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Ashlin Joye appreciation thread

Hey guys, you may know me from around the Ultiworld comments section, I’m A_Serious_Ashlin_Joye_Fan.

The international and club seasons are approaching, and a bunch of teams released their rosters today. And guess what guys? Ashlin’s back on Revolver :smiley: :smile: :sweat_smile: :joy: :heart_eyes:.

I thought it would be good idea to celebrate Ashlin’s return with a brand new Ashlin Joye appreciation thread. :dizzy_face: :cold_sweat: :grin:

Appreciating Ashlin’s work is important because often it goes unappreciated. Many analysts commonly refer to him as a “top five player in the world,” as if that does it justice. We know better.

One thing I appreciate about Ashlin is how good his shimmey fake is. It’s really a cut above.

Another thing I appreciation about Ashlin is this play:

A third thing I appreciate about Ashlin is that he doesn’t even ever throw weird shit just low releases.

Also, many people miss how good Ashlin is at frisbee so I wanted to make this thread in case the worlds coaches needed some good video clips to look at as they do the difficult and admirable work of cutting down the world games roster.

So I guess reply here if there is something about Ashlin you think people should appreciate.

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I second this thread.


Thank you, we need all the support we can get

Atta girl! I am glad she’s back :grinning: