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Check Out This Disc Golf Version Of Connect 4

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Disc Golf Connect 4

A little ingenuity goes a long way.

Whistle Hop Brewing Company in Fairview, North Carolina — just outside of Asheville — recently introduced an original game to its outdoor area – Disc Golf Connect 4. Players putt discs into a chain net that then filters into stacking rows. The brewery even got custom-stamped Innova Polecats as discs for the game.

Disc Golf Connect 4 is not the first game Whistle Hop has created, as it also had a combination of golf and bocce on the grounds called “Puttcce” in addition to a mini golf course.

Rules for Disc Golf Connect 4:

  • Players throw from front mat (novice tee) or back mat (expert tee) alternating shots.
  • If disc is not visible below bottom rail of target window it must be removed.
  • If disc is visible below bottom rail of target window it can remain for 1 round.
  • If disc is visible below iron pipe in chute, it can be placed into chute.
  • First player to connect four horizontally, vertically, or diagonally wins!
Disc Golf Connect 4 – an original game at Whistle Hop Brewery in Fairview, NC