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All-Region 2024: Metro East (D-III Men's)

Who are the best players in the Metro East region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Any answer other than Prosser Friedman from Conn College is wrong

Echoing this, dude is the truth.

Wesleyan has a pair of Freshmen on the starting O-line. Eli Fellus, a hybrid (#52) has quickly and effectively adjusted to the college scene since the fall season, featuring an ability to dice up both zones and junky looks with his speed and a precise backhand. Aran Sheehan (#10) has imposed himself in the deep space against all levels of competition. His size and speed have proven deadly as he has lead the team in goals at most tournaments he has attended.

Denis Cha >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


I heard Jalen Bolton-Steiner is better than Mark from SUNY courtland but he’s just keeping it on the DL until regionals

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yo wassup yall, this is Noah Ofri-Akman for SUNY Geneseo.
for other teams I’d like to say that on

Ithaca, Jalen is one of the best players in the region, very filthy, and always coinsistant. also, i think his name is tommy, but the redhead dude is one of the best cutters and defenders.

Cortland, Mark is obviosly one of the better players. great athlete and extremely powerful throws.

Colgate, I think andrew is his name, is one of the better handlers in the region. Also #4 is extremely good, Idk his name atm

UofR, Trokel is always great all around and really frustrating to guard. joel (i think #45) is an excellent handler and is a devious lefty. #9 not sure his name, is one of the best initiation cutters, throwers, and deep threat.

skidmore, theres this massive dude on skidmore that was a dominant handler, that i think mightve been a freshman which is scary. He wears a bucket hat when he plays if thats a helpful identifying factor

colby drechler (#26): this year, he really took the reigns as one of the better handlers in the region, with very good hucks and blades, but especially as one of the best handler defender

Sam moritz (#24): handler-cutter that is one of the best deep cutters and initiation cutters, and can play the center handler at any point

Andrew thompson (#11): tall lanky handler. extremely good with reset and handler movement, and also one of the best deep threats in the region easily

Jake Park (#17): great handler, especially in breaking zones, excellent throws on all sides, and can break a cup with ease. also extremely good deep throws

Justin Blakeslee (#00): if it wasnt for injuries halfway through the season, he would’ve been a top ten handler in the region easily. Amazing in the handler set, give-and-goes, dominator. never got challanged by handler defense.

for rookies, John marple (#62) was on of the best cutters period, let alone from rookies in the region. rarely lost any contested jumpballs, absurd athlete throwing himself all over the field. Also extremely sexy

and Sam Bonesteel (#8) had no previous ultimate experience, and yet was relied on since the beginning of the season as a handler and excelled. its very rare a rookie can have that poise while playing in universe points. Amazing puller. Also top 5 coolest names of all time

And lastly, daddy kyle morgan for coach of the year. no doubt. his presencse simply brings calm and tranquility to a team, his drills and techniques improved everyine drastically, his lineup construction doubled our winrate

I’m a club captain from the Metro East, also coach for a college in the region as well. Having had a number of Metro East players on the team throughout the last several years, I want to make sure people know about Evan Sapirman (#37) for TCNJ. Last year I think most would’ve said was TCNJ’s best window with Brian Nigro and Josh Simpson in their last years. Instead, Evan has helped lead TCNJ to a dominant spot in the region with a mid-season peak in the top 20 by raising his game up a level. He’s blistering at offense, beats the mark consistently, he can play dominator or air it out. He’s difficult to stop in the air and is a great athlete. He’s a player who can and will play every point if necessary, and he’s been fundamental to building that team up the past several years. He is absolutely a top player in D-III Metro East.

Heyo, this is Prosser (Conn College).

Thought this year was really fun! Lots of competition, lots of “upsets”, and lots of spirit!

