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All-Region 2023: Southwest (D-III Men’s)

Who are the best players in the Southwest region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Tanveer Chabba (10) on Claremont should be a lock on all freshman and in contention for all region consideration. That boy will truly eat your brain on defense, then throw a beast of a flick Huck on the turn. When I think freshman- or really players in general- I want on universe point lines, I think Chabba the Cheerful. Do us all a favor and coronate that man as the next head honcho out of the southwest region

Okay I love Tanveer as much as anyone, but Arenaria Cramer was the best handler on Claremont as a freshman, had the best pulls at every tournament he went to, and lead the team in completion percentage. At Stanford Open he was clearly the second best thrower at the entire tournament, behind a Santa Clara senior who plays for revolver. Next year he will be the best player on Claremont, and the center of the offense.

Ty Rocker and Andrew Baxter from Claremont deserve all region nominations, Rocker was the best athlete at every tournament, Lead the brains in blocks, and nearly singlehandedly kept them in the game against Occidental. Baxter is the complete offensive player, the lefty has incredible control, an underrated deep game, and one of the best marks in the division. August Cosinuke and Arenaria Cramer were also standouts all year, my all region would have the four of them and the Oxy handler, and two of their tall fellas

Coach of the year: Dylan Freechild and Sophia Keins. Despite a massive senior turnover, and the loss of literally 4 of the 7 best players to injury and outside factors, the Claremont coaching staff lead a team of 33, 17 of whom are freshman, to a fantastic season. Despite losing to Occidental in the regionals game to go, the Brains earned a bid, and increased their floor dramatically. Nearly half of the team had never played frisbee before, and Freechild and Keins taught them everything from how to throw a flick, to complex zones and surround defensive looks. Beyond that, the knowledge and passion for the game, and deep empathy shown by the two new coaches created a special culture at the Claremont Colleges, which will surely leave a lasting foundation. In their one year of Coaching (Keins to med school, Freechild back to Portland) they have created a rock solid foundation of effort, energy, spirit and intensity and they leave the Claremont program well equipped to tackle the difficult task of winning without making cuts or sacrificing spirit.

Can Isaiah Curtis stop yapping? His opinion should be immediately rendered invalid by the statement “kept them in the game against Occidental.” Claremont was barley ever really in the game to be frank. Occidental systemically outworked and outperformed Claremont on both defense and offense. No disrespect to Claremont – they are a talented group of kind individuals. However, when it comes to Ultimate Frisbee in the year of 2023, they are irrelevant in the discussion of the division’s best players. Cole Lewis of Occidental was a beast through the whole season, leading the team to a higher finish than Claremont at Stanford and where it counts, at regionals. Occidental also has some stupendously skillful freshman in Emerson Weiss and Nathan Crawford, only to mention a few. I truly can not understand the persistent discussion on Claremont when they got thoroughly outcompeted by Occidental this season.

say what you want about Claremont, but don’t disrespect Tanveer Chabba. Tanveer Chabba, a marvel of nature’s grace, possesses a keen eye and unwavering focus on the Ultimate Frisbee field. His agility and speed transcend human limitations, as he effortlessly navigates the skies, seizing the disc with precision. Like a creature of myth, his flight through the air is a dance of power and finesse, leaving opponents in awe. His strategic acumen and leadership shine bright, guiding his teammates with a wisdom beyond measure. Tanveer’s dexterity and athleticism defy explanation, showcasing his mastery of this exhilarating sport. It is an honor to witness his boundless talent, a true testament to the marvels of the human spirit. That boy is ROTY hands down no questions asked end of story

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Lollll my B homie! Cole lewis was obviously phenomenal, I had a great time matching up with Emerson, and all the Oxy guys are so athletic, had great bids, and honestly good spirit too. Also the oxy coaches did a great job, their zone was really solid, and they obviously have built a great program too, just wanted to shoutout the people I got to see working hard all year.
Also s/o the Caltech handlers, I think Lorenzo? and the girl with long hair, played hard and had some nice upwind throws!