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Creating an Account and Logging In

Users without Ultiworld Accounts

If you do not have an existing account on ultiworld.com, go to the Ultiworld account registration page and create an account. Follow the steps to verify your account and email address and then follow the rest of this how-to.

Users with Ultiworld Accounts

If you have already created an account on ultiworld.com, use that username and password after pressing the “Log In” button in the site header above. This will automatically create a connected profile for you on Ultiworld Forums and log you in.

You will always use your Ultiworld username to log in, but you are free to change your profile information on Ultiworld Forums to something different from your main account. This includes your forum username, forum email, and forum avatar.

Changing your profile information on forums.ultiworld.com will not affect your account information on ultiworld.com, nor will the reverse.