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All-Region 2024: Metro East (D-III Women’s)

Who are the best players in the Metro East region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Ashley Schlinger, Skidmore. (transferred from U.Vermont)

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#8 Chloe and #3 Ariane Hurwitz, #2 Lia Cagnetta, and #58 Lucinda Olson from Hamilton College. Elite players. Tough cookies. All very deserving of an All Metro East roster spot.

Hi everyone! Rochester EZs captain here. I want to recognize a few players from my team who have been instrumental to our team’s success and highlight some other players from teams that we’ve played against this season.


  • Lucinda Olson (#58) - Extremely reliable handler with amazing throws, great field vision, and very solid defense. Also one of the most spirited players in our region.


  • Nora Whorton (#5) - I’m proud to call Nora one of my closest friends and former high school teammate. She’s led her team as captain for the past two years and her love and passion for the game is inspiring. She’s a very reliable handler with beautiful hucks and is great at giving her teammates directions on and off the field.


  • Grace Wang (#13) - Crazy good handler with super quick throws and great field vision. Definitely one of Ithaca’s most valuable players. Very spirited too.
  • Joe Mukamal (#25) - Extremely reliable handler with amazing hucks and great spirit.


  • Lilly Yang-Schmidt (#36) - Amazing handler who absolutely dominates the field. Beautiful throws, very speedy, and great handler movement. It’s always fun to watch her play.


  • Maggie Brown (#17) - Beautiful throws, really great field vision, and plays a huge role in driving Wesleyan’s offense.
  • Margaret Heffernan (#18) - Always a very reliable player with nice spirit.
  • Scout Noble (#27) - Never gives up on the disc, great throws, solid defense. Should certainly be considered for All-Freshman.


  • My two co-captains Emily Xu (#23) and Allie Kuck (#16) - Both are great leaders on and off the field. Emily is an absolutely incredible player whose presence on the field can change an entire game. She has beautiful hucks, great vision for continuations, and is a very speedy cutter. She’s also never afraid to put her body on the line for some amazing layouts. Allie is a very reliable handler who plays with so much grit and determination. Very strong at defense and also has great vision when handling on offense.
  • Marlena Berger (#9) - Extremely reliable player with beautiful hucks and vision. She uses her many years of experience to her advantage and raises the level of play of everyone on the field. One of the best players in the region and should certainly be considered for All-Freshman.
  • Tay Harvey (#29) - Absolutely crazy in the deep position, both on offense and defense. Tay can go up against multiple people and always come down with the disc. Also a very fast handler who opponents really struggle to guard. She should most definitely be considered for All-Freshman.
  • Nazahah Hasan (#26) - Incredible at driving our offense from the cutting space. Her give-and-goes with teammates help us work the disc down the field quickly and effectively. Plays with a lot of heart that inspires the team on and off the field.
  • Beth Duncan (#25) - People would never be able to tell that this was Beth’s first time participating in the series. She’s an incredibly hard worker who will catch anything thrown in her general vicinity. One of our top cutters for sure.
  • Kaitlin “Bernie” Chung (#13) - Very reliable as both a handler and cutter. She’s an extremely hard worker who’s very effective on offense and defense. One of our best marks despite her small size. I know she’ll do an amazing job leading the team next year as captain.
  • Minsaw Kwak (#3) - Probably our most improved player this year. She started at the end of last semester and has already earned a spot on multiple U-lines. Crazy field awareness, amazing defense and layout Ds, and an extremely reliable cutter. Also very coachable and responds well to feedback.
  • Mary MacAdam (#2) - I’m so lucky to have had the chance to play with my younger sister this year. She has a gift for finding holes in the defense as a popper. I know she’ll keep having a large impact on the team for years to come.

Ashley Schlinger (Skidmore). Beast. POTY. MVP. Cannot be stopped. Offensive virtuouso. Defensive machine. Possibly the best player to ever come out of Four Rivers. On boys. Sexy with it.