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Creating Better Coverage and Analysis Content

As an NBA fan, the past four/six/eight weeks have been bliss: great coverage, analysis, and media work after nearly every single playoff game talking match-ups, successful/unsuccessful strategies, statistics, video replays, and more. I get to read or listen to Zach Lowe, like, 6 times a week.

Every time I read Lowe, I think about how much more could be done with Ultimate and it’s coverage/analysis. There’s tons of room to talk more in-depth about nuanced match-ups, strategies, and stats, but resources are scarce in the 2016 version of ultimate media.

Looking into the future, what types of things do you think this sport would do well to incorporate?

Specifically, as a writer/blogger, what kind of specific topics, categories, theories, or 'whatever’s do you think could be focused on more?

I feel like you guys are already doing a lot of good things and the answer might just be more of what you already do. I’d prefer more technical and opinion pieces and less “storyline” pieces but I also spend a fair amount of time reading up on ultimate in any given week than most so I have less need for someone to tell me what the story is for each of the teams at nationals.

With any sport your three main types of analysis are going to be individual players, specific teams or strategies, and game breakdowns. The pieces on Jenny Fey (one of yours, I believe), Japan’s vert stack, and the recent USA-Canada match were all awesome. That said there haven’t been very many other articles like those three in the last six months.

I also like the pieces that bring up unconventional opinions and which usually have great comment sections, like the bit about how banana cutting might not be as bad as people think or the one on how underdogs should maybe be more willing to use aggressive and unorthodox strategies to create upsets.

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I’d first like to say that I am glad that there is an appetite for more ultimate analysis. I too really enjoy Zach Lowe’s writing on the NBA, and I feel it makes me a smarter basketball watcher.

I agree with Gio; what I have seen as far as analysis has been pretty good, I just want to see it more frequently. Two pieces I really liked were the ones on Japan’s vertical stack, and the one about junk zones at college nationals.

One thing I would like to see more of is breakdowns of specific games. There are lots of publicly available full games on youtube, and it would be cool to see someone breakdown the strategies involved on both sides, what were the deciding factors in X team winning, what Y team changed to get back into the game, etc.

From the perspective of the captain of a college team, I would like to see features about the newest tactical trends at the highest levels of ultimate. How are teams like Sockeye and Revolver running their offense? How to teams try to slow down dominant players like Beau? The more detailed answers to these questions can be, the better.

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  1. More coverage of women’s ultimate
  2. More coverage by women of women’s ultimate

I’m personally all about working towards #1.

2, though, is the tough one; one I don’t have a great answer for. UltiWorld is extremely open with their “hiring” new writers or featuring Guest Author pieces, and blogs couldn’t be easier to start for oneself in like 10 minutes. The space is there, I’m just not sure how to incentivize it.

It’s a great topic though, and maybe one I can look further into, especially with this small space of down-time between college and club seasons.

Awesome, good to hear! I could see how #2 would be hard - just wanted to make sure it was on the radar.