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All-Region 2023: Southeast (D-III Women’s)

Who are the best players in the Southeast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.


Victoria Green - Tori is a really solid throwing presence for Union, and clearly a great leader for the team, kind hearted, and an overall great player with very few weaknesses. Very deserving of a first team appearance.

Claire Ward - Claire has great athleticism and endurance, high level defense, and does a really good job of opening up the field with her throws. As a bonus, she has had really impressive improvement from last year.


Hannah Tritschler - Unquestionably the best player in the region, and one of the premier players in the entire division. Hannah is a complete player top to bottom: elite defender, elite speed and quickness, an arsenal of break throws and hucks, and has only taken a handful of points off throughout the whole season. Hannah is a phenomenal leader for Berry as well, stepping up off the field to keep the program alive and thriving after losing both of their captains last year as well as their coach and several impactful seniors. Berry ultimate is a significantly different team without Hannah at the helm.

Rose Hill - Great versatility on the field for Berry makes Rose a threat no matter where she is. Whether the deep in a zone eating up floaty throws, or as an initiating cutter out of the middle getting open at will, or throwing bombs with the disc in her hand, Rose does whatever is needed for Berry. Rose is the glue for Berry on and off the field, as another captain who stepped up to fill the big shoes left behind by previous leadership.

Ellison Sherrod - Defined by her elite athleticism and defense, Ellie came up with block after block for Berry in both their zone defense and their matchup defense. One of the best defenders in the region, she was not afraid to get physical and play with lots of hustle to generate Ds wherever needed for Berry.

Rosa Sanchez Alvarado - Another versatility player for Berry. Rosa was comfortable handling, cutting, and playing lockdown defense for Berry. Really solid break throws and deep hucks as well as cool-headedness when navigating against opposing zones made Rosa an essential O-line piece for Berry, as well as a great crossover option for D-Line.

Karsen Brantley - Outside of Hannah, KB was Berry’s most trusted defender. She made opposing teams best handlers struggle heavily to get the disc, and put on a great mark when they did, forcing many, many, throwaways. On offense, KB made a habit of getting to spaces her defenders didn’t want her to with a combination of speed, quickness, and deception. Really impressive season for someone who didn’t know how to play ultimate just 5 months ago.

Honorable mention:

Corley Compton: Berry’s third captain, Corley had her season unfortunately ended at an early spring tournament by a torn ACL. Prior to her injury, Corley was a steady rock for Berry’s offense, making consistent throw after consistent throw, especially against zone defenses. She was a great reliable option and Berry’s team suffered without her.

-Walter Ellard, Berry Coach