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All-Region 2024: Atlantic Coast (D-I Men's)

Who are the best players in the Atlantic Coast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Oh boy where do I begin, my glorious king. My day and night. Tommy Wray from UNCC is the definition of a perfect player. I would go as far as saying 7 Tommys could/would beat any team ever assembled. Tommy has the ability to throw full field hucks perfectly, as well as outrun and out jump any player on the opposing team. He is greatness, He is… T-9 Tommy Wray. I would be shocked if he doesn’t win the Callahan the next 4 years in a row. Not to mention the pure gurth of those tree trunks he calls his legs. Without Tommy Wray UNCC ceases to exist. My sweet pookie, I can’t wait to tell my kids about you. #Tommy4L


Here are my picks for the top guys on teams I played against this year (UNCC Bias)

UNC- everyone knows the big names like Dameron, Hawkins, Singleton, Pignone etc. some guys who deserve more recognition are Grayson Trowbridge, and Jack McCleary. Both ballers

UNCW- Christian Belus, Diego Collazo, and Stewart Kelley

Duke- Albert Yuan

UNCC- Ben Simmons, Matthew Nightingale, Chris Saacks, Tommy “T9” Wray

W&M- Langston, and #88, has really good break throws

USC- Gavin Russel, Tyler Catton

NC State- Suhas Madiraju, Sean Wiles, Henry Kennedy, Matti Lee, Tejas Sivarajakumar

App State- Alex Ballentine and Nick Talone

For Rookies (can only speak for UNCC here), Lars Neske, O line Handler for UNCC who hits the tough break throws, and rarely turns the disc over, has been great at hitting the breakside, throws good hucks as well and Ben Evashavik, O line cutter for UNCC who wins lots of jump balls, and has become a great cutter with some great layouts and throws: has bailed us out in so many spots where he was able to make a big play, and plays great defense on a turn.


Duke-centric, but of the teams we’ve played,

100% Ben Simmons UNCC, Gavin Russell USC, Albert Yuan and Shaan Narayan Duke, and all those darkside dudes

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Boy oh boy where do I even begin. Andrew Fan… honey, my pookie bear. I have loved you ever since I first laid eyes on you. The way you smoke kids upline and strike fear into your enemies eyes. Your silky smooth touch when throwing arounds, and that gorgeous backhand huck. I would do anything for you. I wish it were possible to freeze time so I would never have to watch you graduate. You had a rough childhood, but you never gave up hope. You are even amazing off the field, you’re a great chef and driver, sometimes I even call you dad. I forvever dread and weep, thinking of the day you will one day graduate. I would sacrifice my own life it were the only thing that could put a smile on your beautiful face. You have given me so much joy, and heartbreak over the years. I remember when you first left black line and its like my heart got broken into a million pieces. But a tear still fell from my right eye when I watched you win your first ring at the mothers day round robin, because deep down, my glorious king deserved it. I just wanted you to return home. Then allas, you did, my sweet baby boy came home and I rejoiced. 2023 yccs were a hard tourney for us baby, but at 2023 feasterns you made history happen. You came back from being on serve at half with wilmington and I couldn’t believe it. I was crying, bawling even, and I heard my glorious king exclaim these words,
“WEAVER DAIRY, THIS IS FOR YOU!” Not only have you changed the game of frisbee and the world forever, but you’ve eternally changed my world. And now you’re getting older, but still the goat, my goat. I love you pookie bear, my glorious king, Andrew Fan. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:🫶🏽


Here are my picks:
UNC-Ben Dameron he is just HIM and Rutledge Smith who can do it all
NC state- Sean wiles as he Carrie’s this team on his back with some assistance from Henry on Defense who is a baller
UNCW- Stewart is the best power cutter on this team with a team who doesn’t have a lot of depth, Diego collazo is also solid player but struggles a bit in the size category.
UNCC- Ben Simmons 10000% as he can do pretty much anything Ben Dameron can, Matthew Nightingale might be the best 1 on 1 power cutter in the ultimate scene right now and it will show this year on the flyers. Of course we have to talk about Tommy Wray who is the biggest sensation this year and might I even say 7 Toomy’s could beat Darkside with only his left hand and his amazing twerking skills.
Duke- Albert just does everything on this team
App State- Alex Ballentine keeps his team in games and makes play after play on the field

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Where to even begin with Tommy Wray. I had the joy, honor, and privilege to coach Tommy at South Meck. SMUC is a very special program that has produced talents including but not limited to Dylan Hawkins and Phillip Sellers. I think Tommy has already surpassed these chums in every aspect. A lot of credit goes to the number of talented players on the skyrise o-line, but D-Line Tommy is the tractor pulling the loaded wagon, don’t get it twisted.

