented group of guys!!!

  • Sammy Roberts, has some of the best throws in the division. Has stepped up as a leader on this team, both in and off the field, and was also super good spirited in our game, really fun to match up against.
  • Emmanuel kameri: wow, every year his talent grows. Ive played against him since he came to OC, and he’s transitioned from an athletic cutter and defender, to a leader with the disc in his hands. He was comfortable with the disc in his hands and being a handler, or a cutter streaking deep. Also just a good guy and fun to compete against.

Rice: don’t remember his name, but the guy on their o line who didn’t have a jersey number. Freakishly fast, and set his cuts up so well. I pointed his cuts out to multiple teammates to show them what I’ve been trying to teach for years on how to get open. He was my favorite player to guard, because he was so fast and couldn’t take a break all game when I was guarding him.

And finally my JBU teammates:

  • Jake Wakefield. I still think he is the most athletic player in d3 ultimate, super sad he can’t show his athleticism on a national stage. Against CC, he had a full layout catch, and skied for two other goals, just ridiculous. But he’s also grown as a strong captain, and his throws were some games the best on the team in terms of hucks. Shame he messed up his shoulder Saturday and couldn’t play on Sunday.
  • Caleb schwing- was probably the biggest reason we beat OC. Not the biggest guy, but has freakish speed and athleticism, and always gets open. He scored multiple goals against OC where he just got a sliver of space and brought in contested catches.
  • corban Samoff. Stepped up this year as a captain and the leader of iron fist on and off the field. Has great combination of throws anathletic cuts, and always found the correct role, whether it’s dropping back with throws, or being downfield cutting.
  • Andy graham: only a sophomore, but easily one of the most skilled and consistent throwers I’ve ever played with at JBU. He never turns the disc over, and always just seems to find a great throw, whether a huck, or a simple around on stall 9. Finished with a plus 35 plus minus, which is unheard of for a main handler.
  • David belvardi: came back for a fifth year and stepped up into that main handler role along with Andy. Made plays up and down the field, and a super solid defender, capable of downfield and lockdown handler defense.

That’s all I can think of for now, but just kudos to all the talent we have in the south central!!! Best of luck to the teams going to natties!!!


Guy on Rice you are talking about is Sam Zhou, aka “Sugar thighs” aka “Quadzilla” @joelstennett17

S&T spectator/“coach” here, will save my guys for last.

Rice: Jake Sperry was a rockstar, going every-other and making great throws. There was also the shorter guy (Sam Zhou? He had huge thighs) who made a cRAZY catch in the game to go and tore it up with quick cuts all weekend. Super spirited and talented team, right there with everyone else. D-III needs 20 teams at nationals so that SC can have even more bids.

School of Mines: Congrats on making nationals! I confess that other than the coaches in their suuuper snazzy outfits, no individual jumped out at me (though I haven’t reviewed film). This team was solid, spirited, athletic, and gave us a couple scares in pool play. Great program and the first time I’ve had the pleasure of watching them play was a blast. Also, to go 0-3 on Saturday and 3-0 on Sunday is wild lmao

OC: Emmanuel Kameri was good the last couple seasons, he was a BEAST this spring! Looked very confident with his break throws, played excellent defense, and wrecked defenders after a turn. Probably the MVP for this team at regionals. Tough to hear about Evan Card and Thomas Preston both out with knee injuries. Thomas is a great athlete who was only getting better between every tournament, and Evan seems like that secret cog that really anchors this team in a lot of ways; can’t say enough about his spirit either.

COCo: Lincoln is one of the best players in D-III this year. Whole team is crazy solid; love the weird energy and positive vibes. Lincoln is one of the best players in D-III. That’s Lincoln L-I-N-C-O-L-N Grench

JBU: Always hard not to gush about how great this team is. Incredibly spirited, passionate, and gritty. Joel Stennett using his last year of eligibility and playing tirelessly and making plays; I see you old man. No offense to anyone but Caleb Schwing carried this team HARD, scored three-in-a-row to finish the game against OC on Sunday. Never stopped running; one of the fastest in the division. Jake Wakefield getting hurt sucks man, super nice guy (who on this team isn’t though?) great player. Great team

Truman State: Did not watch you guys play very much this year but always a competetive team, always a potential bid thief or spoiler, and I’m excited to see this team grow and whoop some teams next year.

Harding: Similar boat, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you all play. Shoutout to this tiny program for sticking around in the toughest region and playing with great spirit.