A few (bunch of) people who embodied that:

Evan Sapirman (#37 TCNJ) was the person I found most enjoyable to mark this season. His quickness and smart handler cuts opened up the field well, allowing him and his teammates to throw the disc at varying angles to the entire field. His break throws were money, and he was just as dominant upfield. He embodied perfect spirit of the game, not only being skilled and fair, but being kind throughout the entirety of a hard fought game.

A few others on TCNJ were really good (36 and red headband) and certainly worthy of note!

Jalen (#25 Ithaca) is also very good. He handles very well, taking exactly what is given to him and never being too greedy. He’s got such a pretty backhand break throw, and is also a baller on D. Chill guy as well.

Luke (8) and John (10) from Hamilton are both awesome to play against. They both seem like all they want to do is have fun, and it works so well on the field. Though Luke is tall, and uses his height well, he’s a lot more than that, managing the disc well and cutting well from the handler space. John has some insane throws. I’m still thinking about this crazy low release scoober? he threw against us. But big props to Hamilton, you killed it this weekend.

Rochester: First off congrats and best of luck at natties! I really enjoy playing y’all and am so excited for you. To shout out a few friends from Rochester:

David (26) has become so much better this year. Last year, he was great, but he’s so much more versatile this year. He’s developed into a much better handler who’s confidence on both offense and defense make him even more of a threat.

Cam (20) has improved so much since we saw them last February in New Jersey. His throws are so much better, he’s better in the air, and most of all, his game sense has improved so much.

Could not tell you what Trokel’s number is because he’s always moving so damn quickly, but he played tremendously this weekend. Joel was another player who blew me away with such smooth throws.


It felt like a lot of your very skilled returners really stepped into their abilities this year. Just from watching you at various tournaments and the one time we played at Umass, it seemed like Judah, Barnes and Adam were playing into their strengths very well. The three of you especially torched every zone I saw y’all play and you looked so good all year.

Brick (00) was good last year, but seemed to kind of operate as an agent of chaos. It seemed like he retained the ability to do crazy stuff, while bringing more consistency to his game. He’s really fun to watch and knows the game really well.

Don’t really have much experience guarding these two but Tux (30) and Eli (52) are both rapid and so solid. They’re both the kind of people who can go deep and get it, but you don’t want to force them under because they’re lethal with the disc in their hands.

Army: This was such a good team, and I feel like I could shout anyone out. Everyone on this roster plays so hard and well and as a unit. I think it’s a testament to their coaching and captains. Their coach seems to lead them well and organize them into a style of play that fits their abilities so well. He clearly knows ultimate and is really fun to talk to on the sideline.

As far as my teammates go:

Leo (8) has insane throws. Show me someone in this region who says they have better throws and I’ll show you a liar. Beyond this, he is such a great leader, and has improved in every facet of the game this year. His cuts and defense have gotten so much better, and he had at least 3 athletic plays this year!

Owen (10) was such a consistent player last year and has retained that consistency but added a new level to his game. Last year, he would make an in cut and look back to the handler. This year, he is dominant in the air, handled at times, and was a rock we could always rely on to play the crucial points. If we wanted to win a point, Owen was on the line.

If Owen is on every point we want to win, Liam (15) is on every point. He was already a d line dog last year, but went abroad and learned to throw and cut and play frisbee and is now one of the most exciting players in the region. His number 15 is representative of the number of footblocks he got this year (no joke).

Dylan (13) was a huge addition this year. He’s an athlete, he’s a competitor, he’s a good teammate, and is a jack of all trades on the field. He handles, he cuts, he takes what he’s given by his defender and goes with it. Despite maybe blowing out his knee, he still continued to lay out for crazy grabs and ds all spring.

Our first years Sam (32) and Teddy(27) are huge additions to the squad. Sam is the most positive energy I’ve ever played with and is such a good o line handler. He rarely if ever makes a mistake and is so calm in all situations. In the deep space, he’s unbeatable, and is nimble as all hell on defense. For a big guy, he moves and bids so well.

