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All-Region 2024: Northwest (D-I Men’s)

Who are the best players in the Northwest region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

First a plug for my boys:

  • Chad Yorgason - unstoppable on offense and defense. He is on the toughest matchup in every game and commanding the field after forcing a turn.
  • Simon Dastrup: With two torn labrums, two torn rotator cuffs and little time to condition he was a terror everywhere for other teams at Centex and Northwest Challenge. Throws, cuts, offense, defense…He’s got it.

From other teams:

  • Utah State’s Tony Mounga: It has been amazing to watch him develop over the last couple years. His game has rounded out really well. He has always been an athlete, but his IQ is now outpacing his athleticism. He’s in good positions, reads offenses and spaces well.
  • Washington’s Jack Brown: I mean, we all know him pretty well at this point. I think what stood out to me about his game this year was his throwing bag seems much deeper than when I have watched film on him before. There is more touch, better reads on the space, and the right pacing of the throws to hit people in stride.
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Agree with Jensen’s thoughts above.
I would also add Will Selfridge from ZCU. He is the hardest player to guard in the region, and maybe in the country. On top of that, he plays shut down defense and has all the throws. He would be well deserving.

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Carter Bayer (UW Sundodgers/U20 Canada) should not only be in the conversation for Northwest Freshman of The Year but also the National conversation for the award. Bayer is an integral part of the O-line for the Sundodgers as a freshman and normally draws the best defenders on lines alongside Jack Brown. As the season has gone on, he’s started to cross over onto the D-line and has had solid performances vs teams like Cal (3x) (vs Gavin May), Oregon State (vs Renzema/Moren), and had at least 5 Goals/Assists both times they played BYU. In all of the streamed UW games (Carleton, Colorado, etc.), Bayer has stood out as a dominant cutter with his 6’5 frame and it seems like he doesn’t struggle against some of the toughest defensive matchups in the division. I expect him to have a dominant performance at Regionals following up his good conference run against teams like OSU and Oregon (2x).


Jack Brown (UW Sundodgers, Seattle Cascades, World champion) is not only the best player in his region but one of the best players in the country. The value that he brings to the UW Sundodgers is more than any one player brings to a team. His throwing ability has improved tremendously over the last couple seasons and has made him a much more versatile player. He is unguardable in any cutter stack and is not only explosive horizontally but vertically as well (DO NOT try and jump with him). His defensive positioning and field awareness has also improved exponentially from when he was a d line player back in 2020. Now, he is a do it all player on both sides of the ball and 100% has my vote for this years POTR award. I have been an avid fan of the sundodgers for years now (back when people like manny eckert were playing) and I can confidently say that Jack Brown is not only the best player to come out of UW but also the most exciting to watch.


1st team:
yack brown (UW)
Chander Boyd-Feudalism (ego)
mike grass (Ego)
Tony mungbeans (Utah State)
Will Suffer (guarding him
Putanrizzo (Uvic handler guy)
Felix (OSU)

2nd team:
Kaplan (Ego)
Raekwon (duh)
Max Massey (dude is so raw)
That one tall dude on OSU - great cutter in deep space and sauces up throws
Ryan Liao ( super athletic, great gutter, sick lay out D’s)
and then a couple guys on UBC I guess.

Also I don’t know whose account this. Sorry [email protected]

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Our Team (UVIC)

Nyle Lebbel - Uvic cutter (jumps really high)
Max Pettenuzzo - Uvic Handler guy
Lochlan Margison - D line guy (jumps really high)


Hunter Cochrane - U20 Team Canada (gets up and layouts)
Tyler Jones - Amazing rookie and most underrated one in the region. His cuts are deadly and he has one turnover all year (he prides himself on this)

Vets Other teams

Jack Brown UW
Tony M Utah state
John Hof Utah state
Will Selfridge Utah
Mika Oregon

Rookies Other teams

Carter Bayer UW (he’s also Canadian)

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First team
*Jack Brown - UW

  • Mica Glasa - Ego
  • Felix Moren - OSU
  • Will Selfridge - Utah Zion
  • Tony Mounga - Utah State
  • Martin Le - UW
  • Chander-Boyd Fliegal - Ego

2nd team

  • Johnny Hoffman - Utah State
  • Austin Hasbrook - Utah Zion
  • Justin Podnar - UBC
  • Elijah Diamond - Western
  • Max Pettewhatever - Uvic
  • Max Massey - Ego
  • Ben Theonnes - OSU

all rookie

  • Raekown - Ego
  • Carter Bayer - UW
  • Max Pettewhatever - think hes a rookie not sure
  • Callahan - Ego
  • Zoli - Western
  • Vaughn - UW
  • dont know other rookies but Carter Bayer should 100% be ROY > any of the rookies mentioned/not
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