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Can one make an Injury call for being tired?

Hi All -

I was playing in a recreational game this week when the man I was guarding called injury and walked off the field. After several attempts to ask him what was wrong, he responded by saying he was winded, presumably form all the running we had just done. He then returned to the game on the very next point.

Is this allowed?

I later consulted the rules, and there indeed don’t seem to be any criteria for what does or doesn’t constitute an injury. However, my lasting impression on this issue is that what he did was extremely poor spirit.

Any other thoughts or opinions?


Being tired is not an injury. That should not technically be allowed. However, it is basically impossible to assess the validity of player substitutions for injuries (or “injuries”).

It might be worth mentioning to that player that being tired is not a good enough reason to leave the field. Next time he’ll need to fake a hamstring injury! :wink:


I guess the flip side to being tired, would be after making a single athletic bid or multiple and getting the wind knocked out. Some players call injuries immediately, but what about the ones who continued without realizing they were “tired” until a couple yards out? I understand that being tired is not an excuse, but I can’t see it as being poor spirited without depending on the context.
Calling injury from being “tired” is just frowned upon. But it used to be frowned upon a lot more than the “hamstring” incident when used as an actual strategy in hyper competitive points during the club season in the early to mid 2000s (possibly still now).
The moment someone calls injury warrants a sub for both teams too… So a counter is still possible?

After a certain Master’s game in Sarasota (which, amusingly, Augie also played in) , I emailed my brother about “injury” calls.

His reply:

At coed nationals in Minneapolis (2000, I think), we witnessed a funny version of a BS injury call.

This old guy from NC, Augie was covering some NY player. After they were covering each other for back to back to back huck attempts, the NY (on D now) guy calls injury. Augie sizes him up and says" you’re not hurt!, you’re tired, so am i. show me where you are hurt! come on!.. that’s a time out against your team. " and proceeds to get his team to walk off the field…

the NY guy said nothing, stood there stunned, and pretty much took the ad hoc rule as an acceptable penalty for trying to cheat…



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I’ve seen people make this call before, but considering it’s way too hard to enforce (they can make something up about a strained calf cramp etc) it’s not really worth confronting the about.