Teddy came in with so much potential based on his throws and knowledge of the game. Throughout the season, he honed his decision making and improved his defense, making him so much more consistent. He also loves frisbee so much and works his ass off to improve. This weekend was the culmination of his successes this season, as he played so well.

So excited for next year, and good luck at natties Rochester!

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Been in the region off and on as a coach/player, 2005 in Buffalo to Geneseo, UConn and now Wesleyan. Fun to see how competitive the region has become. Loved meeting players and coaches.

Congrats to Rochester, y’all were patient and steady through our zone and we found the right level as competitors to really have a hotly contested final before the final few points.

Losing 10 seniors and making it back is no small feat and should make Biggie the coach of the year…

The handling core, led by David was very steady and found ways through the zone. Incredibly patient and made us have to try a lot of different things.

Hope we get to meet in the future, rivalries are great for making things better.

Other players on other teams worth mentioning.

Geneseo - Noahs legit

Hamilton - 10 and 8 throws and resets

Skidmore - classic dude with the backwards cap I think 26 was tearing it up downfield, 25 as well

army - 15 ran the show but really good group of players

Conn - Prosser and the handling core seemed incredibly stingy when I was able to watch

Cortland - we all know Mark

Ithaca - a few dudes 20, 25, and that one handler who can jack flicks upwind, we knew you weren’t a real 13 seed

Tcnj - Evan has the patience and got tcnj into contention

TCNJ player Evan Sapirman (#37) here.

Congrats to Rochester, you all really turned your season around and were able to still win despite losing some great players you had last season. I feel like I can’t give an all-region team as we never saw Rochester play this season, but I want to talk about a few players that I saw this season that deserve recognition out of this region.

Conn College
Prosser Friedman #20: One of the best all-around players in the region, covered whoever his team needed racking up Ds and did everything they needed him to do offensively. He handled and when he was pushed out of the handler space, he attacked the deep space.
Leo Claney #8: Really great pure handler that was able to attack the weak points of a defense and find openings that others don’t see.
Liam Kohler #15 doesn’t get enough recognition for the motor and talent he has helping drive a small roster.

#59 Jack Noble: When Wesleyan was playing there best frisbee it was because this guy was an absolute offensive machine when playing his best.
I definitely could list another 6 or 7 guys from this team (00, 52, 50, 21) and I think BJ helped hone this team to all be smart, solid players.

#23 Mark Weidman: Do-it-all leader for this team. Talented athlete and thrower.
The rest of this roster has gotten sneaky good (#13, #1, #2) and I think they could be a solid team in the future

#25 Jalen Bolton-Steiner: Great hybrid who takes on the toughest matchups in all of their games.
A lot of young talent on this team (#9, #11, #4) so they could be a team to look out for the next couple of seasons

#10 John Carbone: First time I saw him play and I was blown away. Tall, quick, excellent thrower. Key reason Hamilton was able to make it to the semis this season.

Not the result we wanted at regionals, but we have a lot of players returning for next season that have earned being highlighted:
#36 Macy Desmond: Great handler who knows how to attack space and consistently makes good decisions with the disc.
#13 Marco Guadagno: Athletic, nearly unstoppable first cut who always makes great decisions with disc in hand.
#6 Phil Aufiero: Great handler defender who continues to improve upon his offense.
#21 Ray Wright: Fast, athletic cutter with game breaking speed. At his best, can lockdown the best player on another team.
#10 Matt Demareski, #25 Christian Cota, #18 Shawn McStravock, #27 Cormac Riley, #7 Ryan Whitmore, #61 Ryan Boyle, #8 WEEZE are all solid underclassmen who could take major steps forward next season.

Coach of the Year: Almost must be Biggie from Rochester, retooling from last year to earn another nationals berth.

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Hey y’all it’s Jalen, #25 from Ithaca wanted to shout out some players we faced this year.


