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All-Region 2024: South Central (D-III Men’s)

Who are the best players in the South Central region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

These are my takes as a Wasabi player for people on my team who deserve these awards

All-region: Oliver van Linder is a shoe in. He is one of the best handlers in the country as a sophomore and a team leader as well.

Tanner Flagg, Will Wallace, and Eliot Kirkham are all star players and major contributors for Wasabi.

For some younger guys, the Twin Towers of Wasabi, Cooper Quatrochi and Leo McGharagan are absolute beasts on the Wasabi O-line

All freshman: Isaac “Isaac Grills” Holtz or Nico Martinez are both reliable D-line players for 'Sabi and would be very deserving of this.

Our coaching staff is also great as well.

Missouri S&T here!

Just going down a list in no particular order.
Truman- Jeff (Lobster), Andy and Diego. Jeff is a solid handle that’s so frustrating to play against who is always running around and making tight throws. Andy is their vet that just can’t seem to graduate (in the nicest way possible). His hucks rival all of the top handles in the nation and he’ll let you know that a few times each game. Diego is the best defender in the nation for D3 ultimate. He’s an athletic specimen that shuts down your best cutter anytime he’s on the field.

JBU- Love to our brothers from JBU. Most spirited team you’ll ever meet.
Caleb has been their cutter for years. Somehow he can always beat you deep even though you force under. McDonald has developed to be their handle and he did a great job QBing this year. Headley is their up-and-coming cutter who killed it on d line this year.

Harding- Another very spirited team that pulled out some big wins this year in the regular season. Steven and Justin are their guys. When they lock eyes on the field, you know somethings about to happen. Great throws and movement from both of them.

OC- Super strong team that has so many good players that no one person can stick out too far. Two usual suspects are E-man and Sammy Roberts. All around amazing players. This year cooper stuck out to us with multiple layout ds.

Mines- Wish we played yall more so we could get to know names a little better.
Dane (#8) was a good cutter that had great throws as well.

Ollie is a textbook handle. Saucy throws and fakes that will have you biting hard as the mark. Very shifty and knows when and how to get the disc back. Your super tall blonde d line handle (#74) shredded our zone a few too many times. Very chilly while also throwing many over the top blades. Will was a very smart player and good defender.

Trinity- Laser hammer guy. Kid threw a hammer that stayed at head height for 25 yards and was completed!


JBU Ironfist player here, just gonna mention players who I think deserve some shoutouts for their stellar play, starting with the Ozarks section because it’s one of the best (although I’m biased of course):


Honestly I could mention basically any player on their roster this year, they were absolutely dominant and extremely well coached so shout out to the team and Garrett. Also you could see the fire and desire to win in their eyes and gameplay so watch out D3 Nattys, they’re out for blood

Sammy Roberts is a great handle and leader for one of the best teams in the nation. His decision making is top notch and his throws are smooth

Ryan Loui-Ying is craaazzy good and just saucy on the cuts. I’m guessing he’s got the clutch gene too, but our game against them wasn’t particularly close so sadly I didn’t get to see that in action lol

Thomas (I forget his last name, my bad) was outworking us and was playing with swagger (those were some nice Pit Vipers) and skill all game…glad to see him healthy and dominating again, he torched us time and time again with spicy cuts and throws

Logan Krehbiel and Logan Hammersmith are both great players who have taken bigger roles with the team this year and excel at what they do. Looking forward to watching this team compete on the national stage

I almost forgot to mention E-man which is crazy because the dude is an ever present baller for OC. Super reliable, top tier defender and super versatile, could probably start for almost any D3 team at either handle or cutter and on either line. I also genuinely don’t think I’ve ever seen him make a mistake

Great team with great spirit. This is a game which we always look forward to because these dudes are like those cousins who you see at family reunions and you hang out with them and have an awesome time. It says a lot about the program when they lose the type of players they did and still make Nattys the next year.

Sam Papin might be one of the shiftiest handlers you will ever have to guard. An absolute beast and always finds a way to get open.

