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All-Region 2024: New England (D-I Men’s)

Who are the best players in the New England region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Ryan Bliss is the greatest handler to ever grace the fields of the New England region, bringing his rugged farm boy strength to a division full of city slickers who just simply aren’t ready. His crafty flick blades destroy any defenders hope at a successful roll with the precision of a EGO Power+ ST1502SA 15 in. 56 V split shaft weed whacker. His versatility in throwing power and precision allows him to both carve up a short field and punish any foolish defender who decides to test his range and front their guys, hitting deep targets like a 70 pound PSE carbon air stealth mach 1 bow. Oh you thought Jacques and Mac Hecht are effective handlers? Think again. Ryan can do it all, he will run through to the end zone with the velocity (and weight) of a Maoifaec Powerful 5000-Watt Motor 4 seat Electric Golf Cart, mowing through defenders like a S100 42 in. 17.5 HP Gas Hydrostatic Riding Lawn Mower demolishes grass. Deep threat, center handler, just like the John Deere series 6E tractor, he’s got it all. Ignore him at your peril, because like John Deeres bulletproof return and insurance policy, he’s always gonna be there, and you can’t ever get rid of him.


Another killer in the division is Declan “the hogshead” Kervick. A student of the game if there ever was one, he consistently makes the right cuts at the right time, getting open in spaces big and small. A couple underrated things about Kervick are his mastery of timing and his control of game pace, he get open at the exact right time, and throws to leading spaces at the right times, often orchestrating great tempo long after he releases the disc. About his throws… they’re creative and insane, working well enough to be considered genius, when he’s dialed he could be the best thrower in the division. On top of all of that, he’s also becoming a pretty solid deep threat, amazing what can happen with a healthy bod.

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Jacques Nissen, Leo Gordon, Peter Boerth, Wyatt Kelman, Declan Kervick, Caelan McSweeney, and “fan-favorite” CJ Kiepert

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Im Declan and I’m gonna ramble bout players at regionals.
Uvm didn’t play umass or brown at regionals so I’m not gonna include them but Jacque, leo, Caelen, kinda carter, Gavin, and Sam green are all pretty cracked.

Drew (Dartmouth) and Rauri (McGill) almost beat us single-handedly and that sucked. Peter (NE) and Oscar (tufts) were the best played I guarded and also did some carry work. Cj carried us to winning all games Sunday being the best player on the field all 3 games.
I’d say from the Bummy bracket all region is:
Me (if frisbee was only about marking)
Owen (NE)

Shoutout to #24 on northeastern who made me look silly.

Notable freshman (idk who are freshman on most teams)
Jovan strange UVM (clutch layout blocks and game changing pressure on resets)

Ethan Lieman umass (podium o line guy for them and the exact kind of matchup that I never want to take)

Ton of other guys from umass as well like Taylor, calan, and my freshman year roommates cousin (sorry I forget your name.)


Drew Loughnane (Dartmouth). Insanely high impact player on both offense and defense to help carry Dartmouth’s performance this past weekend.

Fr Ruari is red Godzilla. Was not guarded by anybody this weekend and emotionally led McGill.

Also Kai O’Donnell needs to get the love he deserves. He a freshman. Skied some of the best deeps in the region regularly, constantly outran everybody on o and d while playing almost all points down the stretch of big games. Has wisdom beyond his years nobody trynna match up w him.

I thought the curly haired cutter on brown was fire too

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This is from a player on a strong team in the division so it is bias.

I will start of with the all region category, I am just going to list the 7 best players in no particular order with a couple honorable mentions.

Caelen McSweeney (Umass)
Gavin Abrahamson (Umass)
CJ Kiepert (UVM)
Leo Gordon (Brown)
Jacques Nissen (Brown)
Oscar Graff (Tufts)
Wyatt Kellman (Umass)

Honorable Mentions:

Zack Watson-Stevens (UVM)
Peter Boerth (Northeastern)
Declan Kervick (UVM)
Ruari McEwan (McGill)
Will Christian (Umass)

In my eyes Leo and Jacques plus Caelan and CJ are locks as being the best players on the best teams, gave Brown two because they are both equally impactful. I think the next 3 spots are more debatable.

Next all rookie/freshman in no particular order but in my opinion Ethan Lieman is the D1 ROY:

Ethan Lieman (Umass)
Taylor Hanson (Umass)
Eli Chang (Brown)
Calan Kirkpatrick (Umass)
Ethan Schiff (Umass)
Jovan Strange (UVM)
Wilson Wu (Tufts)

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