Mark Weidman- Genuinely the most annoying player to play against (in the kindest way possible). Has all the throws and makes insane D’s. You can’t throw in the general vicinity of him unless you want to see him flying through the air to get the disc. If he gets one step on you deep he takes off and can make any catch needed of him. See you in the 1v1.


Noah Ofri-Aikman- By far my favorite matchup of the season, he’s deadly in the handler space and throws the most pristine hucks. Up wind, down wind, it doesn’t matter, the disc will simply float right where it needs to be. He’s super shifty which makes guarding him as a reset very hard. On defense he will put his body on the line and can create huge momentum swings with his layout D’s.


Eric Barber- He brings so much spirit to every game I’ve played with him. He’ll always talk through calls and resolve them in quick fashion and is super fun to talk to on the sideline. And he’s also extremely good at frisbee. Both his handler offense and defense are so hard to beat and he will hit any inside throw you mistakenly give him.


Prosser Freidman- We knew Conn would be trouble in the quarters they proved it. Prosser is the backbone of this team, with his patience being the key to his success. He never makes a poor choice in throws and consistently beats his matchups on give-gos. Sometimes he would sneak deep and sky the shit out of us. Super fun guy that I could talk to after points as well.


John Carbone- I was unfamiliar with your game. Always chilly in the handler space but also makes deadly deep cuts which makes it so hard to guard. He uses his height so well which shuts down any deep attempt you try to throw.

Luke Hanson- Super fast and always chilly, he knows how to get open at all times and always looks like he has fun doing it. A very tough matchup for us, this Hamilton team has so much chemistry.


Evan Sapirman- Rallied a smaller TCNJ roster to very impressive peaks this year and played great. In our matchups, he was always quick with his cuts and could throw the disc anywhere on the field.


Jack Noble- This is a testament to all of Wesleyans handlers but especially Jack, the patience and ability to break marks is a deadly combo. He will beat you strike. He will beat you around (pause). He knows how to pick and choose his targets in the most effective ways.

Dennis Cha- Or Brick. So solid in the handler space, consistently was able to break our marks for the around and stretch the field. He’s also sneaky fast and can chase down the disc whenever it’s needed of him.


Team Depth- Rochesters recruitment team has to be insane the way y’all have stayed consistently so good. Everyone on the O and D line gets a shoutout for their consistency and dedication to the sport. Best of luck at natties!

ITHACA (My Boys)

Shoutout to everyone on my team, especially our rookie class for stepping up through adversity.

Jack Butler- This man loves the deep space. In my times of trouble I could huck the disc down the field and trust that any 50/50 ball is just his. From not having played frisbee at all before last year to now his improvement is genuinely insane. Nobody works harder than him and nobody wants it more. Maybe if nationals promised the winner a 30 rack of Busch Light he could have carried us to the chip.

Tommy Cronin- This redhead is extremely quick both on offense and defense. On offense he’ll cook you, on defense he’ll cook you. There’s no way around it. He will layout for anything and always somehow get there. Through broken ribs and busted knees he pushed through this season to become our best defender. We’ve even had to rely on his handling abilities which he stepped up to big time

Mike Colombo- Every year you look forward to gaining a few solid rookies, maybe they’ve heard of frisbee before or played in gym class. Mike here showed up to practice and instantly became one of our best handlers and defenders. It’s rare you find this kind of talent throughout the 4 years of college but we lucked out. He has all the throws, the prettiest hucks and best of all patience. This guy is gonna be a problem in the Metro East for a while.


Ben Kelley- Got this Rochester team fired up for any opponent and grinded their way to win the region back to back.

Bryan Jones- Took an already good Weslayan team to the next level. Threw many confusing defensive looks at us and by the time we figured it out we were down by multiple breaks. If you moved to Ithaca next year we wouldn’t be upset.

Eli Robinson- Not necessarily a coach but took time out of his days to come to our practices and help out. He was huge for us both at sectionals and regionals for his calm composure and very intelligent adjustments. Huge huge thanks to him.