Wes Fransen is elite and also a really funny dude. Throws are nice and he doesn’t only rely on his great athleticism to make plays, he also has great IQ and skill to get open consistently

Truman St

Love playing against these guys every time, it’s always competitive and never gets chippy. Also they have a really funny sideline and group of guys and they make me laugh a lot. If there was a funniest team in D3 I’d 100% nominate them for that. Can we make that a thing? Anyways, it’s always a privilege to ball out (disc out? idk) with these guys

Diego is the best defender in the region, quite possibly the nation and it’s sad that he won’t be able to show that off at Nattys cause he legit could win DPOTY. Dude is really really good at both handle and cutter defense and it’s awful to try to play against, but really cool to watch (as long as he isn’t playing us lol). Not a one dimensional player either, he cooks on offense with his athleticism and decisiveness as well as nice throws

Both Riley Scott and Jeffery Laubscher deserve a mention. Good players, good throws, good spirit. Solid with the fundamentals and have the ability to make flashy plays


Young team with a lot of absolute dawgs. Super respectful and got some sort of drive cause they always are out here working with a small roster like ultimate is a 9 to 5 job and they are making 6 figures. David Goggins would be proud

Justin Mills is the backbone of this team. Crazy good with the hucks and a good team player and leader.

Two players to watch for the future are Mike Mensah and Denver Mitchell. Both are already getting high level reps and are good athletes. Denver is quick and shifty in the handler space and Mike has an instinct for getting open and making plays.

Moving on to the rest of the region, we didn’t play against y’all as much, so it’s going to be briefer


Good team with good athletes and good coaching. Didn’t play them, but we know how good they are

Oliver Van Linder is a star. There’s already so much written and said about his skill, so I’m just going to leave it at that. But dang he’s jaw-dropping good (literally I watch him play and my jaw drops)

There are other solid and good players on this team, but we didn’t have the chance to compete against them :frowning:


Another good team (seems to be a theme here in the SC) with exceptional coaching. They are never out of a game no matter the score because of this

Randy Lahm is a Mines legend in the making if not already. Wrecked us last year in the game to go and is one of the most consistent players I have ever played against with nice throws and good handler movement

I don’t know his name, but goodness gracious #8 was cracked. Made crazy throws, laid out basically every play (including bid Ds), and skied us. All round DAWG


Well spirited team all around with lots of potential. I can’t remember names (sorry!!), but had some athletic and skilled players. Some nice throwers too who could hit some tough blade throws and challenge our zone.

Finally, I have to brag on our guys:

Caleb Schwing definitely deserves all region. Dude is a beast both with his cheeky throws and nasty cuts. Has carried us and is the heart and soul of the team. Super dedicated to the sport and loves to compete. Leader of men and certainly a gentleman and scholar. If ultimate had player ratings similar to 2k/Madden/FIFA, this dude would be at least a 90 overall. Great guy, super kind and if a zombie apocalypse was happening and the only way to defeat it was with the power of friendship and good ultimate, I’d 10000% join up with him.

Andrew Headley might be the best athlete I’ve ever met and that’s including the fact that I went to middle school with Cason Wallace (nba player for OKC thunder if you don’t watch basketball also subtle flex lol). Beast on both offense and defense and I swear gravity doesn’t apply to him or he has double jump abilities idk.

Anyway this is a long post and I apologize, but I genuinely think it’s deserved cause this is the most competitive region in the nation (in my humble opinion). On behalf of Ironfist, it’s a joy to play against all y’all and we look forward to competing again in the future and continuing D3 South Central dominance


JBU Ironfist player.
As a freshman, I don’t have the extensive knowledge of all region caliber players shown in this thread, but there are two players who do come to mind.

Truman’s Diego is a fantastic player, other entrys have discussed his defensive abilities, but he also has incredible throws and really savvy cuts, especially in the handle space. He has the distinction of being the only player this year who has forced me to call for a permanent man matchup switch after a turn due to being completely outclassed. A great spirit too.

