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Check Out The Twitter Reactions To The Radicals/All-Stars Halftime Showcase

If you watch the video of the Madison Radicals v. Wisconsin College All-Stars mini-game at the halftime of the Green Bay Packers v. Houston Texans game yesterday, you’ll see that a ton of fans stayed in their seats and cheered as the disc went up on big hucks. But how did the event play on social media? Here’s a look at some Tweets about the halftime showcase game.

Jason Wilde, ESPN Green Bay Packers Reporter

Jason Wilde

Brian Smith, Houston Chronicle Sports Columnist

Brian Smith

Nick Olson, Wisconsin Sports Radio Host

Nick Olson

Marques Eversoll, Green Bay Sports Radio Host

Marques Eversoll

Stephanie Sutton, Milwaukee TV Sports Anchor

Stephanie Sutton

Jeff Snader, Former MLU Commissioner

Jeff Snader

Adam Schultz, Random Guy On Twitter

Adam Schultz

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