MIZ S&T: Sam “lil PP” Papín is the little engine that could. Fantastic defender, great handler (almost has a flick!) and very athletic. Potential to be one of the best players in the division. Mike Lahmeyer was the MVP of the tournament. Insane numbers from the big guy, and he did most of it from the midrange and handle set. Already one of the best players in the country. Also have to shout out Kyle Johnson, doing his best to stay healthy, failing, and playing through muscle strains anyways. Made some clutch plays out there brother. Ray Mauntel was an animal at this tournament, playing some of the most significant matchups and making a big impact for this squad.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t do the math: Coach Carol for Miner Threat had a bluetooth speaker that played Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! by ABBA AT LEAST 117 times (hit us up on twitter for the calculations) over the course of the weekend. COTY levels of dedication.

1st All Region (no order, based on performances I saw at this tournament, which I know are incomplete):
Joel Stennett
Lincoln Grench
Michael Lahmeyer
Emmanuel Kameri
Jake Sperry
Caleb Schwing
Sam Papin

Coach(es) of the Year: School of Mines, crazy adjustment to bounce back and perform that well on Sunday. Also drippy and spirited

God bless,


Pink headband here from Rice.

My thoughts for All-region and All-freshman teams:

Colorado School of Mines:

  1. Randy Lahm - Absolute offensive weapon. Able to dice up man and zone defense with smart and quick reset movement/cuts, precision throws, and some really big hucks. Never really showed any signs of slowing down at all. Kept the offensive intensity up the entire weekend. Definitely should be in the conversation for all-region and all-freshman.
  2. Campbell Beals - Played against them last year in Denver and twice this year in Tulsa. Very solid on both sides of the discs. Great throwing capability and shutdown defense. Had many great bids, especially on defense. I was often scared to throw in their direction. Always left everything on the field.

John Brown:

  1. Joel Stennett - Amazing player all around. Was everywhere on offense and defense. Unable to be contained but was able to contain other players. Should definitely be up for consideration for all-region.
  2. Jake Wakefield - Enjoyed the jake v jake matchup. Extremely athletic and seemed to always give it his all. Tremendous downfield defense and phenomenal bids. Very sorry about the shoulder injury on Saturday.

Missouri S&T:
Had a great time playing the team twice over the weekend. Had a lot of stellar players who had a large role in your success at regionals. Could probably point out like 8 that could be in contention for all-region or all-freshman if I had a better memory. Here are a few that really stood out to me.

  1. Sam Papin - Extremely consistent and efficient out of the backfield. Had throws all over the field, propelling the offense to wherever was needed. Really good handler cuts, always getting open, and then keeping the disc moving quickly. Had the speed to be a threat downfield as well and was able to consistently get open under. Also had really good handler defense on the other side of the disc, forcing a lot of risky throws. Should be in conversation for all-region.
  2. Michael Lahmeyer - Was capable of doing everything on both sides of the disc. Diced up our zoney looks with over the top dimes. Capable of pushing deep and being a threat downfield and working it up through the backfield. Lockdown on defense, especially in the handle space. Well rounded player and very talented. 100% a lock for all-region.
  3. Wesley Fransen - Ridiculously scary to guard downfield, had the speed, field and space recognition, and aerial ability. Extremely patient with the disc and was able to mesh well with the handlers. Very effective mark on defense.

Oklahoma Christian:

  1. Emmanuel Kameri - Leader of the d-line. Lockdown defense downfield and in the handler space. Smart positioning and very athletic play. Led the d-line offense with consistent throws and solid movement. Very formidable player on both sides of the discs. For sure in the conversation for all-region team.
  2. Couper Kerns - Smart and athletic playmaking on both sides of the disc. Pinpoint throws from all distances. Amazing speed on downfield and handler cuts. Filled many roles exceptionally. Very tough to pin down. I believe he’s a freshman and should 100% be in the talk for all-freshman and possibly all-region.

Only saw a little bit of Colorado College playing, but Lincoln Grench is a overall standout player and fun to watch. For sure a lock for all-region.