I’ll also second S&T’s nomination of our own Caleb Schwing. 04 is far and away the greatest player I’ve ever seen. Great frisbee IQ and incredible athleticism. He slots in to any line anywhere we need him. A beast in the cup, he’s the key to the JBU zone. Crazy sharp throws, always 100% on his cuts, he is the epitome of a hybrid player who just keeps the offense flowing. I’d be willing to bet he has as many layout D’s as he has layout scores. He consistently wins man matchups in the deep space, beating significantly taller players with superior positioning, timing, and athleticism. What sets Caleb apart more than any athletic feat though is that Schwing is a true leader. He works harder than any of us, has put on throwing clinics, talks through film, has been available to work 1-1 with his players, cares for them as individuals, and prays with and for them. He’s invested many hours in me individually and has shaped the way I play and the drive that I have. Caleb’s is the voice I hear and face I see when I’m on a run and don’t want to keep pushing. I couldn’t have asked for a better captain and friend.


First Team
Billy van Linder- CC
Randy Lahm- Mines
Sam Papin- S&T
Zachary Sanders- S&T
Caleb Schwing- JBU
Justin Mills- Harding
Diego Butron- TSU

Second Team
Eliot Kirkham- CC
Riley Scott- TSU
Wes Fransen- S&T
Micai Shoots- Mines
Andrew Headley- JBU
Tanner Flagg- CC
Jeff Laubscher- TSU

Toshio Marr- Mines
Jaedron Mueller- Trinity
Seth Owirodu- Trinity
Steven Burdge- Harding
Will Wallace- CC
Jackson Macdonald- JBU


Boots, one of the Mines coaches here

In no particular order:
#16 S&T - Sam Papin: The most dominant player we saw all weekend. Once that Sam Papin train starts, it’s impossible to stop. His throws, his cuts, it’s insane. I’m confident he played in every corner of the field in our semifinal matchup.

#4 JBU - Caleb Schwing: An absolutely relentless player that does everything this team needs and more. Caleb makes cuts like the ground owes him money.

#11 CC - Ollie van Linder: Ollie is not only a pleasure to watch, but a lovely human as well. 1st Team All-Smile.

#74 CC - Eliot Kirkham: Eliot is a defensive force to be reckoned with. Don’t even bother throwing to his side of the field.

#99 TSU - Diego Butron: An outstanding ultimate player who was clowning on folks all weekend. On top of this, he’s a joyous sideline presence.

Truman State - In general, it was truly a blast playing your squad. At first I thought y’all were milking the clock (because I’m an asshole, I’m very sorry), but after a while, I realized you guys were just having a blast playing ultimate with the homies. Y’all dropped some comedic gems that had AJ and I in stitches on the sidelines, plus you played your balls off against us. Can’t wait for the next rematch.

Alright, now it’s time to gush about our Entropy standouts:

#8 Cade Colston: Cade is hands down the most incredible captain I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness in my years of coaching. Cade is accutely dialed into the wants and needs of his team. He’s a born leader who led by example in every aspect of the game this season. From his deep puts and high-pointing discs in the stratosphere to his decisive decision-making, we’ll miss him immensely. His immense growth has been a lovely thing to see. We’re so proud of what he’s done this year.

#15 Max Kugel: Max plays phenomenal defense with an unreal vision for where the next play will happen. He’s an absolute firecracker. Max has palpable passion for his teammates and most especially, this sport. I’m so grateful to have gotten to know him and watch him play these past few years.

#29 Preston Nash: Preston is the beating heart of this team. His effortless charisma is only matched by his adept ability to generate turnovers. He’s a tremendous cutter and defensive stalwart. 1st Team All-Smile.

#31 Jaryl Tay: Our U24 Worlds player from Singapore who showed up on our doorstep in January ready to make noise for this team. Jaryl was immediately plugged into what we were trying to achieve and he gave his full self to the effort. Sometimes acting as an additional coach, but mostly as an insane athlete, we appreciate Jaryl calling Entropy his home while he makes a name for himself in ultimate scenes around Colorado.

#34 Toshio Marr: Toshio’s consistency downfield was always something the team could rely on. Whether he’s popping in a zone or making the right play on the goal line, Toshio let his on-field product speak for itself.

#47 Peter Wade: Peter’s ascendance to an O-line handle took dedication and work that ought to be recognized. He’s a patient distributor of the disc who never gets rattled. His leadership on this team will reverberate for years to come.

#24 Micai Shoots: Cai made one of the most unreal defensive recovery plays in crunchtime of our semifinal matchup. He’s an electric precense on the field and an exceptionally perceptive individual in the huddle.