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TIMOTHY LOFTUS FROM UROCHESTER. Kid is absolutely electric, dynamite, and devilishly handsome

Luke Barrett on Cortland goes under the radar. Dude is legit, even though I would lock him up, def deserves an all-region shout.

Hey y’all I’m Luke Barrett(#2, Barry, Oddish, whatever you know me as) from cortland. I just wanna shoutout some names from my team and then people we’ve played.

Mark weidman: #23: What’s understood doesn’t have to be said. Homer pick when I say he’s the best player in the region.
Damon Carroll #13: Pretty much unstoppable offensive force. Insane initialion cutter, might have the best flick in the region. Yeah.
Michael Moran #1: The most unassuming player in the region. Don’t let his age and stature confuse you, he will cook you on any cut.

Rookie mentions: Connor McNeil and James Weilert. Ying and Yang players offensive and defensive forces. Incredible this is their first year.

Ok enough of my team sick players from other teams:
Ithaca: Jalen #25, definition of consistent. Extremely solid in every aspect of frisbee. Also had one of the coolest bids I’ve ever seen at Middletown. Tommy #4 stupid annoying to guard, he’s just quicker than you and will ruin your day as a handler with an insane bid on defense. Cool dude though

Geneseo: Noah(not sure his number) carried the offensive load on his back. Just really really good.

Rochester: that entire roster they’re so good top to bottom and I hate it

Wesleyan: I dont have confirmed names or numbers but the guy they call Barnes and the guy they call Tux are extremely good and a huge reason for their success. Both are great on offense and defense. They also have a handler who I think they call Judah whos very constant with good throws and a cutter (52) that was quick and understood spacing. They coach was also very very smart and it showed in this teams play style.

Hamilton: Luke and John(8 and 10) these two were the reason they beat us at regionals. I think we generated 1 break on defense the entire game. For d3 frisbee thats ridiculously efficient offense. Tall, athletic, smart and a refusal to turn the disc is a combination of factors that made them very good. Also John has made some throws that I would yell at my teammates for trying in a practice. Bro threw a push pash vertical throw for a score against us…what do you even call that??

Great season everyone and can’t wait to play y’all again next year!

Whats up yall, Sam Moritz #24 from SUNY-Geneseo here just wanted to start out shouting out some of the teams we faced this year

ITHACA - played three super competitive games against them between conferences and regionals. All super strong players, but #25 Jalen was super consistent, could really do it all on the field. #20 last name was Butler I think, matched up against him a lot, great athlete, extremely difficult to guard, great in-cuts also great deep threat, super tough to contest those 50/50 balls against. #4 also a crazy athlete had some of the craziest layout catches and d’s against us.

COLGATE - #4 really tall dude, great athlete and also had some crazy throws in his bag as well as #11 Andrew Lass super shifty handler, really tough to guard. Both dudes were also super chill. Also Fuck Sawyer

CORTLAND - #23 Mark Weidman. Couldn’t complete any throw in his general vicinity. Could throw it anywhere he wanted, and impossible to guard.

ARMY- Just had so many guys who could do it all, and could run forever, just a great team all-around shoutout to their coach.

SKIDMORE had a huge Freshman, a great handler, wore a bucket hat. Don’t know the name, apologies

ROCHESTER - didn’t have the opportunity to play against them, but from what I saw, just had so many guys who could get open easily and make great throws, super smooth offense. Extremely impressive to go back-to-back after losing so many seniors

SUNY-GENESEO -just a bunch of guys i want to shout-out in an unbiased manner

#4 Noah Ofri-Akman was the best player in all of our matchups, the centerpiece of our offense. Made life so easy when cutting knowing he has the ability to put the disc in the perfect spot. Didn’t matter what the force was, could get around any mark. Upwind or downwind, didn’t matter, his hucks were always perfect. Also crazy layout d’s on in-cuts. Great athlete as well. Always had the ability to get open when needed. bro is the definition of a human highlight reel

#26 Colby Dreschler really came into his own as a handler this year, became super reliable over-time and was a great complement to noah. Really blossomed into one of the better handlers in the region. Also had lock up defense on any handler.