And now for Rice players:

  1. Sam Zhou (love the nicknames other teams have for him, will be using “sugar thighs” from now on). One of the hardest workers I’ve seen on the field. When the offense is in need of something he’s always the one to light a spark. Absolutely breathtaking cuts, always able to get open under. I always see him open under when he wants to be, even against a poach or more zoney looks. Fantastic bids, in all directions, and all over the field. Definition of putting your body on the line. And this has been true all year. Very solid throws, able to continue moving the disc downfield efficiently. Also able to lock down some of the tougher opponents when he switched over for defense. 100% should be in the conversation for all-region. Still don’t know how he got quads that big.
  2. Corey Tolbert - Single handedly carried our d-line, as well as our o-line on Sunday. I don’t think he even took a point off on Sunday. Consistent beyond belief with the disc. Crisp around throws and slippery handler cuts. His biggest presence is felt on defense. First class mark, getting multiple handblocks on the weekend in addition to forcing a lot of throwing errors. My least favorite person to have guard me and Im sure other teams felt the same pressure. Could also be in the conversation for all-region.
  3. Max Kuhlman - Freshman stud. O-line handler who can break apart a defense with quick throws from either hand, precise around throws, quick movement (especially his upline cut, he could hold a clinic), and patient, smart decision making. Consistently called over to d-line for his gorgeous pulls, having the opponent offense starting in the back of the endzone every time. Also was able to go up and grab any disc in the air regardless of size or height matchup. Should definitely be in consideration for all-freshman.

Good luck to all the teams going to Nationals!


OC guy here, I have sat the majority of this year out with injury, so have really gotten the chance to watch some of these guys from the sideline this year as well as playing against them on the field in the past.

Lincoln Grench, dude is a 6’4 handler with baller throws and great leadership for his team. This year I got know him a little more off the field and his spirit and kindness really impressed me, always checking in on injuries and encouraging when he could.

Multiple other ballers who I haven’t met before, assume they were freshman… Billey? Dude is gonna be a problem in the future.

Kyle Johnson, on what feels like his 8th year this D line stud battles through injury and is always making chest high bids, I always find myself saying “well that’s Kyle for ya” after he would make an insane play against us.

Ray Mauntel, incredible leader, great spirit, very good cutter, always a guy we need to put our best defender on.

Michael Lahmeyer, Big Mike really stepped up this year, being a 6’5 hybrid really opened up the field for this offense, deceptively quick for his size too.

Sam Papin, definition of heart over height, this dude is small but has this bulldog mentality to him, huge throws on offense and a grit and physicality to his defense.

Joel Stennet, I feel like Joel plays every single point we play against him and he is somehow still making consistent plays weather it be in the air or with a throw.

Caleb Schwing this dude never stops running, ever. Made our team pay with very well timed cuts and someone with sneaky bounce. Another guy who really stepped up for Jbu this year.

Time to gloat about my guys

Sammy Roberts, dude has a cannon for an arm and in just his second year will have teams game planning around him for years to come.

Couper Kerns, snake in the grass, this freshman showed out this year by showing our team what a D-line player is supposed to look like, huge layouts every point, unwavering energy, huge smile.

Ryan Loui-Ying, deserves rookie of the year honestly, as a freshman was the main cog of our offense and continually made sound decisions behind the disc. Wasn’t uncommon for spectators to oo and ahh at his performance when they found out his age.

Lincoln Grench and Ollie “Billy” van Linder, Billy being a freshman really impressed me with his composure with the disc, and made a few sweet grabs. Linc, being the head honcho really adjusted his role this year, I saw him many times go upfield to cut which I haven’t seen in the past, and I also saw some pretty sweet foot blocks at regionals, can’t forget his great throws either.

Sammy Roberts is at the top of everyone’s list and rightfully so, this kids can flat out throw the frisbee, doesn’t matter where, he’ll get it there, also saw Roberts make some huge bids on defense, the fact that he is only a sophomore means OC is in very good hands.

Emmanuel “Eman” Kameri is also only a sophomore I find out. His defensive presence is always felt, and teams shy away from throwing deep on him, this year Kameri has taken a new role on as a bit of a handler as well showing great touch on his throws, also not selling short his ability to roof someone in the air.

Evan Card, who I saw at dust bowl but was sidelined at regionals with injury (Thomas Preston too) I think really hurt OC. Although not the most flashy player, always seems to have a great impact on the game, finding the endzone, getting D’s, and hyping his team up after scores. Card is a guy who we never game plan for but always end up getting burned by. Already noted by jcmckay20 his spirit is always on display, always making personal connections with opposing teams and laughing on the field with his defenders.

Joel Stennett is a monster, after losing Ryan Smith last year this team somehow still got better it feels like. Their sideline energy is silly and chaotic, but they always keep their heads up. Joel is always making plays downfield and this year many times with his throws. Certified All Region Guy.