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Throwing in a lesser known name that deserves some consideration as well:

Ryan Manuel (freshman from UNCW) is a nightmare of a matchup for opposing handlers, and he makes big play after big play on both offense and defense. Watched him at QCTU and Carolina Kickoff and the kid can ball.


In my opinion, the best freshman in the region is Ryan Manuel (UNCW). He’s one of the best defensive players on the team, consistently making huge plays on O and D.


I can only speak for UNCC here but here are some names that should be recognized:

Jack Simmons: O-line handler who has been able to put the disc just about wherever he wants, can create space well for himself and others in the cutting space, as well as the plays he is able to make on defense: is a great leader off and on the field who has a big impact when he is on.

Matthew Nitghtingale: O- line cutter who is probably the hardest person to guard when he’s on the field, wins lots of jump balls as well as deep shots, his throwing ability was really shown this year with his ability to break marks and the numerous amount of hucks he’s completed. He was also on RDU’s O-line last year which went to nationals, as well as a current flyers player.

Lars Neske: Freshman O-line handler who has insane efficiency, ridiculous inside throws, and can break just about any mark: he also has good defensive instincts which has led him to have some nice defensive plays.

Lars Neske (#7) is composed, consistent, confident, and his transition to college ultimate was seamless. His game has improved so much and he gets the job done. Excited to see this lil guy re-establish UNCC as a contender within the region.

#13 Mike Murawski - South Carolina - Where do I start with this guy? Tall frame, a massive vertical, and high release throws that slice up defenses. This guy has put a lot of defenders on the wrong end of a Callahan tape. I’ve seen defenders families cry over the trauma his cellys put people through. This man is the Rob Dillingham of College ultimate: He is your favorite player’s favorite player. He ain’t all region, he IS the region.

All Region 1st Team: (i mostly saw Carolina players but those are the best players)
Dylan Hawkins (UNC)
Ben Dameron (UNC)
Rutledge Smith (UNC)
Suhas Madiraju (NC State)
Sean Wiles (NC State)
Christian Belus (UNCW)
Ben Simmons (UNCC)

All Region 2nd Team:
Daniel Ferriter (NC State)
Zac Kuelz (NC State)
Kevin Pignone (UNC)
Eli Fried (UNC)
Seth Fried (UNC)
Diego Collazo (UNCW)
Jack Simmons (UNCC)
Matt Nightingale (UNCC) (i know there’s 8 don’t care)

All Region 3rd Team:
Stewart Kelley (UNCW)
Gavin Russell (USC)
Matt LeBar (JMU)
Albert Yuan (Duke) (would be way higher but missing regionals)
Matt McKnight (UNC)
Matti Lee (NC State)
Henri Lessard (NC State)

All Rookie People (other sections know who is a rookie more than me):
Seth Fried (UNC)
Benjamin Evashavik (UNCC)
Lars Neske (UNCC)
Ryan Manuel (UNCW)
Aiden Fields (NC State)

Some UNCC guys who deserve some love

#88 Chris Saacks

D-line handler who is one of the most polished throwers I’ve seen. He can put it deep on a platter and swing the disc like the mark doesn’t exist. He also possesses a deep knowledge of the game and can call plays like no other. As a result, this guy makes everyone around him a better player.

#22 Jack Simmons

O-line hybrid who doesn’t have a weak part of his game. This guy has everything: a deep bag of throws, gunslinger speed release, huge bids, and he will mix you downfield. In the rare case that he turns it over, Jack’s gonna get the ball back.

#3 Ben Evashavik

Rookie O-line cutter. When you combine great moves, spacing, and timing with a freak of an athlete, you get Ben Evashavik. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’ve been, or why you’re playing, Benny is clipping on you. He’s got great throws and isn’t afraid to put it up for his teammates.