#23 Derek Liebich: I don’t even know where to start about Derek. He can (and will) do everything he wants on the ultimate field. His situational awareness is unmatched and he throws his body around like a madman. You can also tell he’s having the most fun out of anyone out there.

#10 Randy Lahm: Randy’s legend continues to grow. Entropy is privileged to have one of the most skilled players in D-III on our roster. He can cook defenders into several kinds of cuisines. Randy is Him.

#63 Carter Gonzalez: Carter has the unreal ability to play at the same intensity the entire weekend. His flawless handler defense is a motor fueled by blocks and high stall counts.

#13 Dashiell May: Dash is a rarity. A freshman handle who’s rock solid on the O-line? Pinch me cause I must be dreamin’.

#12 Jack Fortune: Jack’s unassuming athleticism will make your jaw drop. Fortune is cash money. A certified gamer and another freshman standout.

Shoutout to South Central for putting on a show every spring. Tons of respect for every team who competes in this dogfight of a tournament every year.


This is Andy, #13 from Truman

I want to start by saying that I love this region and I was so impressed with everyone this year. As always, this was a super competitive tournament with a bunch of amazing teams, but this was also the most fun I’ve ever had at regionals. In all of my 6 years in the south central, this is the most spirited the region has ever been. I had so much fun talking to every single team on the sideline and in-between games. If I don’t shout you out, just know I still probably have compliments I want to give, but I can’t write a book here. I will do my best to keep it succinct.

S&T - Sam Papin - In my opinion, Sam is the best player in the region. Even if you don’t agree with that, I’m sure you would find it hard to argue against Sam being the most valuable player to his team. I know we use the phrase “every other” a lot, but it genuinely felt like Sam was every other throw when we played S&T this year. He also seemed to never take off, and has an insane engine. Always in the right spot, great defense, insane break throws and hucks. It’s been crazy to see him go from a solid freshman standout to a force in the region.

Wes Fransen - Dude is so tall, but somehow that’s the least interesting part of his game. Wes is such a good cutter. He knows that you’re afraid of him deep, so he eats up unders with picture-perfect cuts. His throws are also great, and he gets horizontal for bids like it’s nothing. And then, just when you think you’ve got him figured out a bit, he skies the shit out of your best defender. On top of all of that, Wes is one of the nicest guys I’ve played against. He was chatting with Diego and I while on the field towards the end of the game to go. Big smile on his face, he was just having a great time.

Zach Sanders - One of the most underrated players in the region. Such a reliable handle. When him and Pip get into it, they just don’t turn the disc over, and S&T becomes impossible to beat. Great throws, impeccable decision making, and solid D.

JBU - Caleb Schwing - Such a nice guy. He would definitely win my vote for nicest player in the region. So fast, great cuts, and just plays the game in an incredibly smart way. Caleb is always a matchup problem when we play JBU.

Andrew Headley - One of, if not the, most athletic players in the region. I have seen this man catch the disc in ways I did not think were possible. Also just a great cutter, makes super smart and well-timed cuts all over the field. And, as is always the case with JBU, is just a super nice and humble guy.

Harding - Justin Mills - Probably the best thrower in the region. I always hate playing against lefties, but Justin takes it to another level. He looked absolutely unbothered in the wind, snow, and altitude on Saturday morning. And, once again, is just such a nice guy. The cow print shorts go hard.

Steve - Him and Justin together always make me a little afraid to play Harding. They do so much without a lot of help. Steve makes great cuts all the time, and is so casual while doing it. He threw a 50-yard step-back hammer on Saturday morning, in the bad weather, and acted like it was light work. Always a matchup problem, and another guy that seems to never take a point off.

Mines - I love you guys. I have played you 3 times in my college career, but each time has been one of my favorite games I’ve ever played. The most immaculate vibes, everyone is so nice and so funny.

Cade Colston - One of the best players in the region. Great thrower, incredible cutter, incredible defender, and always plays the game in such a smart way. From everything I’ve seen, he also seems like an insanely humble guy. He had one of the craziest bids I’ve ever seen to catch a deep out of bounds, and then he just got up to play defense like it was nothing.

