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Deep Look: AUDL Champs, Packers Halftime, MLU Uncertainty

Charlie Eisenhood discusses the announcement of the 2017 AUDL Championships in Montreal, the Green Bay Packers’ ultimate halftime show, the latest in the AUDL v. MLU battle for supremacy, and an exciting 2017 US Open field.

Deep Look: AUDL Champs, Packers Halftime, MLU Uncertainty

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Originally published at: https://ultiworld.com/2016/12/09/deep-look-audl-champs-packers-halftime-mlu-uncertainty/

Hey Charlie,

Really interesting topics. In terms of talking about the battle between the AUDL and the MLU, lets put the issue of cost that the MLU has aside for now, do you think it would be beneficial for the MLU to go a different direction from the AUDL instead of constantly trying to compete with them? You talk about the MLU needing to sign top players, if the MLU were to go mixed it would provide a different option for top players of both genders, while celebrating high level co-ed competition. Lets face it, the AUDL will always be more popular than the MLU unless, like you said, they do something newsworthy. Would this be a viable/interesting direction for the MLU to move into, and to create separation between them and the AUDL? What are your thoughts?


I’m really glad you posted something about this and I completely agree that going mixed makes sense for the MLU. Not only is it the right thing to do from a gender equity standpoint, but it is really just a smart business decision. The MLU would differentiate themselves from the AUDL and would get a lot of love from women in ultimate as well as male allies for the movement. Even if for argument sake they don’t care about the gender equity movement (for the record, I’m not saying they don’t care), it’s still a good business decision to get on the gender equity bandwagon while it has a lot of momentum. As someone who cares a lot about the gender equity movement, I think finding ways to approach this in terms of putting out business ideas is a good way to show others it could be in their best interest.