Sam Papin, great defender making bids left and right, but also the main handler for miner threat, feels like there is nothing this little guy can’t do.

Ray Mauntel was a beast at regionals, always finding the space to get the disc in high stall counts, making good throws in high pressure situations, Ray was “that guy”. Ray also never shying away from taking a big matchup on defense, this kid has been a baller for S&T, they will definitely miss him next year.

Mines: Faceless army. It feels like all of them made plays when they needed to, there was one guy who stood out to me, unsure of his name. Long hair, broad shoulders, bandana, had big throws, that dude was doing it all for him. Congrats to Mines on nattys, and Super shout out to their coaching, they made it happen (while looking cool in their outfits too).

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Mines coach again.

The long-hair/bandana/earring mines players a few of you mentioned is Campbell “Cannonball” Beals. They’ve made a ton of big plays for our O and D line, and they bid for just about anything. Most importantly, Campbell is an unquestioned leader in our huddle and their voice has helped our young players develop.

Campbell is indeed worthy of inclusion and I appreciate ya’ll naming their accomplishments. Just a fyi, Campbells pronouns are they/them and gender-inclusive language is appreciated.


Forgot about rookie of year, I don’t know who’s rookies on other teams, so I’ll speak for my guy from JBU, Andrew Headley.
He is a freakish athlete (just like his older brother garrit). Super long arms with insane hops and speed, amazing defender for our team. And he stepped up in a huge way after Jake got injured Saturday, catching some clutch goals against rice, and being a stud against OC. Didnt have much frisbee experience before college, so throws arent world class, but his patience with the disc was incredible, he rarely ever threw the disc away, even in high stall counts. Definitely a player to keep an eye on for the next few years as he’s already a stud

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Mines coach, Boots, here. Nice to meetcha

Riley Scott, Truman State: I was legitimately terrified when the disc was in his hands. What a player. Dude could put it anywhere on the field with ease and some of the best hucks I saw all weekend. My least favorite player to coach against.

Michael Lahmeyer, S&T: An absolute Swiss Army knife of a player. We had no answer for someone who is literally everywhere at the same time.

Mines players:
Campbell Beals: A few folks in this thread have shouted out a bandana warrior with earrings out on the field. Their name is Campbell Beals!
Campbell “Cannonball” Beals is a force to be reckoned with. If a cutter has a step or two on them, that cutter is not open. Campbell will make that ground up and make you question every throw their direction for the remainder of the game. Their insane layouts, hawk-like field vision, and creative throwing capability is something I truly have pleasure in watching from the sideline. I can’t sing Campbell’s praises enough.

Derek Liebich: What more is there to say about a first year ultimate player who leads your team in Ds and goals as a freshman? Derek is a certified gamer. He reads the defense like a children’s book and goes to work, hits the dirt, and ensures that his team comes out on top.

Randy Lahm: A key part of everything this team does on the field. Randy’s decision-making is as flawless as his execution. He can do it all as a thrower, ballin’ out like a player well beyond his years. Did I mention that he’s a freshman?!?

Last but not least, shout out to the most competitive region in all of college ultimate. This is my first year coaching in the SC and I’m truly impressed at the absolute depth of competitive teams in this region.

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Sammy from OC

Colorado College is full of ballers. Their standouts in my opinion. #20 I believe, billy? Center handler, maybe their best player, great offense. (Not to take away from anyone else on their team) Lincoln is obviously a very good player as mentioned above. Probably gonna win OPOTY (if only we made nationals I could maybe stop him😭.) Oliver Ollie? Not sure which Oliver lol but he matched up on me all game and had a sweet layout on me. Definitely a big baller, I hear he’s a freshman which is pretty wild. Without these three CC probably doesn’t win the region.

Best players from their team
Big Mike
Play them all the time they’re ballers.


Rice and mines definitely had some ballers too. I just don’t know their names so I’ll let the other people speak to how good they are and who they are.

South central is by far the best region in the nation. I’m very proud of all the teams at regionals making every game competitive. All the teams there could give any team at nationals fits.
Much love to the south central❤️

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Jimmy w/CC
Echoing what has been said regarding the strength of this region - gonna be missing teams that could compete at Nationals from the region.

Standouts: Michael Lahmeyer, S&T; Sam Papín, S&T; Randy Lahm, Mines; Sammy Roberts, OC; Logan Krehbiel, OC; Caleb Schwing, JBU; Joel Stennet, JBU.