Derek Liebich - I don’t fully know how to describe this, but he just had a look of reckless abandon in his eyes that scared me as an opponent. He looked like he was going to leave it all on the field, and seemed afraid of nothing, and that is exactly how he played. I can’t even remember if he was on O line or D line because he was great at both. Great vibes, would love to play with him, scary to play against him.

Coaches - Y’all are doing a great job, and to me, seem like a huge reason as to why Mines has been so good the last two years. You run great systems, all of your players seem technically sound, and most of all, your spirit is off the charts. I was making jokes with both of you just as much as I was with your players. One of you (I think boots but I can’t remember) even gave me throwing advice as I had never been at altitude before. Lovely dudes, and the most enjoyable coaches I have ever played against by far.

COCO - Thomas Nielsen - This was probably my toughest matchup of the weekend. Very athletic, and super smart defender. He knew what I wanted almost all the time, and it was incredibly frustrating. Great after the turnover, and also one of the nicest dudes I talked to all weekend.

Will Wallace - Such a sick name. A fellow #13, so I automatically love him. Same as Thomas, just a crazy athletic defender who was super frustrating to play against. Really, really good on offense too. And, had some great chats on the sideline.

Eliot Kirkham - I was the most afraid of this guy during our game against COCO. Incredible handle, incredible defender. I didn’t match up on him or get to talk to him, but I didn’t see him make a mistake during our game. Was a monster in the air too.

Nico Martinez - I was floored when I read that this guy was a freshman. Dude is huge, but also plays like a vet. He was continuously generating D’s on us, and continuously scoring after the turn. Seemed like a super nice guy as well, and always had a smile on his face.

OCU - I apologize, as this is a bit of a cop out, but y’all are so good that I genuinely cannot think of a person to individually shoutout. I think this is the most even D3 team that I have ever seen. Everybody is super talented, a great defender, great on offense, and has great throws. Our game against OCU was super fun too, a lot of really funny guys. Shoutout to the guy that told his teammates to call Diego daddy after he skied them.

Trinity - Sadly, we did not get to play y’all, but shoutout to the three dudes I talked to while getting water. Incredibly nice guys, and gave me a great impression of the team as a whole.

Truman - Jeffrey Laubscher - It has been crazy to watch Jeff go from a smart and athletic rookie cutter, to a lockdown defender his sophomore year, to a complete player this year. Jeff learned how to really handle this year, but he also became the center point of our offense every time he was on. One of the most creative cutters I have seen, he gives me headaches trying to keep track of him on the field. And more than that, Jeff is an amazing friend and one of the kindest and most genuine guys I have ever met. If you haven’t talked to him on the sideline, I would highly recommend it. I’m going to miss Jeff so much.

Riley Scott - Riley is probably the goofiest and happiest player I have ever seen. He gleefully giggles while he plays. And he doesn’t do it to be annoying, he’s just having fun. Riley is another one who is the total package. Amazing cutter, great thrower, great defender, and a super annoying handle (even though he hates handling). Another super genuine guy, and one I am going to miss playing with so much.

Diego Butron - Y’all have pretty much covered the on-field stuff. Diego is an insane defender and a freak athlete. His throws have grown a lot this year, to where he is a threat with the disc. He is a great cutter, and an incredibly selfless one. And, once again, Diego is an amazing person. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and is one of the best teammates I have ever had. I am going to miss playing with him dearly.

Liam Bogue - Y’all didn’t get to see him, as he got sick Thursday night and couldn’t come to regionals, but Liam is a monster. Tall and athletic handle with great throws, great decision making, and a crazy defender. I felt so bad when he couldn’t come, but I also knew that our team simply got a lot worse without him. Yet another great friend and person, love you buddy.

Stuart Whitmer - Stuart is one of our younger dogs, but plays like a vet. Great in every facet of the game, and plays defense like he’s on something. He is another one of the greatest people I have ever met, and is probably the kindest and most supportive teammate I’ve ever had. I am super excited to see what Stu can do in the future.

