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All-Region 2024: Northwest (D-III Men's)

Who are the best players in the Northwest region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

From Reed (my team): Mattia Cassell (absolute dog, MVP of sectionals ask anyone), Aiden Hsu (all freshman), Josh Spieth
From Lewis & Clark: Ben Travers
From Whitworth: Jacob Robblee (goat)

Whitworth: Jake Robblee


Whitman player here, I’m gonna drop a ton of names.

1st team:

  • UPS: Sahaj Olivar (One of the best all-around players and throwers in the entire division)
  • L&C: Max Zwerin (Terrifying, no one on a D-line wants to guard him), Leo Farley (Crazy athletic, easily one of the best players in the division)
  • Whitworth: Jake Robblee
  • UP: Nick Jacobsen (If he’s a first year he should also be on the all-freshman team. Amazing player)
  • Whitman: Nico Darringer (Probably the best cutter in the division), Colin Pfister (Really great defender, plays the most out of any Whitman player)

2nd team:

  • Whitman: Ben Canty (Heart and soul of our team, doesn’t get enough attention), Elan Gorham Siegler, Lyle Hahn
  • Whitworth: Tommy Chase
  • Reed: Aiden Hsu, Josh Speith
  • UP: Jonah Talmadge

All-freshman (not positive all these guys are first-years):

  • Whitman: Max Flemming
  • L&C: Tyler Shelton (For both Max and Tyler, it takes a lot to be an O-line hander as a freshman, they both are incredibly consistent and handle it very well)
  • Reed: Aiden Hsu
  • Whitworth: Tommy Chase
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My teams nominations Whitworth:

1st team: Jake Robblee sr

2nd team: Ethan Wagner sr

All frosh: Tommy Chase and Joshua Everest (was injured at regionals :disappointed: )

Reed Mattia Cassell
Whitman: Nico Darringer
UP: senior handel (don’t know name)

Coach shout outs: PLU, Reed, and Whitman