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All-Region 2024: Ohio Valley (D-I Women's)

Who are the best players in the Ohio Valley region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

From what I’ve seen of the Pennsylvania conference:

Carnegie Mellon:
Duffy/Jed/Rosa are excellent coaches. Not as familiar with their players as of yet.

Caroline Bach
Chaily Derecskey
Dagny Lott
Grace Maroon

Penn State:
Olivia Steinberg

Helen Wu
Celeste Picone
Katya Piskun

Grace Hodges

West Chester:
Emma Hamilton
Lindsay McKenna (Head Coach)

Less familiar with the Ohio conference, but Isabelle Deputy (Case Western Reserve) is an outstanding player.

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Truly deafening about of discussion in here.

After this weekend, I have to add HG Morrison. OSU’s performance when they were on vs off the field was starkly different in the semi-finals- splits were something like 4-4 on and 8-1 when off.

Graham Cunningham also deserves a mention here.

Highly agree with the above list!!

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Eli Burkhardt out of Cincinnati is an elite thrower and knows the game so well. Toxic will miss her next year

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Just wanted to add other players to the conversation who have not been mentioned yet and deserve some recognition:

Haley Young - Penn State

Insanely intelligent player with extraordinary field awareness. Haley is a key leader for Penn State who has notably stepped up in the past few years. She will readily fill in for any role and excels anywhere on the field. Layouts, snags, deep hucks, continuation throws and catches, run through Ds - you name it and Haley can do it. She does not get enough praise because she makes the most difficult plays look way too easy.

Annalie Ayers - Penn State

Versatile player who helped anchor D-Line this year in the handling position. Annalie is great at building defensive pressure to generate turns and then facilitating offensive flow on the other side of the disc. She also made some crucial plays in the deep space this year and is a reliable option to win those 50/50 tossups in the air.

Liv Steinberg - Penn State

Already mentioned earlier in this thread, but more hype is justifiable. Liv scores a large portion of goals and is elite as an offensive player though is arguably the biggest defensive asset on the team as well. She has recently continued to developed her throwing ability to effortlessly break any mark and become a threat whenever she has possession of the disc.

Vic Chen - Carnegie Mellon

Tough matchup who challenged our team in several games throughout the season. Vic had several awe worthy moments on both ends of the field during the series and is a talented all-around player.

Linda Liu - Temple

Passionate, vocal, and skilled leader. Linda has incredible long range throws. She is always willing to put her body on the line especially during high pressure situations and can perform in clutch time.

Grace Maroon - UPenn

Also mentioned already, however, major props need to be given to Grace for a remarkable season. She had a huge layout D highlight on top of many significant plays in the game-to-go at Regionals to help send UPenn to Nationals. By far the obvious choice for rookie of the year in the Ohio Valley region, but definitely has a valid case for overall ROTY in the whole college division.