Thomas Schmidt - I wish I could shoutout all of our rookies, and all of my teammates, as I love them all dearly and think every single one of them is great. But, Tommy is my little O-line buddy. He is one of the fastest players I have seen, and came in having never played before and just kind of got it right away. I love that every time I threw him a huck that wasn’t catchable without a crazy bid, he apologized for not getting it. Another incredibly nice, genuine, and smart individual. I think Thomas will be great very soon.


A lot of good posts already, and a common theme about how deep and dominant OC was this year.
I think it is worth noting that they went 75-24 for points at regionals while running open lines. Their talent runs deep.

Without trying to take away from how talented other individuals were on other teams, I’ve tried to create a tier list to highlight how much skill I think OC was playing with.

Here’s my tier list with a few call outs. There’s definitely arguments to be made for moving a player up or down a tier, and I’m sure I’ve missed some names (not intentionally).

S Tier
Samuel Roberts - Oklahoma Christian: best handler at regionals. other tournaments plays both ways all tournament without ever missing a beat.
Ryan Loui-Ying – Oklahoma Christian: unstoppable on O across D3 and the D1 tournaments. When he crosses over to D he’s a menace that locks down the deep completely.

A+ Tier
Thomas Preston - Oklahoma Christian: makes huge plays, best D pair in D3 with Couper Kerns.
Couper Kerns - Oklahoma Christian: makes huge plays, best D pair in D3 with Thomas Preston.
Emmanuel Kameri – Oklahoma Christian: plays both ways and knows how to make big plays.

A Tier
Logan Krehbiel - Oklahoma Christian
Alex Santai - Oklahoma Christian
Joshua Gill - Oklahoma Christian
Ollie van Linder – Colorado College
Randy Lahm – Colorado Mines
Sam Papin – Missouri S&T
Caleb Schwing – Arkansas John Brown
Justin Mills – Arkansas Harding

A- Tier
Logan Hammersmith - Oklahoma Christian
Milton Adina - Oklahoma Christian
Nathan Hunt - Oklahoma Christian
TJ Lee - Oklahoma Christian
Colin Dunn - Oklahoma Christian
Micah Tatro - Oklahoma Christian
Diego Butron - Missouri Truman State
Eliot Kirkham - Colorado College
Wes Fransen - Missouri S&T
Zachary Sanders - Missouri S&T
Micai Shoots - Colorado Mines: Micai made probably the biggest clutch D play of the tournament closing 30 yards in the blink of an eye. Then he did it again a few points later.
Andrew Headley - Arkansas John Brown
Tanner Flagg - Colorado College
Jeff Laubscher - Missouri Truman State
Kana Chung - Missouri S&T: Kana had some of the best defensive positioning, awareness, and pressure I saw at regionals.


CC player here(bad with names):

Randy Lahm is the real deal. Great handler movement, cuts, and break throws. I matched up on him a lot at regionals and he is very difficult to guard. Great decision-making as well.

The dude with the cowprint shorts (Justin Mills?) was one of the best players we went against. Had some crazy bids and great hucks.

Truman St:
#13 was nice with it. Guarded him a lot, gave me some trouble. There was another dude with some sick bids whos number I forget. Dawg though.

Papin and their cutter #3 were immense in the game to go. #3 probably scored on over half of their holds. Monster in the deep space which opened up big unders. Papin has crazy throws.

Cooper Kerns
Sammy Roberts

I’ve missed a lot of people I’m sure. This region is so deep and I’m awful at remembering names and numbers. Good luck to OC and S+T at nationals, go make the south central proud.

Now to shout some of my 'sabi boys.

Ollie Van Linder is incredible. Has every throw in the book, is super chilly, and is always open when we need a reset or stall is high.

Tanner Flagg is ridiculous. Initiated for us this year, but can do it all on offense and defense. Has insane bounce and made some bids this year that made me question if gravity was on for him.

Will Wallace is everything you want in a cutter. Can get open on anyone, chilly, and great defender. Somehow is always in the right place at the right time. We had him cross over to oline often, and he slotted right in.

Eliot Kirkham is the leader of our D line. You don’t want to get put on Elo Island. One of the best defenders in the region in my book, and wonderful after a turn.

Jack Hills is cracked. Some of the best hands in the division, great at adjusting after a throw goes up. Also one of the quickest players on the team.

