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All-Region 2023: Southeast (D-III Men’s)

Who are the best players in the Southeast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Liam O’Rourke from Ave Maria University had a phenomenal season and really shined at regionals. He should be considered for All-Region.

He is the captain for the Ave Maria Gyrenes and helped lead them to the most successful season they have had as a program.

Berry- Ian VanOrder
Ian stepped up into a big role compared to last season when he first joined the team. He’s one of our biggest playmakers on offense whether if that’s gaining huge yards on under or stretching the deep space with his smooth throws. He also plays relentless defense, he got the game saving block and went for the bookends to send Berry to Nationals. He’s that guy.

Caleb Grant
Elite receiver, will catch anything and everything. Enough said.

Ivan Khoo
He’s a rookie and instantly became one our best handler defenders, making other teams’ QB1 have to work extremely hard for every time they wanted to get the disc. He’s selfless on offense working to create space for his teammates when he’s not the next option.

Joshua Kersey
Tall, lanky handler who always made the right decision and always seemed at ease on offense. He was also a great leader for Union and always led by example.

Noah Simpson
Good, physical defender who would always make his matchups have to go to plan B. He also has great pulls(a few ended up a yard out the back of the endzone luckily for us) and runs the offense after a turnover.

Joel Salazar
A huge threat in the deep space and can just as easily stretch the field with his throws. Always seemed to be open whenever he was cutting downfield. Man was a problem.

Connor Rigby
Really good handler for Union who would command the disc on offense. Breaks marks at will and has crispy hucks that are served on a platter for his receivers. He was also one of the leaders for Union and was constantly finding ways to help them get better on and off the field.

Embry Riddle-
Jonah Hagstad
Center handler for Embry Riddle. One of the best throwers in the region, he’s got limitless range on both his backhands and flicks. He also plays good defense on the turn. He was always smiling and having a laugh with the opposing team no matter the scoreline. Great player but even better person.

Ave Maria-
Liam O’Rourke
O’Rourke played every single point in the regional final which shows that he was a CRUCIAL part to the team’s success. He’s got the best hammers this side of the Mississppi and he’s got great flick hucks for his athletic cutters to run down. Phenomenal player, not to mention very respectful and sportsmanlike down till the very end.

Garrett Halinan
He did it all for the Gyrenes. From making shifty cuts, playing gritty defense, and making good throws for the offense to progress. He played with heart every time he stepped on the field.

All Freshman Nominations

  • Mikey Curtis (Berry) : A super athletic cutter who goes and gets blocks out of nowhere.

  • Seth Tracy (Embry-Riddle) : An athletic player who does it all for Embry Riddle. He cuts, he handles, and plays good defense. Will be a force within the Southeast for years to come.

Bias- Berry Captain

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Collin Hill- best player in the region, there is no debate really, everyone knows him. He is the captian and leader of the Bucks. Not only is he the focus of their offense, he also is a force defensively, known for his calm but explosive playmaker ability. Teams would put their best defender on him and it didn’t really matter. Should be southeast player of the year or whatever the highest award is. I could write an essay about how big of an impact he was for the bucks. Even if he doesn’t want to vote for himself.

Caleb Grant- he was another force of nature that caught every single deep pass. Doubled and he would still come down with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he accounted for over 40% of the Buck’s points


Connor Rigby- a great player and a great person for the jaxx, one of the hardest workers on that team in my opinion. Plays hard defense but is also a great handler who can break marks with ease. Sometimes I wish he was on my team.

Joel salzar- hard to gaurd and fun player

Ave Maria

Garret Halinan- Very hard worker, great stamina, smart and adaptive. That how I would define him. He was a shifty cutter that would always seem to get open when his team might seem in trouble, brought constant pressure defensively too. His layouts were one to admire and he was a big reason his team picked up alot of wins during regionals.

Freshmen nominations

Mikey Curtis, a future star for the bucks, he was never afraid to layout for a disc for a D or just to catch it. He occasionally taps into his throwing potential. Shifty, and fast. Plays solid defense for the bucks. Excited to see how he grows.

-Ian VanOrder, Bucks

Berry - Collin Hill is one of the most consistent players I’ve seen play the handler position in D-lll. I want him on my universe line, no matter what. He steps into being a lockdown defender or being a guy on offense you can always trust. Effort to guard him, I felt like Jimmy Butler in the bubble finals. I was gassed coming off

Ave Maria - Liam is a fundamental handler that can get open on any handler movement. He was THE GUY for their team and proved he can be consistent no matter what. Guarding him took effort beyond anything.

Union - Noah Simpson is a guy who is a leader on and off the field. One of the best defenders that I’ve played with and against. When I’m running down in practice and I see he’s guarding him I know I’m gonna have to work 10 times harder to get open. Just someone who is reliable and that I want on my universe point line.


This is Garrett Hallinan from Ave Maria. Thank you for the shout out! I enjoyed playing you guys in the final. That was the most exciting frisbee game that I have ever been a part of. I hope you guys tare it up at Nationals!

Is there any chance that you or anyone from Berry has film from our championship game? If so would you be able to send it to me? That game might have been my last as a player for Ave, so I would love to have access to it if possible.

Thanks, and best of luck at Nationals.