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All-Region 2024: New England (D-III Women’s)

Who are the best players in the New England region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Williams College NOVA undoubtedly has some of the most passionate and talented players in the region. Senior captain Coco Rhum has been playing ultimate since high school, and her wisdom and drive is unmatched. As a handler, Coco conducts the field with intense but intentional guidance. Her cuts are lightning quick and perfectly timed. Her hucks are bold but accurate, and she never fails to challenge her defender. Coco has added so much to collegiate ultimate frisbee over the years. Her senior captain counterpart, Joanie Cha, is also a beast in the region. Joanie is an incredibly versatile player, exhibiting near perfection as both a handler and a cutter. Joanie has unfortunately been injured a few times over the past few seasons, but bounced back this Spring with no problem at all — they came back faster and stronger than ever before. Joanie is one of the most dedicated players out there, to both the sport and to their team. Joanie is also an ideal example of sprit of the game, always calmly communicating calls during games, teaching their team appropriate hand signals, and cheering on opposing teams. Junior Emily Stanger is also an offensive legend. She never fails to catch deep hucks in the end zone, and is consistently one of the highest scoring players on Nova. Her energy is boundless. In terms of the future of the team, sophomore Aliza Cotton has huge things ahead. In only two seasons on nova, Aliza has proven themself as both a reliable handler and cutter. They are one of the strongest young players in the region, and risen as an incredible talented leader on the field.


I’m one of the Wellesley coaches so I’m not going to mention anyone on our team, but here are my shoutouts from NE. (Apologies for anything I get wrong. Not every team wore numbered jerseys.)

Bates: Midas (#5?) - great underneath cutter, reliable catching, both quick first step and fast straight line speed, always a tough matchup

Williams: #31 Coco - reliable handler, athletic bids, quick first step, nice throws;
#3 Skylar - unfortunately didn’t play at Regionals but is great as evidenced by last year’s Nationals performance

Middlebury: #35 Keziah - what hasn’t been said already, watch out for that flick huck, monster pulls too

Brandeis: Flame - might have the best pulls in NE, insane throwing arsenal, great leader;
Kiwi - excellent cutter w great catch radius, smart defender

MoHo: Potts & Eldridge - up there for best handling duo in the region, can break you any which way, very smart and take advantage of what they’re given

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Hi! This is Aliza from Nova.

Around the region:
Didn’t play Wellesley at regionals but Annika/Sid is a great all around player.
Keziah is obviously incredible (not much else to say about reigning POTY lol) but Sarah Rifkin is also a great handler with monster throws, and Pearl is an excellent receiver.
On Moho, Charlotte is incredibly hard to guard-- great cutter.
Midas on Bates is super speedy.
Amherst is on the rise-- don’t sleep on them over the next few years :eyes: look out for Sophia and Charis.

Now for some Nova shoutouts:
Coco Rhum is an absolute beast on the field-- great defender, great jukes and cuts on offense, bid form like no other. Joanie Cha is one of the best cutters in the region. They are incredibly athletic and also they have incredible hucks. Emily Stanger is an incredible receiver. Absolutely jaw dropping hops and the ability to go from horizontal to vertical in a split second. See the numbers she put up at nationals last year. Seniors Nawon Lee, Catherine “Geeg” Rhame and Katherine “Wheels” Yang are also impressively reliable cutters. Remember the names Maxine George and Susanna Boberg. You’ll see them as an unstoppable handler-receiver duo soon enough.