Not sure if we are doing freshman of the year awards but I want to shout out our guys Isaac Holtz (#34) and Nico Martinez (#54). Both slotted into our d-line seamlessly and have been awesome. Isaac is a handers nightmare when trying to get open for a reset, and Nico is a dawg on d and is a great initiator for us offensively after a turn. We had five seniors on DLine last year graduate (including a Donovan winner), so to have freshmen step up like this is awesome.

  • This is Justin Mills #Cow Shorts (#36)

  • It’s always fun to see new young talent and some old dawgs who can still hang with it. I’ve started playing with Villeneuve, Zimmerman, Felton, Bolt, Patterson and a lot of other older guys if that doesn’t show my age. But I would say the players are just getting better and better at a younger age across the board. Here are my shout outs.

  • OC

  • One quick thing about OC is not just the talent but how young their team is basically run by the Juniors and Sophomores. Also shoutout to the coaching staff for knowing how to disperse and use the talent they have at the dispersal.

    • Sammy Roberts: On field general both ways, highly competitive on field, next level thrower, very difficult to contain.
    • E-man Kameri: calls for a great defender when on offense, but I hope you also do not want that guy to run the show on a turn cause E-man is going to lock him up.
    • Nathan Hunt: He’s a freshman that starts on offense and simply can’t be guarded
    • Ryan Loui-Ying: He’s only a sophomore if you didn’t know by now. This kid cuts and he’s open and it’s stupid. I don’t think I saw anyone contain Ryan anytime I saw him play.
    • Cooper Kerns: Flies across the field taking and wanting the hardest matchups, if there was an all region D line, Cooper is on there without a doubt.
  • Thomas Preston: Another D line guy for OC. Thomas takes the difficult jobs with Cooper of running the D line on a turn. Dude is also crazy athletic, he had a knee injury last year (ACL I think) but looked no different than before honestly.

  • See you Barnstorm bois this summer

  • Truman State

    • Lobster (Jeff Laubscher): One of the best players in the region, plays both ways and just highly consistent
    • Andy Hilliard: One of the best handlers in the region, also they only person I had played against before the year started in college.
    • Diego Burton: Hands down one of the most athletic guys on the field at the tournament, lock down defender and makes his defender miserable
    • Liam Bogue: Great defender and leads the Truman defense with Diego on a turn.
  • JBU

    • Caleb Schwing: My club teammate reminded me how much I enjoy having him on my team and absolutely hate to play against him. One of the most complete players in the region.
    • Andrew Headley: Reminds me way too much of his brother from 2018 and 2019. Athletic and if you have a target downfield, you better throw it perfectly or Andrew is just going to eat that up.
  • M S&T

    • Sam Papin: Probably no other team relied more on a single player than S&T on Sam. Don’t let his size fool you, he is not afraid of any match up and will smoke you on the turn.
    • Zach Sanders: Creative thrower and solid handler, field general for this Miner Threat team
    • Wes Franscen: 1. I hate having to guard tall people 2. I hate it more when they choose to guard me. Wes is not just tall though. He has throws and he is a fantastic cutter.
  • CoCo

    • Oliver Van Linder: Probably the most consistent handler in the entire region. Makes very solid decisions that leave no room for questioning it because the throw is also way too good.
    • Tanner Flag: Solid handler and too many times I left a spot open to see if anyone would throw it and Tanner would and it would be a perfect throw.
    • Eliot Kirkham: Like I said, I hate it when tall people choose to guard an average height guy like myself. Eliot is a top tier defender and equally as deadly on a turn.
  • Mines

  • Randy Lahm: crazy good player and able to just drive down the field on offense.

  • Trinity

  • Jaedron Mueller: great player and defender

  • Really sorry I don’t remember a whole lot from that game.

  • Harding

    • Steven Burdge: I have played with Steve for his entire college career, and when I say that this guy has been through the ringer is an understatement. He is not just an all around complete player , but I have never met a competitor like him and for him to stick with everything has been awesome to watch.
    • Denver Mitchell: I can count on one hand the number of players I would buy a plane ticket for to be able to make it to regionals. Denver is on that short list. A young handler just willing and wanting to play and learn. I cannot wait for this guy to lead with Luke and Charles as captains next year.