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All-Region 2024: Southwest (D-III Men’s)

Who are the best players in the Southwest region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Teddy “Bear” McGowan is not only the best player in D-III southwest but also the cutest. The shining star of Occidental Detox, he commands the offense with his incredible cutting skills but also has developed a deep shot game that stretches the field like a Gumby toy. On the disc, this guy cooks, off the disc, this guy cooks. I have personally seen him jump like 6 feet straight vertical to sky someone after they fouled him the point before. He is not to be messed with.

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Claremont Bias:

Detox: Teddy is a baller and we literally planned around him specifically for weeks, Max is a dog on defense and a chiller (hi Max), also the kid with the visor seems like he’s gonna be a problem when he gets more touches.

Caltech: 93 might be the hardest worker in the region, def has the best bids. Wish we got to play them more
USD: s/o everyone for being homies

Isamu Simms was the best player in the region as a freshman and it was not close at all. He basically did not make a single mistake all year, on offense or defense. Took the other team’s best player and shut them down, and then ran the offense on the turn. Won his matchup with Teddy in the game to go. Clearly the ROTY in the region, should be in the conversation for the best in d3 if we make the bracket in Milwaukee

Teddy Mcgowan
Arenaria Cramer (#3) Handler, centerpiece of the claremont offense, can put anyone on skates in the backfield
Elijah Axt (#71) just physically dominated every matchup, freight train cutting under
Isamu Sims
Leo Furr - Had a handblock-layout-callahan to win the game-to-go. Nuff’ Said
Jamie Miller- Claremont stat leader, got a nose for the disc and also that dawg in him
Tanveer Chabbah- high motor, can do it all but plays his role well

Coach: Wally Kasperzyski did what Dylan Freechild could not: turn a bunch of athletic non-frisbee liberal arts turds into a (semi) well-oiled machine. #betterthanFreechildconfirmed.

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I heard Isaiah Curtis is the truth, Brains going all the way

Isamu Sims from Claremont here:

All region
Ezra Marcus Tyler
Teddy (oxy)

Jamie Miller from Claremont:

ROTY is Isamu Sims 100%. Seconding everything Isaiah said, such an anchor on D-line. Can’t wait to see him play at Nationals.

All Region Noms in order:
Isamu Sims (Claremont)
Arenaria Cramer (Claremont)
Teddy McGowan (Occidental)
Elijah Axt (Claremont)
Isaiah Curtis (Claremont)
Ezra Marcus Tyler (Claremont)
Max Brown (Occidental)

The first 5 here are on their own level, and theres so many other people that I could have put in 6 and 7. Shoutout Tanveer Chabba, Leo Furr, Sam Fisher, Michael Yu, and 93 from Cal Tech

Tanveer from Claremont:

Fuck everyone who doesn’t have me first in the region. My revenge arc is coming soon. suck my redacted you poons

Howdy, Elijah Axt from Claremont here,
I third what my lovely teammates have said here Isamu Simms is not only the best freshman but the best player in our region. Teddy and Max are absolutely dawgs (with incredible spirit too) but In the game to go Isamu showed commanding control and calm and showed that he is better than all of us (even if he spiked off an up-line).
Thus my all region team:

  1. Isamu Simms
    2: Teddy Mcgowan, very steady, makes the right reads almost every time and is clearly the core of Oxy
    3: Arenaria Cramer, didn’t get to show it off at sectionals much but eats zones for breakfast lunch and dinner, and has every throw in his bag and consistently pulls out exactly the right one every time.
    4: Isaiah Curtis, The backfield pair of Isaiah and Isamu is a terrifying thing for opponents, they are capable of tearing up any defense by themselves. Isaiah is easily the strongest player in the region and has finally started pulling like it, including a great blade pull that was dropped for a crucial early Claremont break in the game to go.
    5: Jamie Miller, easily the best smile and attitude in the region. Playing against Jamie will leave you confused if you should love him or hate him. Jamie will get a layout D in the middle of the zone then cook you deep and make a beautiful sliding catch to score and say yay and compliment your taking away the under.
    6: Leo Furr, most consistent cutter in the region. I’ve had the pleasure of cutting with Leo all year and the man makes the right cut at the right time every single time and he’s developed some seriously sticky hands. I always know where he is going to be and have never doubted that if I put it he’s gonna go get it. Oh and no biggy but he did have a hand block layout callahan to send us to Nationals.
    7: Cal tech’s #93, all I have to say is multiple full extension-chest height-layout Ds every game.

Honorable mentions: Max brown (super solid and athletic), Clay Rasmussen (most clutch player and highest frequency of pull coverage Ds), Ezra Marcus-Tyler (quiet but great leader, can play every position and do it all)