#0 Justin Blakesslee If it wasn’t for injuries would’ve been one of the most consistent and reliable players. Had some crazy good throws in his bag

#11 Andrew Thompson Handler/cutter really tall guy, used this to his advantage in the deep space. Felt like every 50/50 disc went his way, but also acted as a phenomenal handler at Sectionals and regionals, rarely made any mistakes gonna be the Tim Duncan of Ultimate

#17 Jake Park great handler in a zone offense, can break a cup with ease, and could also huck it deep when needed

Our rookies stepped up huge this year, after losing a huge and talented senior class, they were thrown into vital roles on the team immediately and they all stepped up in a big way and helped exceed our expectations for this year. In particular, Sam Bonesteel #8 was thrown into the fire as a handler this season with no previous ultimate experience due to low numbers and injuries, but really got exponentially better throughout the season and quickly became one of our best players, also John Marple #62 phenomenal cutter, insane athlete and had some crazy layouts this season.

Post regionals, I (Judah, #50 from Wesleyan) wanna shout out some other stand out players:

Hamilton: Luke (#8) was pretty much impossible to guard: he’s about 6’3 or so and can throw with both hands. Saw him cut up other teams zones and I had to match up against him unfortunately-- dude is a killer.

John (#10) was also a monster, saw him throw out some wicked scoobers in a zone and when we tried to match up against him, he was pretty impossible to shut down in the reset space

great team to play-- talented and awesome spirit as per usual


Jonah, Soren, Jasper, Damon, all have leveled up even more this year. Always awesome to play you guys and y’all have great spirit.

#20 (Jack, i think) killed us in the deep space at Northeast Classic. Super fast and lethal with the disc in his hands as well

#25 also had some crazy throws and was difficult to guard in the reset.
#11 has this crazy back hand that he releases like 3 inches off the ground and floats at chest height for 25 yards
#4 is a dog. Had more than his fair share of run through and layout D’s against us this year


#4 was so smart and cut up our so zone whenever he had the disc in his hands.


Dudes will run forever and are so patient with the disc as a team.

I think #15 has been beating us on unders for the last 3 years.

Handlers: #11 and #14 were both so chilly and had great backhands that they could sneak right through our cup.


Mark was a beast this year: Enough said.
#1 would get open on unders all the time and was an absolute menace in the air. Also put his body on the line for some discs that looked impossible yet somehow caught them. Y’all have a brutal zone and would just keep running it even at the endzone line-- it drove me crazy

Prosser was all over the place. Great handler who seemed like he could just keep going when everyone else was tired. His throws are always crispy and he has such a complete knowledge of the game.

Handling Core of Leo, Prosser and Teddy would just walk it up the field and be so chilly. Y’all protected the disc like no one’s business and would find your cutters on like 25 yard unders and it would be over. Wish we got to play y’all more

Y’all proved yourselves to be the best in the region:

Joel and David were so good at getting open in the handler set all game against us. Y’all didn’t huck once and it made sense: you were automatic.
David made a second effort toe-tap in the endzone after one of our guys tipped the disc and it just made me throw my hands up
Trokel would find these tiny little pockets in the endzone to score. (I think he had 4 goals against us that game)
Isaac (#42) made me work for literally everything when y’all played matchup.
#9 was all over the place as a cutter and made a few game-changing catches.

Biggie was a nightmare of a player and still haunts us from beyond as a coach. The Diamond zone y’all threw was, and has historically been, miserable to play against.

Good luck at Natties.


