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Cleveland (Seattle, WA) Becomes First Team To Accept Bid To HS National Invite

Cleveland High School (Seattle, WA) boys varsity ultimate team has become the first teem to accept a bid to the 2017 High School National Invite after receiving an invite for their 1st place finish in the Seattle Public School league and 2nd place finish in Washington state.

Seattle’s boys varsity teams – unlike the rest of the country – play their meaningful competition in the fall. Invites were sent to select teams after the conclusion of the season.

Most invites, of course, will go out in the spring. Beginning in February, Ultiworld will begin releasing biweekly high school top 25 power rankings for each division. Rankings will be based on performance during the season and compiled with a combination of Ultiworld editorial judgment and coaches’ input. In mid to late April, a final power ranking will be released; the top 16 teams in each division will be invited to compete at the National Invite.

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For more information on the HSNI, check out the event’s website.

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In the article it is said that, “In mid to late April, a final power ranking will be released; the top 16 teams in each division will be invited to compete at the National Invite.” If that is true, how have two teams accepted bids? Are they automatically in this top 16? Is the top 16 really a top 14? How can their achievements be ranked among others long before most teams play the rest of their season? Regardless of the fact that these teams won or placed highly at tournaments, how can you assume that two teams deserve this without ranking other teams? I acknowledge that they play only as HS teams in the fall, but isn’t giving them bids premature? I’m also assuming that state champion Lakeside has also received a bid. This whole system seems backwards to me. :confused: :confused: :confused:

Because of the long travel distance for Seattle teams (and the fact that they will not play meaningful games in the spring), we decided to extend invites right as their season ended. Given the historic strength of Seattle youth teams and their YCC success, it was certain that we would be inviting some of the top finishers from their competitive season to the HSNI.

It’s worth noting that there were three Seattle teams in the top 16 of the 2016 HS Power Rankings.

Does this mean that there will now be a 13-14 team list of power rankings to determine the rest of the bids?

All spring Power Rankings will be 25 teams. Invites will ultimately go out to those in top 16 (that haven’t already been invited, of course).

Is it possible that the two teams who have accepted bids could have their bids rescinded if they fall below the top 16?

No. But that scenario is very unlikely.

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Let me first state that I’m a fan and supporter of this tournament concept. That being said…

While I agree that the top teams in the Seattle area were going to get bids, and yeah, I guess you could make the argument that it’s a long flight and they will be better equipped to make the trip if they know now, it does undermine the credibility of the tournament selection process for many of the reasons the commenter above states. This comes off looking like a pure PR move to have something to talk about in late-November.

I think ultimately that’s the choice: Get the PR hit now, or maintain the appearance of neutrality. After all, is Boston that much closer than Seattle to the tournament site? Surely at least one team from that area will get an invite in Mid- to Late-April.

The difference is that the Seattle teams have played their full season (20+ games), while teams in other regions play in the spring. Thus, we already know who the best 2016-17 Seattle teams are based on their performance on the field.

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