I wanna hype up:
Jack “Barnes” Noble (#59): He pretty much put the team on his back whenever he was on the field. He was pretty much stuck in the handler space for his first two years but BJ (quick shoutout) helped us scheme to get him in the cutter space. The only thing better than getting a throw from Barnes is getting to throw TO Barnes. He is all-around a great player and one of the best in the region.

Daniel “Tux” Glickman (#30): He has been a relentless cutter all season, but he also made some huge, smart, throws for us in Conferences and Regionals that have proven him to be one of the best all around players in the region. He also has been known to step into the handler space and go one for one until we score.

Adam Sussbauer (#17) has gone from being a universal threat on the offensive side of the disc to creating a no fly zone when he is on defense. Being both tall and capable of boxing out, I haven’t seen him skied at all this season.

Denis “Brick” Cha (#00) also creates a no fly zone whenever he’s in the area. He has become an absolute rock as a handler, having not just great decision making, but perfect throwing mechanics that have made him a must-have on every d-line. He goes after every disc and changes games when he is locked in.

im Josh (#4) on oneonta

have to shoutout Mark from cortland as one of the best handlers in our conference

shoutout to #4 from genesseo, very tough to guard, the offense was very good run through him

shoutout to #10 from hamilton, hadn’t played against him before this year and he impressed me

congrats to rochester for making nattys, shoutout to i think numher 25 their handler. whole team is super polished on offense especially, easy to see why they made nattys

as far as my own team, shoutout the freshman #2 jayden tsoi. one of the best deep threats ive played with and only in year 1

shoutout to #26 david decicco, #20 emmett bird , #15 conrad freed, and #10 justin white on my own team

Colby Drechsler (#26) from SUNY Geneseo here:

UofR - Congrats on another nationals bid! Dynasty seems like the right word, but we’re coming for it next year :wink:

Weseleyan - Just an overall gross team. The addition of BJ was definitely the cherry on top. Every single player looked like they can throw confidently, and almost seemed like they didn’t have a central 2-3 handlers.Tall blonde dude was definitely the stud, will be some fun competition next year

Ithaca - Red head was absolutely gross, every single point he always got the unders and was able to gain yards getting it back to the handlers. Had a crazy bid at the back of the end zone that was just perfectly placed and couldn’t be defended

Cortland - Mark. Will be interesting to see how they do without him next year. Shoutout to Geneseo Alumni Legs for coaching the team

Colgate - Had 2 super reliable handlers that have great spirit of the game, always a fun match up

GENESEO - not a bad showing this year considering we lost more than half our team this year, and a bunch of dudes had to take their place…
Noah Ofri-Akman #4- kid is a stud, and makes our team really shine. A central handler that knows the game front to back. At times, it looks like he’s playing a different game from everyone else. Will not ever hesitate to lay out (especially on an in cut), and will definitely sky or bid on anyone to get the disc. Spirit is un matched, and thats all you can really ask for in a co cap
Sam (sticky hands) Moritz #24- Loved seeing him step into a handler roll which was a huge change from previous years. Dude was deadly in the deep space and was confident and able enough to run a reset cut
Andrew Thompson #11- Really stepped into his tall man role, and is able to sky anybody and everybody. His vertical is surprisingly high, and can read a disc every single time. Stepped into a huge man handler role, and his around backhand is one to not be messed with
Jake Park #17 - Able to throw really good breaking the cup throws, and will come out of nowhere on defense. Really came into his deep throws last weekend
Bones #8 - Brand new rookie that instantly got threw on U line. Never really touched a disc in his life but he just plays the sport so well. Defense is disgusting, and if we can get him to bid he’s gonna be even more gross. Really looking forward to his hander development, and overall as a player.

Shoutout to Kyle Morgan to being our tournament coach and calling lines. With his lines, our win rate has just skyrocketed, and our lines are really obvious when he is not around. Super excited for next year, good luck UofR!

Shoutout #8 on Hamilton and #26 on URochester. Both are very confident throwers and hustle.